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Our 15th Year!



Fresh Photos--Part three

"Wildman" Dave Diamond has a Country Joe and the 
Fish website  http://www.cjfishlegacy.com
that I checked out. You will find many great photos with 
lots of familiar faces. Also check out www.countryjoe.com

"Wildman" Dave Diamond, Country Joe and the Fish,
and Country Joe 

Dave's email: jimi69guitar@yahoo.com

Good ole David Malachowski comes through again with a 
couple of killer shots. Thank you, David! I bet it's lonely 
out there on the road:)

David played a Blues Fest in San Francisco 
with such greats as Long John Baldry, Rod Price from 
Foghat, Buddy Guy and featured guest Carlos Santana.

Kim Simmonds (Savoy Brown)
1971 at the Whisky-a-Go-Go

Here is the cover "High Strong, Low Key"
and a photo of myself. Leigh Stephens

I knew the Palace Guard and spent a lot of time at the Hullabaloo, although I was only 14 at the time. After finding your site, I contacted Don Beaudoin. Sad to report that three members of the band have passed away, John Beaudoin, David Beaudoin, and Mike Conley. Mike was my first love, so talking to Don was a bittersweet experience.

I am the sort of tedious train spotter who has a list for everything, and one of my many lists is my effort to compile a list of every performer at the Whiskey A-Go-Go from 1966 to 1969.  It is incomplete, of course, but it is surprising how much information is out there if you are methodical about it.  Anyway, I have attached my list for your enjoyment.  Feel free to correct any errors or fill in the blanks—this is a work in progress.  If it suits you, feel free to post the list on your site, as I’d be interested in any input from your readership, many of whom were actually there.

Corry Arnold corrarnold@aol.com

Here's Corry's list  

" Just wondering if anyone ever hung out at The Righteous
Source, a head shop on Fairfax, owned by Marsha, and Charlotte. 
We are both alive, Marsha went on to open a large size boutique
in Tarzana She currently lives with her husband in Kingman, 
Arizona. I live in the Mount Washington area of Highland Park 
with my husband.
Many interesting people bought our paraphernalia, brought us fun 
gifts of pot infused brownies, cake, etc.....or just hung out with us.  
We were next to Foster's coffee house, The Blue Grotto, so it was 
a fun spot for many Hollywood hippies.  We were forced to close 
when they widened Fairfax.  If anyone one remembers our head 
shop, it would be fantastic to hear from you."  
Linda Conner - then Linda Hedrick.

Fulfilling requests for Jefferson Airplane.

Grace Slick, 1966
Photo by Herb Greene

Carol (Morgan) Rowan has found the site. She knew so many 
 of us. Her description of all the people that she knew and 
some of her fondest memories are here in  her email to me. 
She has written a book which is in the early stages of a movie. 
Below is a photo of Morgan and a picture of her book cover.

Morgan's email:  morganrowan@hotmail.com

We heard from Morgan in 2015! Here are some excerpts from her email: I know Danny Hortter of the Yellow Payges contributes a lot here. Here are some videos of their recent concert a few months ago in Burbank. They still put on one hell of a show! Yellow Payges

I am happy you are trying to revitalize the site. Ive always loved that site. The only interesting thing I can think of is the story of Bart Baker. If you remember, the GTO's did a song...you're a real heartbreaker Bart Baker about being in love with an 11 year old. Bart was the son of Father Yod, a local guru who owned the Source restaurant on Sunset. Bart! i suspect, was a result of much in vitro LSD and he had the typical charecheristics of the drug. Blond hair, deep blue eyes, puberty at a very early age and genius IQ. Bart also had strange natural strands of hair that were pastel colors of blue and purple. Bart lived with his mother, but his father went on to have 14 wives and moved his followers to a commune in Hawaii where he later died hang gliding. One of his wives Isis Aquariun wrote a book about him. Maybe you know all this. But what's interesting to me is what became of Bart...a child of Father Yod, hanging with Frank Zappa and the GTO's at age eleven.....well...he sells insurance. Just sooooo not what I expected.

She included a picture of her from 1969.

Princess Morning Star.

Trullee in all her finery and ready to party. 
Love that shot!  
MORE great photos from Trullee!!

Chris Hillman is alive and well--still playing and touring.

Chris in 1965   and Chris in 2003.

Laurie writes to say "those were the best years of my life."
She remembers BeBe Shaw, Neanderthal, Teda Bracci, Mick 
Jason (Mick Jagger look-a-like) Jingles, Dan Hortter from 
the Yellow Payges.   LPSeeYa@aol.com

I received an additional windfall of photos from Dee Lux.
She writes: "I am still in touch with Keith Robertson (who 
roadied for everyone) and Rick Downey who roadied and 
later played drums for Blue Oyster Cult. I'm also able to 
contact Rocky Morley, Noj Davies, Bubs Sterling, and a few 
others. Whatever happened to Sable Starr and Lori Lighting? 
Graham 'Cracky' Jones, roadie for Led Zep and Pink Floyd, 
died in December 2003 near his home in West Byfleet, 
Surrey;, England. Mo Slotin, roadie for several bands, died 
but unsure when...cancer, I believe."

L-R Dee Lux backstage in '74 at the Santa Monica Civic, 
Blue Oyster Cult backstage  in '74 at Long Beach or 
San Diego--Alan Lanier (keyboards) and Elliot Krowe 
who was road manager, Albert (drums,) and Joe Bouchard.

Donald Roeser and Eric Bloom

Tetsu Yamachi (Faces) 1975, Stuart George in '74, 
(Stewart was David Bowie's bodyguard) and Rod Price 
(Foghat) in '74 at the Hyatt House.

Jimmy Dewar (Robin Trower) backstage at Santa 
Monica Civic, '74. "Jimmy died, I think, in 2001...
and Chris David in '74 in my kitchen."

Pete Thompson of Silverhead, Ron Kilburn, road manager 
for Deep Purple, in her living room. Sunday soccer game with 
Deep Purple, 1975. From left: Magnet Ward, Ian Broad, 
Lori Lighting, Nicky Bell and Ritchie Blackmore.

Mario at the Whisky, l974, and Tony, Mario's cousin,  
who ran the Rainbow and the Roxy, at a soccer game.

I want to thank Dee Lux for the wonderful photos. 
She currently resides in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Her email: mizfurball@yahoo.com

Allan Rosen, who is a big Love fan would like any 
info on Ken Forssi, who died of brain cancer in '98. 
Allan lived on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon 
next door to Carole King. He used to listen to Carole 
sing "Child of Mine" to her daughter. He often went 
to the Country Store where he saw the Mothers of 
Invention buying 50-cent bottles of Ripple wine.
Allan's email:  peaceful97@comcast.net

Allan Rosen

Nigel Hill is hoping somebody remembers Pete Nichols, 
who was with Mad Dogs and Englishmen for awhile. He 
had a sister named Shane.

Bob Feigel started the Back to Eden commune on Sunset 
and Fairfax, then stores and warehouses in Hollywood, 
Westwood and Venice. He says the Trip, Ben Franks and 
Cantor's were like second homes to him. He's now living 
in New Zealand.

   " Just wondering if anyone ever hung out at The Righteous 
Source, a head shop on Fairfax, owned by Marsha, and Charlotte.  
We are both alive, Marsha went on to open a large size boutique 
in Tarzana She currently lives with her husband in Kingman, Arizona.  
I live in the Mount Washington area of Highland Park with my husband.
Many interesting people bought our paraphernalia, brought us fun gifts of pot infused brownies, cake, etc.....or just hung out with us.  We were next to Foster's coffee house, The Blue Grotto, so it was a fun spot for many Hollywood hippies.  We were forced to close when they widened Fairfax.  If anyone one remembers our head shop, it would be fantastic to hear from you."  

Annie Aronburg misskaka@hotmail.com  is a close 
friend of Carl Zappa (brother of Frank). Carl would 
like to get in contact with Linda Sue "Sparky" Parker 
of the GTO's.

I heard from one of Jack Lancaster's (Blodwyn Pig) 
students. Jack is living in Hollywood behind Raleigh 
Studios with his wife and daughter. He teaches Sax 
and other instruments.

A fantastic discovery has been made. Six songs by 
the Groupies from 1968 have been "discovered" on 
the net. You can download them at:  http://www.dslextreme.com/~nhopper/Groupies.html
Those songs gave me goose bumps all over the place. 
I could not believe how great those guys were and what 
a killer voice Cooker had in those days. Kim Fowley 
introduces them.

Christine O'Brien, from the Doors.com did an interview 
with me. It's at the Doors' site right here.

Little Steven Van Zandt put together a garage band fest.
The classic rock TV shows Hullabaloo, Upbeat and Shindig 
have inspired Van Zandt's latest project--a garage band 
festival featuring the godfathers of garage rock and their 
offspring. The International Underground Garage Festival 
was held August 14 on Randall's Island in New York City.
The show included the New York Dolls, Iggy Pop and
the Stooges, and Bo Diddley.

Jim Bowman sent along this photo of Marguerite Zalud 
from the Classic Cat. She was a fabulous dancer.
Where are you, Marguerite?

"Where is Miss Mercy??? Do you have any idea how to
get in touch with her? Is she still alive? I was a friend of 
her's and would love to find her if I could. Any ideas?
Please let me know." Jill 

Cynthia Weils is looking for Tommy Lane who lived two or 
three doors down from Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson 
on Rothdell Trail. In 1981, he was living on "Love Street." 
Cynthia has done several paintings, by the way, of Morrison.

"I wonder if anybody has any info on any of the street"
people who used to hang out at the Fifth Estate and the 
Blue Grotto. The names I remember are Teeny Bopper, 
Jingles, Button Danny, Surfer the Guy, Surfer the Girl, 
Ronny and Donny the twins, Zorro, Redhead, Betty, Brother 
Beard, Lynne Atwater. I went by the name of Cherokee.

This used to be the London Fog

...and this was Thee Experience

...Bido Lito's

...The Palamino

...The Red Velvet

First photo is Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson's house 
behind the old Laurel Canyon country store on far right.
Center photo is Denny Doherty's house. The second floor 
of the tower was a "bed room." The entire room was a 
round wall-to-wall custom-made mattress/box spring. 
You are wondering how I know this, and you are right.
I spent two weeks with Denny, his three English sheep 
dogs, and Brian Hyland at that house.

Nigey Lennon who wrote a book called "Being Frank, 
My Time with Frank Zappa" has contacted the website. Here is a link to her Facebook page:
Nigey Lennon on Facebook

Judy Katrein Bajorek (Judy Slattery) spent time at the 
Doud's house. She knew David and Michael Doud, David 
Potter of the East Side Kids, and sent memorabilia of them.



David Potter
The East Side Kids were: Jimmy Greenspoon, 
Joe Madrid, David Potter, Michael Doud, 
and David Doud. They used to play mostly 
at Stratford and Brave New World.

Judy Slattery's recollections 

Djinn Ruffner says she remembers 99% of the people who 
are on the website. Here's her wonderful email.

Photos are of Djinn back then, Glen Buxton and Djinn today.

Djinn also helped me snag this photo of Bobby Jameson.

Justin Brockey, Francine Brockey's son, sent along these
wonderful photos of himself, his beautiful wife and baby 
girl, Francine, and his father, Chuck Blackwell.


Thank you, Justin. I will forever cherish these photos.

Jonnie King, a radio personality in St. Louis, remembers
his days on the Strip...

I was in California from 1962 to  1964.  I studied at the  Pasadena Playhouse and also lived in Hollywood.  I lived on Highland Ave at the  corner of Highland and Franklin...just down the street from the Hollywood Bowl.

When I was there so many great clubs were in operation !   PJ's, Rigazzi's, The AM/PM Club, Shelly Manne's "Manne Hole", Whiskey A-Go-Go, Ciro's ,  Dino's, The Pink Pussycat, The Body Shop, etc, etc.  Plus Barney's Beanery and The Hollywood Ranch Market. ..
I remember seeing Preston Epps (who had a a big hit with Bongo Rock) at Pandora's Box.

Jonnie's email:  jonnieking@yahoo.com

Jonnie sent us an update in January of 2015. He has started his own web site that covers his time in Hollywood, Pasadena Playhouse Info, and, there's also a tribute to his old Hollywood friend,"The Amazing Criswell" (from "Plan 9 From Outer Space").

Here is a link to Jonnie's site: www.jonnieking.net

Alan Brackett from the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
www.peanutbutterconspiracy.com sent along a photo of
The Crossing Guards outside the Sea Witch on Sunset and
a photo of his band.

The Crossing Guards L to R: Alan Brackett,
Lance Fent, John Merrill, Jim Voight
and a photo of Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Billy Zoom arrived in Hollywood around 1969. In 71, he landed
a gig with Gene Vincent. www.billyzoom.com
Billy's email: billyzoom@billyzoom.com

Billy Zoom

Walter Egan, who had a hit in 1978, "Magnet and Steel"
has been perusing the site. eganwalter@hotmail.com He 
lives in Nashville.

Walter provided us with an update in January of 2015. He reports that My painting exhibit of the Martyrs of Rock will be up at the Mr Musichead Gallery, 7511 Sunset, until January 31 I just did an evening at the Grammy Museum last week (January 14) which will be archived and available soon. My latest CD, Myth America, is available on all platforms. I will be playing at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville on February 21.

Walter Egan with some of his Martyrs of Rock paintings

Walter also sent these pictures.

Walter Egan playing with Stevie Nicks, John Belushi and Lindsey Buckingham at the Roxy in October of 1978.

Walter Egan with Pamela Des Barres.

John Titter was in high school in the late sixties, but he
used to cut school and drive to the Strip from the Antelope
Valley..."just tried to hang out and be groovy."

One morning we were walking down to the Whiskey and a man was yelling to us from an apartment window, so we crossed the street to see what he wanted. I'm sure we were just hoping some on would offer us some pot or something!!!!! He asked us if we were going down by some club on the strip. We of course gave him way too much information, and told him what we were up to. He invited us up so we went. It turned out this was a man they called "The Magnificent Mallouchi" He had pictures of himself and Little Richard all over the place arm and arm or out to breakfast. It turned out he had been Little Richard's lover for year, and years. He was WAY GAY just like Richard, but was very cool to us, and posed any problems to us. He brought out his pot and we started smoking. Dick Gregory, and The Lemon Pipers were staying in the same complex, so he introduced them to us. For a couple of teenage wanna-be hippies from the desert that was pretty cool. We had so much much fun just hanging out back then.  John's email: Thetaximan1@cs.com

I ran into Deborah Perkins where I work in the Bellevue area of Nashville. She was Al Perkins' wife. He was associated with the Crosby and Stills gang. Al, was one of the members of the band, Manassas, that Steven Stills put together.
That group consisted of Dallas Taylor on drums, Paul Harris on
keyboards, Fuzzy Samuels on bass, Al Perkins on electric slide
guitar, Joe Lala on congos, and Chris Hillman.

Al Perkins and Mick Taylor

Chris Hillman and Al Perkins

Dallas Taylor  is far right in left photo
and is holding a vile of powder in right photo

Seatrain, and Heads Hands & Feet! I remember those bands.
Steve VanMeter wrote to say that Head, Hands and Feet
were a studio band with Albert Lee. he also remembers Shawn
Phillips as an amazing vocalist. 


bulletAndy Kulberg - bass/flute - b. 1944, Buffalo, New York - formerly with The Blues Project.
bulletRoy Blumenfeld - drums - formerly with The Blues Project.
bulletRichard Greene - violin - formerly with The Jim Kweskin Jug Band.
bulletJohn Gregory - guitar/vocals - formerly with Mystery Trend.
bulletDon Kretmar - sax/bass
bulletJim Roberts - vocals

Heads Hands & Feet (1968)
Tony Colton - lead vocals
Albert Lee - Gtrs, vocals
Pat Donaldson - Bass gtr., vocals
Ray Smith - Gtrs, vocals
Pete Gavin - Drums, vocals
Mike O'Neill - Keyboards, vocals
B.J. Cole- Steel gtr.
Jerry Donahue - Gtr., vocals
Speedy Aquaye - Percussion
The Bond Street Midnight Choir

Shawn Phillips

Part Four--More Fresh Photos


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