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Our 15th Year!


Our 15th Year!

Lasted updated 02/2015

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"I believe that hundreds of years from now, history will be divided into pre-1960's and post-1960's. Questioning things as a regular part of normal
life--that didn't exist for my father's generation."
Steven Van Zandt

From: A. Lyle Howe <greenriverlyle@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 1:51 PM
Subject: The Strip

Hi Nancy

Thanks for this wonderful sight it has brought back so many memories, My name is Lyle H. and I am now living in my home state of Vermont. However I worked for Marshall Brevets at Thee Experience, I was there the night that Jimi Hendrix came in and played, he came back after closing and we all shared the same pipe if you know what I mean. I was there the night that Janis and John Lee came in the back door to listen to the Blues Image play. She stood but he sat and appeared ill with a bad cough but I touched Janis just to get her attention and spoke briefly. I was there the night that the Young Bloods came in to play also and they weren't happy with the dressing room as it was a small area that was under the back bleacher style seating, I used to hang off the front of the buildings roof to change the marque and couldn't believe the many names that were playing there, it was all so surreal, I was at a party off of Sunset on one of the side streets ( sorry can't remember the name ) but Morrison was there sitting on the floor with his back against the wall and his head was in his arms that were crossed over on his drawn up knees and was unfortunately noncommunicable. On payday I would eat at the Chinese restaurant that was next door and than go over towards Santa Monica Blvd for a hot rock sauna. I never hear anyone mention the eatery on the Strip that was called Alfies? I remember it was almost across the street from the Whisky, It blue my mind to hear the Image make it big with Ride Captain Ride as I was back in Vermont at that time, Well hope to send more at a latter time but thats all for now,

Peace as always,


From: Johnny Ace

Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 10:05 PM

Subject: Iron Butterfly



I was the guitarist in a band with Darryl DeLoach called "The Zero Tolerance Band"  We made a CD called "The Hands Of Time" .


Darryl said that all the hippies lived on top of the buildings down Sunset, everything changed the day the Buffalo Springfield song hit the airwaves , what a field day for the heat. I've attached 3 photos Darryl, me and the base player, and my best majik shot of "you know who" in the park under the bridge in Frisco.

Johnny Ace
David Hillhouse



"The Shoebox of Life"

Long after we are gone, and all of our writing's, paintings, music, and artwork, loaded computers and half finished projects from the garage have been donated to the Goodwill, there will be a shoebox containing old photographs, not in any order, but just random people and faces. And someone's child will sit with an elder family member and ask "who's that?", and the adult will say something like "that's your uncle Johnny", and then the child will pick up the next photo and say... "who's that?".


Joshua Tree, CA.    -  USA


From: Neel V

Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 6:31 PM

Subject: Hello




Someone on your guestbook website was looking for info regarding my old band "Live Urban Sexx Tribe".  She spelled it "Live Urban Sex Tribe".  I was the lead guitarist for the band.


Anyway, I tried to email her but it got bounced back.  I also was unable to leave a comment on your webpage.  Her email address on your guestbook was planet_angie@yahoo.com .  If you have any info can you email her or me and send her my info?  Thanks


Here is my myspace page:




Thank you,




Hi, Neel. Those addresses sometimes expire after a while and man, there is just no way that I can keep up with it unless each person lets me know when his e-address changes.


I could post your letter on my site if you'd like, but I'd like your permission first, and is it ok to post your email address so that person could respond to your directly?


Let me know, or let Slagge, the webmaster, know.  I am also sending this reply to him.


Nancy Deedrick
The Great Hollywood Hangover


From: Neel V

Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 12:33 PM

Nancy Deedrick

Subject: Re: Hello


Hello Nancy,


Thank you for the reply and the info.  That would be great if you could post my letter on your site.  You have my permission.  You can also put my email address on there.  I appreciate it and hopefully planet_angie will respond.  Thanks again



From: Michael Simmons
Sent: Sunday, October 25, 2009 4:04 AM
To: Nancy Deedrick
Subject: Lowell George

Dear Nancy,

I've enjoyed your website for years. I'm a journalist and musician and am currently writing a feature profile of Lowell George for Mojo magazine. Do you have any Lowell/Little Feat info/pics on your website or at your disposal?



Michael Simmons
LA Weekly/Calendar Writer
Mojo Magazine/Contributor
High Times/Contributor

oh gosh, I LOVE Lowell George, but I do not have anything personal to add. I don't recall seeing or hearing about Little Feat until I went back to Illinois around 74, BUT I can post this email on my site and hopefully you will hear from other people.

Good luck to you, and so glad you have been enjoying my site.

Nancy Deedrick
The Great Hollywood Hangover

From: Mark S
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 3:44 PM
Subject: The Strip

Hi Nancy,

I just love your site!!!! And your looks in the pic @Cool Cat; you are delicious; my favorite 60's hippie chick to die for.

I would like to write a little piece for you if you would like , about my experiences as a 16 y.o. runaway in LA, circa Aug, Sept, Oct 1966. I played in a band and we made it as far as Pandora's ( our big break!! ).

We lived in the Franklin-Beechwood apts. with a singer from NYC and his girlfriend. They took the 3 of us under their wing and we just had the most fabulous time of our lives. I've been meaning to write about this period of my life for sometime, and I think it might sit well with the Hollywood Hangover. We also played the Cinnamon Cinder (in the valley), The Hideaway, and a few other dives on Fairfax.

Best Regards,


From: "Nancy Deedrick"
To: "Mark S"
Subject: Re: The Strip
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 07:18:51 -0500

First of all, thanks for the great compliments, and secondly, yep, I think you are right. I think your writing idea would work well for The Hangover.

I lived on Beechwood in an apt, too, but don't know if it was the same ones. Oh well, we probably have a lot in common and probably crossed paths several times.

Thanks so much for writing and I will welcome anything you would like to contribute to the site--stories, pics, etc.

...so get busy on that piece. Winking smile emoticon

Nancy Deedrick
The Great Hollywood Hangover

From: Mark S
Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 3:50 PM
To: Nancy Deedrick
Subject: Re: The Strip

Hi sweet heart Nancy,

I have been real busy and have not had time to check in on Email, etc.

I am attaching my poster from 1966 @ Pandoraís. I will get a hi-def copy soon.

If you know anyone who would like to buy the original Iíll look at the offers that may come in.

Stay lovely and remember those great daysÖ..



From: Michael Chain
Sent: Saturday, October 03, 2009 1:57 AM
Subject: KNACK

Hi there. I'm Michael Chain (lead singer of the original Knack). Just wanted to say I love your site. Brings back lots of memories. If anybody out there wants to get in touch with me feel free to post my email address: Chainband@gmail.com. It's always great to share old times. I'm still out there making music.

Thanks - Michael Chain

Michael Chain

In February of 2015, Michael sent us this update: Still recording and playing with my band. michaelchain.com All my songs are on Youtube search: michael chain band anybody is welcome to get in touch with me that wants any more info.

From: Danny Hutton
Sent: Saturday, September 19, 2009 5:13 PM
Subject: Amoeba Record store live show

Hi Nancy,

I think this event is right up your readers alley.Live show to promote the release of the Nuggets box set of "Where the Action is" On Tues.Sept.22nd at 6:00 PM.Check out the Amoeba Sunset store website for more detailed info.

Amoeba Music on Sunset

All the best,

Danny Hutton
Three Dog Night

From: Rob Caiger
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 4:39 PM
Subject: Whisky a Go Go documentary


Just to say this a wonderful site and to introduce myself. My name is Rob Caiger and I'm working on the official film documentary of the Whisky a Go Go, in conjunction with Mario and Mikeal Maglieri.

Dominic has been a fantastic help and huge source of information, as well as giving a great interview. We have also interviewed members of The Doors, Humble Pie, Ten Years After, the Small Faces, The Move, The Nice, Deep Purple, Faces, ELO, Guns N'Roses, The Cult, Love, Roxy Music, Fleetwood Mac, Madness and many more. We are trying to make the film as definitive as possible and have included contributions from bookers, past staff members, house bands, management and of course the Maglieri family.

Sadly, no archive survived at the Whisky but we've had some great contributions from the artists, fans, photographers and past members of staff. Dee Dee Keel especially has contributed some incredible photos.

With permission, credits and links, I'd love to feature some of the photos on your website and if anyone contributing to your website would also like to participate, I'd love to hear from them. We're especially looking for memorabilia, photos and memories - as much as we can include!

. . . . .

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for preserving and sharing some amazing history!

All the best - Rob

Now representing the Worldwide interests

Rob Caiger
Swing Cafe Music
26 Fox Lane
N13 4AH
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 20 8882 7422
+44 (0) 7976 732 620 (mobile)

This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error, please let us know by replying to the sender, and immediately delete this email from your system. Please note that in these circumstances, the use, disclosure, distribution or copying of this information is strictly prohibited. We apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you. Swing Cafe Ltd is a music production company and is registered in England and Wales number 4359421. Registered Office 90-92 Baxter Avenue Southend SS2 6HZ.

Linda Bateman has written a short story of a few wonderful moments in her life and is sharing them with us under the title "Stuck in The Sixties."  I have asked her to start a weblog of her life during those times and I hope she will do so.


"Stuck in The Sixties"

I want to start by telling you what a great site you have created.  I will always remember those days as if they were yesterday.  I hope people that are reading this will share their stories too, that’s if they can remember what they did back in the good old days.


My life started in 1967 when I somehow ended up in Hollywood, for the life of me I can’t remember.  I use to hitch hike from my house to Hollywood, in those days we could, I never had a bad experience thank God.  I do remember my dad telling me “ If you go out of the house looking like that don’t come back”, guess what?.......I wore a granny dress, not a mini, and yes I never looked back. I packed my black Caddie and off I went. I ended up being in Playboy twice, once in 1968, in the haystack with LITTLE BOY BLUE and in 1968 in THE MISS NUDE UNIVERSE CONTEST. We have to do what we can to get by and I had a great time doing just that.  I did a lot of films that were’t too bad just a little nudity but when you have what it takes why not.  I did a movie called Flesh Gordon, I was an Amazon Dike………lol.  I danced a little throughout the Valley.  I worked at this club in the valley called The Magic Mushroom.  I danced nude behind this screen during intermission when the bands were changing equipment.  This club is where Dr. Dimento and the Fireside Theater  started I think. It didn't last long like most of the clubs.  I remember they wanted me to be a waitress and that didn't last long either because they served these island drinks that were huge and yes everyone ended up wearing them so they stuck me behind the screen to dance my heart away.

I found this little club stuck in an alley call BIDO LITO’S God knows how I found it but that was where it all started.  I remember living up stairs with The Iron Butterfly, what a bunch of wonderful guys.  We were on acid much of the time so I don’t remember much.  I saw Little Feat, The Doors, Love and The Sons of Adams.  I had such a crush on Mike Port I couldn't breathe when I saw him.  I was this girl walking around on crutches for oh so long and I'm sure he would never give me the time of day.  Once I think we hooked up but that was later. I didn't go to the other clubs because Bido Litos became my home and Linda, the owners daughter was there for me every night.  Love was the house band and Arthur was such a nice guy, he would always ask for me if I wasn't there to make sure I was all right. I remember Jim Morrison stumbling onto the stage and trying to get through the set. Those guys were great musicians.  I got into listening to each player every night, the guys taught me what to listen for I felt special they took me under their wings.  They were all gentlemen too, can you believe that? When The Iron Butterfly wrote In a Goda Da Vida that was a special night.  We were all mess up.  I would sit in a corner and listen to the guys go back and forth on what the song would be like. Hey, look what happened, to this day that’s the only song people remember them for. I just saw them last year in Palm Springs in a park for free, what memories that brought back.  I said Hi to Ron and yes he remembered me.  They took Doug to his room because he wasn't doing so well.  He sat on a stool all night while on stage and I didn't know why until after the show Ron told me that he went for a bad one and they drove him back to the hotel.

e d

I got small jobs as a model and did B flicks to get by.  I ended up working for The Sunset Marquis where all the Rock Groups would stay when they came to Hollywood and many famous film stars stayed when they were just starting out. I remember when Peter Boyle was there, Mel Brooks would call and once told me “I have to come and meet you, I never heard a switchboard operator sound like you “and so he did.  He showed up with Paul Newman and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with them at The Dome and I did.  What a night that was, I laughed my head off all night just sitting there with these straight guys I thought didn't realize who I really was sitting with, the heavy hitters of the business.  Mel turned me onto some extra parts in a few movies.  I was being body painted in Cogan's Bluff where Clint Eastwood walked right passed me in this night club scene. I did Man and Woman which played on Santa Monica Blvd. for ages and know one knew it was me.

The bands from Arrowsmith, Foghat, Spooky Tooth, Rush, Rod Stewart, heck almost all bands stayed there just had a blast tearing the place apart. I was the desk clerk and switchboard operator for 3 years and made many friends that left me their stash before they left cause they couldn't take it with them to England………THANKS GUYS…….

I lived next door to The Magic Castle for 15 years. These apartments were built in the 20’s and many famous people lived there.  I remember not so famous people, one to not remember was Charles Manson who lived downstairs with these girls, what a creep he was, scared the crap out me every time I saw him, I wonder why???  I saw Charlie again when my ex husband band shot their album cover at the span ranch two weeks before the Tate murders. I almost ran over Vincent Price one night coming home. My fountain is still on the wall in the corner parking lot. One morning I woke up and let my dog out to find Space Saucers floating in the drive way, I thought I was still tripping when it was just a commercial being filmed, they did a lot at The Magic Castle.

I had a monkey that I use to take everywhere, I use to roller skate up and down Sunset Blvd with Jerry on my back, what a sight that was. I remember going to Topanga Canyon every weekend to see the bands play for free, Griffinth Park Love Ins were the best.  You could go to the park and see who ever was in town playing. I saw Jimi Hendrix and couldn't believe my eyes.  Jimi spotted me dancing in front of him and after came up to me and we started a wonderful relationship.  I wear this ring Jimi gave me to this day; it’s a silver left hand. Jefferson Airplane would jam until their fingers bled. These Love In’s were great until the bikers came in and ruined it for all of us.

I was asked by Elmer who owned the Whiskey A Go Go with Mario to dance in the cage, boy did I feel special.  I was the last dancer in the cage. You can imagine what I experienced having my dressing room up stairs with the bands.  Jimi Hendrix was my best friend.  When Jimi came in he knew I would play Foxy Lady and dance only for him. All the bands in those days got their break at The Whiskey and Mario was always there for all of us.


On my 21st birthday I was sitting in a booth when Bobby Darin “Mac The Night” came up to me and asked “What’s a lovely girl like you sitting by yourself” little did he know I was tripping on acid.  He wanted me to have a good birthday so he took me to these private clubs in Beverly Hills which I’d never go in because all these short haired guys were there.  I didn't care who you were you had to have long hair.  We went to his place and would you believe he was a gentleman the whole time.  He took me back to my car parked at The Whiskey and every time he came into the Whiskey he would tip me. Tony Curtis would like me to dance for him and so did Bill Cosby.   The Whiskey will always stay in my heart.  Everyone remembers Sugar Bear and Tall John; I wish I could see them again. The girls that worked in the ticket booth and office up stairs were just sweethearts, never had an attitude only smiles for all.

I found both of my ex's in Hollywood.  I met this guy call Bugs Pemberton who was the drummer from Jackie Lomax and The Undertakers from England at this club called Thee Experience. I followed that guy all over Hollywood and Topanga Canyon until I finally got his heart and that was history.  We married in 1969 and move to up state New York for two years while recording an album under the name Wolfgang, which was Bill Graham’s pet band, that was his real name but the band never got off the ground.  Bugs and I remain friends to this day but married life was not for me.  Living with 6 guys for 2 years was too much for me, I divorced Bugs and moved back to Hollywood.

a c d e

I met my second husband on a blind date at The Rainbow Bar & Grill. Never thought that would happen at The Rainbow, get a husband  I mean.  Rick Bateman was Elton John's roadie and of course stood me up.  He showed up just before 2 AM, if he wasn't such a nice guy I would of move on but know we hooked up and that was history. Mario use to call Rick, Tiny Tim.  We were married for 30 years and now we are no more.  I hate being alone but life goes on.  I'll find my rock and rock sweetheart one of these days.

a c

I have more to tell but I will write more later if you let me.


Anyone out there that wants to get a hold of me can e-mail me at lb510020690681@aol.com.  I'd love to hear from you.





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