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Our 15th Year!


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Part Five--More Photos...

Rod Stewart and Cameron Crowe
Britt Ekland and Rod Stewart--1970's

Superlungs--Album collection newly released at last!

Who's your granddaddy?

I just saw a documentary last night in Portland, OR of Tom Marshall's current situation in L.A. He is homeless and lives in a patch of bushes in the suburbs. He is an alcoholic and believes that his house was illegally seized from him years ago. I was hoping someone would care enough to help this former musician. The name of the short film is "Falling Home."

Thank you,
Jackie G.

Got some great and photos letters from 
Paul Schlapper  paulschlapper@roadrunner.com

1) Joe Schermie, bass player & original member 
of 3 Dog Night <oh, the stories!>

2) Danny McBride, guitar player for Sha Na Na in Ensenada (L to R - Danny, his gal, my gal, me - before I became 'blond'!)

3) Danny again with his gal & my gal at my house in Manhattan Beach <I think it was a 5 or 6 day party>

4) Sweethearts of the Rodeo; sang back up on my demos, later they moved to Nashville where they still live today. Kristine (L) married a buddy of mine and Janice (Rt) married Vince Gill - which is so over.

5) My ex wife and my partner in Music publishing (Let's Eat Music) Bobby Burns. Bobby was with The Shin Dogs, Spanky and our gang also wrote a song recorded by The Jackson 5 that either Pat or Lolly Vegas ripped him off for the pub money. We had just returned from a party w/ Rick Nelson's band. *** Guess what Nancy - of all the things I did and, like you, celebrities I met, plus the things I DID with the celebrities I met, I must say, most of it was just a 'day in the life' HOWEVER meeting, hanging out with and partying with Rick Nelson was one of the most unexpected thrills I ever had. As a kid in Kansas, my family watched the Nelsons. When I was 15, I had a guitar and wanted to be Elvis or Rick. All of a sudden, my buddy was his guitar player, we were at the Riviera in Vegas and voila! We were instantly downstairs WITH HIS GANG, IN THE vip ROOM DRINKING Champagne and doing all the things that go along with it. I think that was one of the few times I called my mom & dad and told them I met a celebrity. And Rick was the nicest guy. . . . .I liked him even though his image wasn't the coolest during the Hippie era - I really liked Rick.

6) and 7) OK, a couple of crazy ones - taken in Tucson, AZ at at the rodeo, myself and Fred Saunders (body guard for Motley Crue and others, written up in more books than I am and now running a very successful production company in LA area, specializing in setting up stages for concerts), the pics show the front and back of my T shirt and it was us and our views of women or whatever was the case at the time. Self explanatory !!!

8) Gary Busey, George Hawkins and a couple of others. George has been w/ Loggins & Messina, Delbert McClinton, Michael McDonald and now is with John Fogerty (formery of CCR) he lives in Nashville area now when not on tour. A very, very dear friend.

Delbert McClinton - who was the photographer? Moi !

Paul grew up in the Midwest and was in junior high with 
Michael Weakley of the Electric Prunes. Below is a shot from a 
Junior High band they formed together.

Mike (Quint) Weakley is the drummer in the photo, he would have been 14 or 15 yrs old. The guy on the far left is me, the others have been lost track of. We had a garage band in HS.

Hi Kids, It's Rusty Johnson, drummer for Eddie James and The Pacific Ocean. I've published a book about those very days as seen on this beautiful web site.  Please go to my book publishers web site at: www.walkdontrunthebook.com 

Rusty and Eddie with Kim Novak

Ron Henslee, Bill Gazzarri, Toney Carr, and Rusty, 
chatting between sets at the infamous Gazzarri's on the Sunset Strip.

 PS: I'm singing jazz now in Big Bear Lake with a band called, 
The CATZ IN THE HATZ  www.bandmix.com/thecatz/
Rusty  Steviejae7@aol.com

First of all, I'd just like to say what a fantastic website you have got going here. I guess it's amazing to think of the sheer number of people who were all a part of the LA music scene back in the sixties. It's a great effort to try and reunite all these folk and document the times and people. I'm pretty jealous really, having being born way after the excitement had happened. Though most of my music collection is in some way related to a lot of the music happening in LA such as the Byrds, Love, Brian Wilson and loads others.

Anyhow, my main reason for visiting the site and hence this email, is because i am trying to put together a website all about Bobby Jameson. I bought his 'Songs Of Protest' album a while back and have become pretty fascinated by this character. But there is not much information on him and a lot of his life seems to shrouded in mystery. I have a lot of the basic facts about his records, but i am also looking for any recollections, stories, memories etc, from people who knew him or saw him play live. Any info, no matter how small would be gratefully received.

Andy Baker 

Love your site. But a lot of it is later than when I hung out there. My recollection of the Aquarius is when it was the Hullabaloo club. I also remember the "Doors" playing at the London Fog before they went to Whiskey. My brother and I hung out a lot at Fred C. Dobbs and as I remember it the coffee was great. One of the waitresses said that they brewed it with egg shells in the grounds or something. Wow! Those were heady days on the "Strip". During the so called "riots" on the strip in '66, my older brother and I stayed at his pad on Temple in the Hollywood Hills off of Gower. He was an actor and took any job that came along. One year, I believe it was '62 or '63, he was taking care of the animals for the t.v. show "Greatest Show on Earth" starring Jack Palance. He lived on the back lot of Desilu studios and lived in the trailer that was used by Robert Stack in the "Untouchables" back in the 50's and early 60's. Those were crazy nights going from club to club and hitting Ben Frank's, House of Pancakes, and Cantor's and a lot of other places each night. Thanks for bringing back the memories of the scene as it was then. Jimmy  JMazza3558@aol.com


   Rick Allen--

Played with Howlin' Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, 
Etta James, Delaney and Bonnie, Dr. John, Ernie 
K-Doe and many more. Studio musician in New Orleans
He received a Grammy Nomination in 2000, with the Dukes 
of Dixieland. Rick is currently living in Lacombe, Louisiana.  
He managed to pull through hurricane Katrina.
Rick's email:   b3king@bellsouth.net

Spring of 2015 - Webmaster update - This update on Rick Allen came in from Gary Myers:

I 1st met Rick Allen in Jackson, MI in 1962 when he was with the Bonnevilles from Milwaukee. He sat in with our band and we would subsequently become somewhat acquainted in Milwaukee. Our band came out to SoCal and so did he, and we crossed paths again out here. IIRC, the last time I actually saw him was when we ran into each other at a Jimmy Smith gig at the Lighthouse circa late 60's. Rick & I are facebook friends.

From Wes who also was in and around the strip: 1966-1969 
In 1966 I graduated from Judson school in Arizona and came back home to see the strip changed: beatniks became hipsters. In my little world, all the gang who hung out at the Pickwick Bowl in Burbank near the stables started to turn on. Friends I knew were Curt C, Dave T, Howie, Junior, and lots of others, including all the girls who went to school in the Valley & Hollywood High, and Pat, Sharon, and Lori from AZ - where are you now? Back then so many of us guys faced going to VietNam and some died there or came back changed - I was spared that trip. And there were a few small marches that I remember in downtown LA and the SDS people who reminded us about the war, racism, and politics. In 1967 I moved into Jim Morrison's old place just behind the country store, then met Tony and Sue and later moved out to the studio on Highland with Kenny the drummer...but I slipped into too much darkness...it only lasted a little while. Eventually, I got it right - moved in with my mother on Los Feliz - studied piano with Ordynsky - moved to SF and north where its all been
good for the last 30+ years. But the days in Hollywood still leave me with strange bittersweet memories: after-hours at the old Moulin Rouge, everyone hanging around outside the Whisky who didn't have enough money to get in, the bar in Burbank where Ike and Tina Turner were the house band, POP and the Cheeta, love-ins in Griffith Park, hitching north to GG park in the city for the big BE-IN, my cousin Jeff's booth at the Third Eye on Ventura, the original Renaissance fairs at the old Paramount ranch (Kooper's rodeo), Sepulveda stables, hitchin down Sunset and getting picked up by Richard Harris who wanted to party, all the guys and gals in bands who I met and who gave us the music, and lots more. So, here's to all of you who lived there and made it and to those who did not, especially Greg Breacher who died in El Paso Texas in 2000: he was a good poet. Finally, Nancy, thanks for stirring up all those old memories with this site - no matter what happened good or bad, I agree with you: it was a magical time to be alive and a special place to be. I am now in Tucson, Arizona.

The Stooges 1970

I wrote you some time ago with my preliminary list of shows at The Whisky A-Go-Go from 1966-69. This is an ongoing project, but I received a number of very informative emails. A substantially improved and more detailed list is at my co-conspirator's site: http://www.chickenonaunicycle.com/Whisky-A-Go-Go%20History.htm Additional comments and corrections, and of course any recently recovered memories are always welcome. 
I enjoy checking in with your site, and reading the surprising and fascinating memories that people contribute.
corry arnold  

Mott the Hoople
Left-right standing: Morgan Fisher, Overand Watts, Ian Hunter
Kneeling: Ariel Bender and Dale Griffin
Note: "Ariel Bender" is an alias for Luther Grosvenor 
who played in Spooky Tooth. This comes from Keith@gredridley.com

Hello there....I've been to your website many times...I love it! I'm sending you a picture that was taken by my husband Ken Sommers at our house in June. Blue Cheer was staying with us and rehearsing in our barn to play at Laconia Bike Week....The Broken Spoke Saloon. They were great people.....Joe Hasselvander (Pentagram, Raven) sat in for Paul Whaley....Joe was fantastic. Andrew "Duck" MacDonald has been with Blue Cheer for 18 years.....He did play with the Kim Simmonds Band and others......Blue Cheer just put out a new CD.....I just thought to send you the picture in case you were interested in putting it on your site...you have great photos... Gabrielle :)

Blue Cheer

Long John Baldry
Died on July 21st from a chest infection.

Hi This is Don Adey from Churchill Downs we played Gazzarri's in 
1968 along with Eddy James Almost (Eddey James And The Pacific Ocean} and a Band called Popcorn Bizard to name a few. Does any body have any PICTURES OF THE BAND? I also played in a band called the Jamme with Terry Rea we did an Album called JAMME produced by John Philips (Mamas and Popas) by the time the album needed to be finished I could not find the rest of the band so I brought my brother Keith in to finish up a couple of things. Had pictures taken and it came out on ABC Dunhill in 1972 but the fact is it was a 4 piece band I am in the process of re-releasing it you can see a copy of the album as it came out on E-BAY under JAMME if you would like to see a copy of the Album as it should have came out I will be glad to send you all a copy Again please if anybody out there has any pictures of CHURCHILL DOWNS OR THE JAMME playing at Gazzarri's about 1968 or any
pictures from that time. You have a great Web site. Keep up the good work (a labor of love for sure.) They were really the best of days.
Cheers to to all you Rockers keep the faith
Lotsa Love And Light To All
Don Adey
E MAIL: donadey3328@sbcglobal.net 

(worth repeating)


I was a regular at Rodney's in the mid 70's. I knew Iggy and many people I don't know if others still recall. I have now lived in Las Vegas for 7 years and understand that Sable Starr works here as a "dealer" or perhaps cocktails. I'd love to interview her for our "free" mags here. I was a quiet type not with the clout to sit with Rodney, Sable and Lori in that tiny area where the discos were spun. Please let me know if you know where in Vegas she is working. She was so beautiful back then and I just wonder how life has treated her and maybe she is more down to Earth at this point in life then she was when I observed her and Lori.

Thanks, Janis

  I've got two more beautiful faces to add to the site this week. We were a good-looking bunch, ya know?! Sharon Kelly and Pamela Polland justify that observation.

Pamela Polland and band at the Ashgrove
Here's a pic of me at The Ashgrove, a club on Melrose that pre-dated the Troubadour, but also was adjacent to the original McCabe's Guitar Center. This band was called McCabe's All Time Good Time Jelly Roll Band. I wish I knew who those guys were. This was about 1964. I sang and played the jug. And spoons. :)

Gentle Soul 1966
I think the Gentle Soul is worth mentioning, since we lived right off the strip across from the Chateau Marmont, and we played the Troubadour, and we were produced by Terry Melcher who also produced The Byrds and Paul Revere & The Raiders, and we were friends and recorded with musicians like Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, Paul Horn, Jim Gordon, Larry Knechtel, Van Dyke Parks, and so forth. In case anybody's interested, SunDazed reissued the Gentle Soul album (complete with all aforementioned artists) and included all our singles and some previously unreleased demos. It's a nice package with good photos.

Aloha from Maui, Pamela Polland
You can find out what happened to me here: 

Sharon Kelly  
I got a big kick out of Sharon's letter:

No where else will I see the names of so many guys I slept with on the same page!

Hi, I danced at the Classic Cat off and on for maybe five years, starting in 1970, as "Sherri Marie". I loved that place, it was the only steady sense of home I had during my first years in LA..

Francesca (Kitten) was there some of that time, and, of course, moody Raul and Lacy Jones. I also remember a girl from Holland, Anneke, and a cute, thin blonde, Cathy, who barely spoke to me in all those years. There was another Sherri, dark-haired and pretty, I wonder if that was Sherri Eubanks?

I guess "Hair" became a big thing down the street at the Aquarius Theater, so once a night we'd all decorate ourselves with day-glow paint and hit the stage at once, eventually parading through the club to "Let the sun shine in". I did a lot of the contests, too, when we didn't have enough "real" contestants. Didn't Pucci MC those at some point? I became friends with always-in-a-tux Henry Yee, and of the older bartender, (not one of the Bracci's), who taught me how to free-pour a 7/8 ounce shot.

Alan Wells inadvertently had a major impact on my life--introduced me to Peter Perry (Harry Novak's partner) from Box Office International. I went on to do a bunch of soft-core "sexploitation" films for them and some others, including Russ Meyer's fairly dismal "Supervixens". Hmm, I may not have been the big slut I thought I was, I just named seven men in a row that I didn't do!

Ten years later I found myself back across the street at Gazzarri's, hosting a porn awards show as Colleen Brennan. The club was fading by then, as was Bill, now that I think about it. He was always a real sweetheart to me, Bill Gazzarri's, even after I was much too old (past 20) for him to hit on! Anybody remember what year he died? Seems like I went to a service for him at his club. The Classic Cat was gone by then, and I never felt at home in the old neighborhood again.

My memories of that time aren't as sharp as some of the others who have posted at your site. I may have been high. But I must have had a good time...I'm smiling in all the pictures! Here's one of them.

All the best, Sharon Kelly   sharonpkelly@yahoo.com

I've lived my 54 years stuck between Dallas and Fort Worth, and yet your website provides me a glimpse of what it must have been like night after night. I have an uncanny memory for names, especially from the music industry, so I was fascinated reading your continuous flashback recounting the known and not-so-known movers and shakers of what must have been a nonstop blast. The successes, the crazoids, the true friends, the fringes, the casualties – there's always casualties, the color and smell, and sounds! Many of us had great scenes to which we belonged; where every night you knew it would be special, primarily just being around the people, those special people, all similar in age and motive. We were old enough to stay out as late as we wanted - seems insignificant now, but that's a major milestone in a young person's life. And wheels - now you could go anywhere you wanted, when you wanted - always to mill around with all the others sharing in our new found freedoms chasing the music, the laughs, the parties and the chicks.

Sounds like the Hollywood scene was like a drug multiplying your late 60's experience 10 fold over those of us not lucky, or bold enough to make the trek to California. And it can be so bittersweet, the hangover part, because again we all have that place we go that tugs at our heart wishing for just a few moments we could return, and just as Hollywood may have been 10 times more intensely fun, it must be much, much more difficult to resist dwelling on the past. But hey, your site celebrates it! I don't hear a lot of regret. It's a joy to recount the beauty of it all.

I stumbled upon your site googling for Bill Ham of the Yellow Payges, and wham, there you were! THIS is what the internet is for.

Regards, Doug Jaeger  dsjaeger@comcast.net

Hi, yes I hung out on the strip during the 1960's......for a few years, until the night of the teen riot.......I was there, in the middle of THAT. Then they closed down my favorite teen place, Its Boss...... they also closed I was told, all the other teen clubs after that night, wanting no more trouble with teens...... guess that was the reason.

There was a guy nicknamed "Railroad" who tended bar for us (no booze just cokes, pepsi one of the two).......we would get our ticket to enter.......$2.50 and on the little 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch ticket there would be words telling the bar that this was good for one free pop. we say pop out here tho, I'm in the East now. Back then it was either good for one COKE or one PEPSI ...funny now, I forget which.

The murals on all the walls were of the characters of Little Orphan Annie..... lots of fun in that place.......all good times for me. maybe not others....... but all good memories for me....Carmel. Liked "The New Generation"...they were a band that performed one night, won't forget THEM. they were very sexy. I was 16...........

hence, it made an impression. (smile)

Would love to be in touch with other people...... (teens at the time) alumni so to speak...... WHO WERE THERE (like me)..... remember too, a lady who sat and kept order in the lady's restroom..... many of the girls sorta clung to her..... looked up to her, like a mom. many of the girls I guess at that time didn't have such happy homes....

Carmel 55 1/2  

Aron Kay, the "pieman."

I have emotional battles with myself from time to time concerning this website. Is it worth all the work and time involved? I've cried and I've cursed. It's been six years since its establishment. Then I get letters that fan the fires that keep me motivated--the wonderful letter from Jeff Joy (scroll down a few paragraphs) and then the one I got from Doug Jaeger this week, (above) and yes, that's all it takes for me to keep going. I guess I'm just too easy. 
Click for more whining

Kingston Springs city limits

I knew it would be be bad, but failed to remember 
how bad. I'm referring to the 1967 movie that I saw 
on Comcast this week, Riot on Sunset Strip. Can you say "ba-a-a-dd" like a sheep? However, after seeing the Standells, Chocolate Watch Band, and the Enemys again, I was convinced that it
was not a total waste of my time. 

Two photos on left are the Standells. Chocolate Watchband on right.

The original Standells were Dick Dodd on vocals and drums, Larry Tamblyn on keyboards, Tony Valentino on guitar, Gary Lane on bass. 
I'm still researching the Chocolate Watchband. I could find no information on the The Enemys at all.

Hendrix is on the cover of Rolling Stone again!
The photos above were from the welcomed article inside.
Pictured are Hendrix and two-year girlfriend, 
Kathy Etchingham, and Hendrix around 1967.
Thank you, Rolling Stone!

I went on to do a little research myself:

Etchingham on left, and Monika Danneman on right, 
were the two big loves of Hendrix's life. The two women 
had an on-going feud for 24 years until Danneman 
committed suicide in the 90's after a long court 
battle with Etchingham. 

Recent photo of Kathy Etchingham

I've seen very few photos of Monika Danneman, 
but found the one above of her and Hendrix at 
David Pearcy's fantastic site.
Evidently, David is a collector with tons of wonderful photos
on his site. He even has the photos that Monika took of Jimi 
the day before he died.

Thanks to Art Guy for all the above shots.

Jeff Joy sent along this Love hand bill
along with an incredibly wonderful email that started like this:
"I must say wow like everybody else I'm blown away!...
the site, the names...the memories...."
His letter is long, but ya gotta read the rest of it!

Richard, from Cass Elliot's site sent this photo of 
Denny Doherty and unknown "friends."
If you recognize anyone, please contact him
at the Cass Elliot site below.

The webmaster for Cass Elliot's site 
sent this photo and note:
"Here's a photo I have just acquired that would love some help identifying people in. It's Cass Elliot and Pic Dawson ( to her 
immediate left) and then the two others are those I don't know. 
This picture was taken at The Whiskey A Go Go and I date it 
mid-1967, given The Sunshine Company posters in the background."

Remember this Smokestack Lightnin' billboard on Sunset? 
(Thanks to Art Guy.)

Check out this site full of photos of clubs, bars, restaurants, and 
buildings of the 40's, 50's, and 60's in Hollywood:

? and the Mysterians (96 Tears)

? and the Mysterians today consist of:
Bobby, Big Frank, ?, Robert, Little Frank

I would like to add myself to your site. A lot of other people have my early photos; they stole them. Pretty ridiculous, lol! I was Ruben's girlfriend (Ruben De Fuentes) from 1972 through 1975 and there for everything. We also got together again in 1979 when he was in Steppenwolf. Many good times and many friends. I have worked on and off in music for the last 30 years. One of my first jobs was working back East with Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac at a venue in N.J. Nice site! I also worked at The Rainbow, Gazzarri's, The Central in the late 70's through 80's. The list goes on and on. . . .

Bonnie Sarnelli
Here is some pics of me The black and white one is from 1979 
and the sepia one is now at 50, lovin it!  I would love to hear from everyone. This site is absolutely the best! 

If you hear from Ruben, give him my email. Bonnie

Oh my goodness, what a fantastic site...I have a few photos and some news of some other people...we knew many people in common. I'm very good friends with Hammond Guthrie and I think he told me about your site... btw. ours is www.diggers.org.

First of all my friend has a video of the first ever love-in at Elysian Park, which I attended...at that time I was hanging out with Scottie Runyon, Pamela Poland and that Hollywood Crew. I later moved to San Francisco...where I shared a house with Natural Suzanne and Taj Mahal and their twins who are now in their 30's...babe of their own...I later moved out to Cotati with Henry Sudduth AKA Buddha and his wife Sheila. He was then a DJ at KSAN...first fm station. We lived right up the street from Vito, Suzi and the crew... I mostly was a part of the Diggers of SF but always remained with my hand in the Rock and Roll world...I ended up being signed to Bearsville by Albert Grossman and stayed in Woodstock for almost 20 years. I had a band in which Billy Munday of the Mothers of Invention was the drummer...I am still in touch with him ...see photos attached...There is so much more to tell you...but this is a beginning...




The photos are Myself in 1971 while I was living with Peter Coyote, his photo in the background. Next is my self today in my office in NYC. Suzi Ronson (Mick's Wife) and I singing at some gig...late 70's early 80's The band The Falcons with Brian Briggs, Shane Fontayne, Billy Mundy, Johnny Average (aka Mick Hodgkinson and my husband at the time) and myself in the beret...doing sound check for a new years eve gig in Woodstock 1978. and lastly Billy Mundi and his wife Patty this year. This is the band I've just recorded with You can click on the song...Little Hood Rat Friend on the Mp3 section www.theholdsteady.net ...but that's the present...
Nicole Wills 

Requests for Clear Light:

Clear Light played the Sea Witch when they were know as The Brain Train, around 1966, at that time the line up was Dallas Taylor, Doug Lubahn, Bob Seal, Mike Ney and Robbie Robison. In early 67 they were signed by Elektra and became Clear Light, a short time later Robbie Robison left the line up while Cliff De Young and Ralph Schuckett were added.

Gray Newell 
Clear Light web master London UK

More on Clear Light:
........they were awesome. I wish I could have seen them more but I was pretty penniless during that time and had to panhandle cover charges. They played as the Brain Train at the Sea Witch in late '66. Then they changed their name to Clear Light in '67. Here's the website for them (Gray in the UK created it for all their fans and hanger-ons). Official Clear Light web site

And I want to tell you that I was so moved by your website. I had no idea that there were still so many disillusioned "freaks" left out there. I felt like I was the only one that there was something wrong with. I can really relate to the "great Hollywood hangover"............life in the fast lane...........everything all the time. After living the Strip scene in the late 60's (I got there in Sept, '67), it's damned near impossible to settle down and lead a "normal" life again. It IS a hangover that just does NOT go away. Thanks for recognizing that........................and making a whole lot of us see it. You make it easier for us to handle by knowing that there are a lot of others out there. THERE IS STRENGTH IN UNITY!!!!! And it's good people like you who pull us all back together again for the good times.

Bonnie Hall of Bel Air, MD. 

Here are two photos of several of us in the early days. The studio photo was taken at John E. Reed in Hollywood about 1962. Our group was first called The Alleykats and featured L-R: Danny Belsky on sax, David Doud on bass, me on drums, Jimmy Greenspoon holding rhythm guitar, and Michael Lloyd on lead guitar.

The second photo was taken about 1963. It was at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium for the Surf Fair. We performed next to a new group with their first record called The Beachboys. L-R: Danny Belsky on sax, me on drums, David Doud on bass, Craig Nuttycombe on rhythm guitar, Michael Lloyd on lead guitar and Jimmy Greenspoon on keyboards (electric piano). I'll never forget Dennis Wilson looking at my new set of drums (my first) and asking me: You're not going to do this for a living are you? If he only knew what was in store for the Beach Boys!
Art Guy  theartguy@msn.com

More photos from Art Guy

My name is Diane (DeAngeles) Was "there" for it all. I saw a entertainment tonight special on Sunset Strip" and it brought it all back. I worked at the Whisky before and after hanging out there. I worked for Ronnie Heron doing the bookings and the guests lists and helped arrange the ads. Was very close to Elmer (is he still around?) and Mario and yes....Cantors, the Hyatt. Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night fame, put me, and a girl called Jody and Flo...Black girl (always wore a knife around her neck) into the studio to record a song Danny wrote called Sun City...(somewhere there was a reel to reel of this at my parents house, who are sadly both gone) But his first single came out so that was never completed. Remember the "Byrds" first night at BOSS and hung out with them all the time. Even had a "little thing" with David C. Hollywood was my home and have sooooooooooooo much to tell ya.....could write a book. Remember the day Elmer asked me to go to the Monterey Pop festival on his behalf as he could not go so me and my friend drove up and the room was gone so Jimi H let us stay in his room (there was Jimi, Vicki and me all tucked up " together. He was a Gentleman the entire time. It was a weekend to remember. So much more to tell, and I remember so many people I had forgotten about from your web page. Do you know what has happened to Elmer, ??? Please email me back.. I now live in London. 
Thanks Diane   DLewiscole

Kay Poorboy (Mad Dogs and Englishmen)
"See you later when I get where you are, my dear friend."

I love your site and although I was never a member of any particular group of people, I loved going to the Strip. I remember hearing some of those names and even meeting more than a few of them even if only briefly. I began to really hang out on the strip when a friend of mine owned/ran The Musicians Contact Service. Sterling ran it and it started out upstairs in the Whisky and sometime later he moved down the Strip. I saw so many bands back then and was always getting into the clubs. Sterling used to refer to Mario as Mafia Mario.

. I remember going to the Strip for the first time in 1968 and fell in love with the place. It was the first time I ever felt comfortable around people.

When you made the comment about people not believing you went out with Jim Morrison I understood what you meant. It was a sort of relief and letdown at the same time when I started meeting all these people who were stars and sometimes I felt sorry for them and other times I just didn't understand how they could be famous, money, groupies and people who wanted to be with them and they seemed sort of lost in all of that. They were after all just our neighbors and I remember seeing some of them so often it began to just seem normal instead of being awed by their fame.

I remember living in Laurel Canyon up the hill from The Laurel Canyon stone. Every time I drive by it now, it still brings back some memories from that time.

I see David Crosby ever so often as I moved up the Santa Ynez Valley just north of Santa Barbara (you probably hear way too much about our most infamous native Michael Jackson,) back in the mid 70's where I have had my home ever since.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoy your site, even the parts that let us know who passed on but mostly the memories of places and events. What a long strange trip it's been

Buzz in Santa Ynez  cashanderson@yahoo.com

Eastside Kids behind the Sea Witch
Danny Belsky sent this photo and he writes:
It's me to the left, Joe Madrid, Jimmy Greenspoon with 
Mike and Dave Doud in front. The other guy to the right is Dennis Lambert who was our manager's nephew. He would sit in with us and sing once in awhile. He became 1/2 of Lambert and Nuttycombe a couple of years later. The pic was taken @ the Sea Witch in the sand area in the back of the club off the back doors...probably 1966-67. thought you might enjoy this. take care...belsky 

Greenspoon went on to form Three Dog Night

Hey Everybody Tommy James here, the original lead singer of The Band Stormer in the 70's. Those were the good ol' days and the best of times, not copying the styx tune in any way shape or form i.e. best of times. I'll never forget when Robert Plant came walking out of the Rainbow. Speaking of Robert Plant, Stormer at that time played a lot of Led Zepplin. We kicked!!!   The original members of the band which began as Ram, changed to Foxfire then to Stormer were as follows Tommy James (lead singer), Ray Bog Doggy Boggs (bass), Lanny Fabian (drums), Don Simmons (guitar). Can't believe I just stumbled upon this site. I just sat for a moment thinking hey I wonder if I punch up on google old friends of the band stormer what would happen. Baby!!!


Gazzarri's Wall

An old college buddy and I were sitting in a Venice dive yesterday watching the sun go down and talking about LA and what it must have been like in the 60's & 70's. He's a songwriter and, I forgot 
how, but he came upon your site and emailed me the link.

I've only skimmed the contents, but the first thing that comes to 
mind is: Thank You!
I take walks in the early evenings up and down The Strip and wonder what it must have been like...back then.

It's great that you documented those years....Your address book! Anyway, Thank you very much for your snap shot of your 
life back then.  JM

Sweet Emily
Mad Dogs and Englishmen


Chet Helms dead at 62

In Memory of Chet Helms emptymirrorbooks.com/thirdpage/chethelmstribute.html

Chet Helms, known as the father of the Summer of Love and the rock promoter who brought Janis Joplin to San Francisco, died from complications of a stroke June 25. Mr. Helms was the founder and manager of Big Brother and the Holding Company, with Joplin as its legendary lead singer. He helped stage free concerts and Human Be-ins at Golden Gate Park, which became the backdrop for the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967. 

Helms pictured with Hendrix and The Experience

"Without Chet, there would be no Grateful Dead, no Big Brother and the Holding Company, no Jefferson Airplane, no Country Joe and the Fish, no Quicksilver Messenger Service," said Barry Melton, the lead guitarist for Country Joe and the Fish 

Helms moved from Austin to San Francisco in 1962, returning once to persuade Joplin, an old college friend, to hitchhike back with him.

Janet Ferguson  maxmommy@aol.com  sent above photos 
of Miss Lucy and Bernardo.  Classics!

Be sure and stay abreast of the current events happening today on
SunsetStrip.com. They run my weekly column under "Lifestyle." 

This is a fantastic website. Every time I get on it I cannot get off of it for hours. I hung out on the Strip in the late 60's and early 70's mainly at Thee Experience, Whiskey and Troubadour. I have had The Great Hollywood Hangover ever since without knowing what it was until I found your site. I now live in a small town in Tennessee and feel like it was all a dream. Would really like to know if anyone remembers three blond girls who hung around together at the above places named Patt, Mary and Carla (myself). I remember a guy named Willie, who was always at the Omnibus who used to call me 'the 19 year old virgin from Anaheim.' Patt had a boyfriend named Baron who used to take pictures professionally of all the rock stars until he was killed on his way to marry his new fiancee in a car accident. Also, anyone remember George Cannon or Mick Jason? If any one remember us or any of these people please email me at carlajeans@hotmail.com. Thank you and thanks for the memories!


Carla sent these photos.
L-R "David Ward and me."
"Jack and I a little messed up:)"


Carla also sent this photo of Stanley "Chip" Livingston 
of My Three Songs and his girlfriend.

Ellen writes:
What fun to stumble across your site! I had a 3 month encounter with LA in 1969. Phrogg, Chip, and I came to visit Chip's (leslie) brother Leslie Pandell. He was the manager of Alice Cooper at the time and we all stayed at his house in Laurel Canyon. We went to the Whiskey most nights and I remember CTA (later Chicago) were regulars along with Steve Miller Band. I didn't see the band Love mentioned yet, "Like a Red Rubber Ball" . I saw them during that time. Fun times. A lot of Blue Mescaline out there during that time. Keep up the good work! Love, Ellen

I stumbled into your site while surfing around, and was startled to see the names of two of the most important role models I had while growing up (other than my own fabulous mother): Judy Sims (Teenset magazine), and GTO Miss Sandra (Sandra Harris, nee Rowe). Both women were dear, dear family friends when I was a child and well into my young adulthood (I'm 35.) I'm sad to say that they have both passed away, both from cancer: Sandra in (I think) 1992, and Judy in 1996.

After her time as a GTO, Sandra went on to have 4 kids and settle down with her husband in San Pedro, where she had grown up. She was the "coolest mom on the block", and all the kids and teenagers flocked to her house to listen to her wild stories of her crazy past, and play her old GTO's album. She was always cooking or sewing 
or doing something artsy.

Judy wrote for Rolling Stone and the L.A. Times, and was completely awe-inspiring in her love for creating a beautiful, cozy home. She outdid Martha Stewart before anyone knew of Martha Stewart. She lived in a cute house on a hill in Echo Park, Los Angeles, and loved baking and quilting and jewelry making and raising chickens in her backyard that laid yummy brown eggs. She was an integral part of my life, I saw her almost every single weekend. She and her husband moved to Oregon a few years before she died, but she always missed and longed for L.A.

They both were really instrumental in demonstrating what it meant to be a strong, creative, intelligent, beautiful woman. We miss them both so much. Reading their names made me smile and remember two of the greatest women I've been blessed to know, so thank you!
Email:   wickedcrickette@yahoo.com

Hello Hollywood;

This is Ed Cassidy Drummer And Co/ Founder of the Great Group Spirit!! I would like to give you my Current e-mail address which is edc1923@msn.com for the record. For anyone who might want to contact me? And for your Records! I will turn 82 on May 4th 2005! And I still Play If I can find anyone who likes to play Swing Jazz? The Music I grew up with! Playing R/Roll With Spirit and Randy California from 1965 till 1997 was a great experience for me. And I have great memories from those years. Best regards to all who listened to and enjoyed Spirit's Music over the years. And my current mailing address Is "Ed Cassidy PO Box 1202 Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93421)
Happy Days and nights to all concerned, Cass
Ed Cassidy "Co/Founder Of Spirit"

Great news coming in for members of the Eastside Kids, Sounds of 
the 7th Son, Smokestack Lightnin', and their longtime fans. From 
what I understand those groups had some of the same musicians: 
Jimmy Greenspoon, Michael and David Doud, Danny Belsky, Kelly 
Green, Art Guy, Ronnie Darling, Rick Eiserling, Joe Madrid, Eddie James, and Craig Nuttycombe. These groups were so entwined, that I get confused, so I'm lumping them together. Brothers Doud are both  deceased. The good news is that the rest of the bands' members have all been found alive and well and are now all in contact with each other.

Danny Belsky sent the two above articles and two photos. 
He explains, "There are two 1966 newspaper articles."
Standing L-R in the first article is Jimmy Greenspoon, Michael 
Doud, David Doud. Danny Belsky and Joe Madrid are in front.
In the second article are the same guys pictured with parents.
The articles are rants about their long hair.

"The picture on stage with the models shows Joe Madrid, 
Greenspoon on piano, and me on drums, but I'm cut out 
of the photo. It was taken at the Trip for the L.S. Times 
Magazine showing all the "cool" fashions of the day...
also in 66/67. We were the house band at the Trip and 
the Whisky for about a year and a half as they were 
both owned by the same people.
The second photo shows Eddie James singing, Dave Doud on 
guitar, me playing drums wearing my Mike Nesmith cap, and 
Tony on bass. Can't remember his last name. This was the 
reincarnation of Pacific Ocean. Hope the photos are clean 
on your computer.  Belsky"  dsbelsky@sbcglobal.net

Danny Belsky today... lookin real good!

...and Art Guy writes "I was the drummer of the band Smokestack Lightnin'. I had lost contact with Rick, Ronnie and Kelly. I am life long friends with Danny Belsky, drummer of "The Eastside Kids" and former sax player. I started in the music business with Danny, Jimmy Greenspoon of Three Dog Night Fame (alive and well on the east coast), Dave and Mike Doud (both deceased), Craig Nuttycombe (alive and well in Atascadero) and others. I started the club scene with a group called The Minutemen at Pandora's Box on the strip in about 1965. Smokestack of course played the Sea Witch (alternating weeks with Jim Morrison and the Doors), played forever at the Whiskey as well as the Cheetah (on the pier in Venice), the Hullabaloo and venues throughout California and the U.S. I just discovered our old producers website Boneshowe.com (what a great and talented guy he is). Thanks for your site, 
I stumbled on it by accident. 
All my best, Art Guy.   theartguy@msn.com

I was around the Strip both in the 60s and the 70s. I ended up hanging out at the Rainbow and was a regular ( I was one of the regulars who was glued to the dance floor upstairs with my friend Angelique rather than a "booth cruiser" downstairs ). The routine was get the the Bow about 8:55 and then meander upstairs and get on the dance floor --- and dance until closing. We used to joke that when Tony and Mario saw Angelique walk in that they would yell "Last call!" as she was always show up so late. Another one of my friends ( from high school in Orange County ) was Llana Lloyd who was involved with the Bowies and with Alice Cooper. I ran into Llana a few years back doing extra work. One note -- Lori Maddox was called Lori Mattress and it was a girl called Lori Ronson who was called Lori Lightning ( I didn't know Maddox and didn't like Ronson but that is neither here nor there hahahaha ) Cynthia "Cid" Summers 

"Hey do you think all that acid we dropped 
will turn up somewhere?"

Keith Duncan from Terryreid.net and Terryreid.com wants us 
to know that "Terry is well and still living in L.A.; and at the 
ripe old age of 55 has just married a beautiful lady who could 
have walked out of one of your 70's photos."

Oops! Silly me... no mentioned of Frank Zappa?!

Two photos of Zappa's log "cabin."

Earl Brenneman, Zappa fan, wants us to know that "this web site 
is an enjoyable, educational, and a fitting testimonial to all those 
wonderful human beings who made the 60's and California,
such an amazing place to be.  ebrennem@elkhart.lib.in.us

Sorry to report that Domenic Troiana, guitarist for the Guess
Who and the James Gang, died of cancer in Toronto on May 25th. 
He was fifty-nine. Domenic played on sessions with Steely Dan, 
Joe Cocker and Diana Ross.

Oops, again!
No mention of Skynard or the "Dead?"

Lynard Skynard L-R:
Allen Collins, Billy Powell, Bob Burns, Ronnie Van Zant,
Ed King, Leon Wilkeson, Gary Rossington

Grateful Dead

I was around the Strip, only on the edge in the 60's and 70's, 
but my cousin, Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith was, as I remember, 
quite involved in the whole scene from a very young age. I am 
trying to find anyone who remembers her and can tell me any 
stories about her from that time. She lived below the Strip 
with her mother, and I lived above the Strip with my father. 
I was in the process of trying to reconnect with her after 
many years of distance, when I learned of her death. 
Any memories or info would be appreciated.
Robert Wilhite  


Ron and Chica Davies, Ron's sister, Gail, and Ron

Before he died, Ron Davies gave me a disk 
with photos, songs, etc. that I'm still going through.
I will post more in the near future.
L to R: Mark (Shaver) Nuttycombe, Cooker, Ron

Wendy, from the old Classic Cat, sent me this article
on Frank Gorshin who recently died of cancer.
I remember he was behind me in line at Ralph's
 supermarket one morning around 3:00am..

Arthur Blessitt

Arthur Blessitt preached at His Place on the Strip in the late
sixties. Eternal Rush was the house band.



Bill Lincoln, who was good friends with the East Side Kids, sent in a
photo of one of his old bands.

I'm enclosing a picture of one of our bands. I'm on the left and Wesley Watt is next to me and on the far right is Dale Bobbitt. I can't remember the drummer's name. (this is the top picture I'm referring to). Same people in the bottom or larger picture, just a different arrangement.

Wow, unbelievable to see Buddy Zoloth. I was married to Buddy for about 10 minutes in the early 70s. Buddy, how could we ever have driven that crazy road to the house? Let alone find our way... Great to see you're alive, obviously so am I (sadly my best friend, Bonnie, isn't). My life is terrific, healthy, happy, married, two great kids, live in Pacific Palisades. would love to hear from you,

Gazarri's Wall

Dee Lux is looking for John Manning, who recorded "White Bear."
Email her at:  MizFurball@yahoo.com

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