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Our 10th Year!


I spent 1965 & 1966 in the Haight of S.F. and Berkeley.  I had traveled there with the Chambers Brothers who were great friends of mine.  Willy Chambers took me as his charge and kept me out of trouble!!! Big Job.  They came back to LA and I stayed!!! One of my long remembered friends was Leigh Stephens of Blue Cheer. We met in Berkeley and hung out together for a few months.  He was great.  I remember later going to a Blue Cheer/Big Brother w/Janis Joplin at the Shrine Auditorium.  Blue Cheer blew the doors off the place.  The pioneer of Heavy Metal they were and what a guitarist Leigh was.  I understand he made the Rolling Stone list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.  Congratulations Leigh!!!
I went to New York in late '66 and returned in time for the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.  A girlfriend and I hitchhiked to the MPF and arrived with no tickets or money (whatz new). We hung about by the stage entrance and met P.J. Proby (remember him?) who promptly gave us backstage passes for the whole weekend.  (amazing how those things kept working out).  Needless to say, we got to witness history in the making!!!  The backstate area was dubbed "The Hunt Club".  All the food and booze you could want, not to mention Owsley dropping in with tabs of LSD flying out of his pockets.  Amazing weekend. Got to see the Who set the whole stage on fire (curtain too) and as soon as it was out, Jimi Hendricks set his guitar on fire.  Brian Jones premiered Jimi there that weekend.  The show was closed by the Mama's and Papa's and they introduced Scott McKenzie to sing When you're goin' to San Francisco.....
After it was all over, i lost my friend in the melee that ensued and wound up at a party on Motel Row in Monterey with the Who, Dewey Martin (Buffalo Springfield) and Eric Burdon.  Everyone ended up in the pool in the middle of the night. 
I was given a ride home to Hollywood by Papa Denny and Mama Cass.  Unfortunately, I don't remember much of that trip after the 5 days of partying.
In late 1967 I was living in an appt on Fairfax Blvd.  Right in the middle of the Borscht Belt.  I remember going to the Purple Onion and Pandora's Box.  The memories are very vague for me for that time.  I moved up to Laurel Canyon in 1968 and lived with a girl named Lynn (?).  Lynn ended up marrying Robbie Kreiger of the Doors.  We hung with the Doors and all of Frank Zappas loonies (we were just around the corner from the famous (infamous) Log Cabin on Laurel Canyon.  Neil Young, John Mayall, Richey Furay, Grahm Parsons, et al (ad infinitum)  Our across-the-street neighbor was Micky Dolenz of the Monkees. He was a riot.  Used to come over and hide out at our house to get away from all the groupies camping in his driveway. 
There were many many parties and club gigs.  The Whiskey was a mainstay and the Tripp, The Experience, Hullabaloo, POP Park in Santa Monica, The Troubador, ...I worked for a while at Mother's (next door to the Whiskey).  I worked with Sugar Bear and we had a blast.  Unfortunately, I was fired due to an empty keg (hiccup).  I was one of Elmer's Girls and had the standing pass into the Whiskey (any of you ladies remember Betty who worked in the Ladies Room at the Whiskey?) . Again, these memories are very vague for me.  I also remember tons of late nights at Cantors and Ben Franklins.  I
In 1968 I met Glen Buxton of Alice Cooper.   Scorpio & Leo (SHEZAM)!! They were actually called the Nazz when I met him and they were doing covers of the Kinks and Rolling Stones.  Glen and I lived together in Topanga Canyon with the band (long story) and then again at a huge house in Hollywood Hills (this was after they had "made it", were Alice Cooper, and had management. ) Money was actually coming in!!!!  Glen and I were on-again/off-again for over a year.  He was on the road alot and I had moved out.  We stayed in touch and we were together when he was in LA.    We ended up having a child (daughter-Brittany Heather Buxton) in 1970.   As I am sure you know, Glen passed away in 1997.  He too made the 100 Greatest Guitarists Ever!!!!
There are many more chronicals in this story and I will add them as they come.
I attach photos of me (then and now) and a pic of Glen.
Djinn Ruffner