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If you remember any of these people, or if you are one of them, or if you know what happened to them or where they are, or if you had a connection of some kind with anybody listed, please leave a message in "feedback." I have information on a few, and I will give you any specifics that I may have. All of the following people frequented the Sunset Strip area in the late sixties, and were well known by the Hollywood crowd.

Steve Fischler worked with Gallagher Fenton and Assoc. managing The Visit among other artists.  Now he owns Fischler Artist Promotions in Los Angeles, www.fischlerwarner.com, currently working with Magnolia Gold Records and the estate of the Late Delaney Bramlett.  Steve produced a webcast with Billy Vera from Vitello's in Studio City, Ca. It was seen by over 35,000 viewers.

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Elmer Valentine, the half owner of the Whisky A Go Go, and Mario Maglieri, the manager/half owner, and Gail who worked in the office and married Frank Zappa.

Linda Bateman was dancer at the Whisky A Go Go after dancing nude at The Magic Mushroom a few years before.  She danced at various clubs around the Strip and knew everyone from Elton John to Jimi Hendrix who sat with her during her breaks at the Whisky.

Chuck Blackwell, drummer, from Tulsa. He played on the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour, and for Taj Mahal.

Other Mad Dogs-- Bobby Keyes, Bobby Whitlock, and Carl Radle.

Jackie Rosen, dancer at Gazzarri's. She had blonde hair, green eyes and drove a silver Corvette convertible. 

Edward James Olmos, an actor, played in the house band at Gazzarri's, but was also in October Country and Pacific Ocean.

Rodney Bingenheimer  was a little guy, but he always made a grand appearance with a gorgeous girl on each arm or a rock star.  If you ever cruised the Strip, you could bet on seeing Rodney, because he was out on the Strip on foot every day, dressed to kill, along with his rock and roll entourage. " What's happening, Man" was Rodney's mantra.

Chantal, who was often one of the tall gorgeous ones on Rodney's arm

Sugar Bear, actor-- cute and sweet as can be. When Sugar Bear 
greeted me, he would stand on his toes and wrap his arms around my waste because he was so short. He was either dwarf or a midget.

Ronnie Benton and his wife Cotton. Ronnie was a beautiful black
musician/songwriter, and Cotton was from England.

Dick Monda, (Daddy Dewdrop)

Byrd, (Larry Hindman) drummer, from Urbana, Illinois played with The
Groupies after Bobby Cortez..

 Any of the Classic Cat people--dancers, Jan, Wendy, Raul, 
 Carol, Brandy, Kitten, Haji, Dixie; owner, Alan Wells; 
band members, Lacy, John Cortinez:
bouncer, The Alaskan (Jay York)

More on the Classic Cat...

Aynsley Dunbar

Raggi (real name-Peggy Green) was head waitress at Thee Experience, and later worked the Whisky and Rainbow in the early seventies. She was Daryl DeLoach's (Iron Butterfly) roommate at the townhouses on Bronson--close friends with Jim Morrison.

Her friend, Ellynn Levin (Ellymelly) worked the door at Thee Experience, and also roomed with DeLoach.

Someone emailed me this photo of Hendrix. He wants to know who the blonde is in the forefront. Does anybody know who she is and where is she now?

Rick Allen, master of the B-3 Hammond organ for Delaney and 
Bonnie, and for many, many others later on

Georganne, from Northridge, remembers Kim Fowley and
Rodney and a band that Kim organized called The Mermaids
that had two of her friends in it.

The Beau Brummels

Buzzard, the vice-president of the Blue Blaze in Fontana, a motorcycle gang. Thomas Medina
was believed to have been his real name.

Kellie Everts, Miss Nude Universe
Phillip Ivy

Edgar Arvay in the sixties
standing in front of a Deep Purple poster

Richard Siegel, lived a stone's throw from the Whisky in '75

Judy Paynter, lived at Leon's on Skyhill for awhile, had a young daughter named "Shannon."
Kelly Thomas, was constantly at the Sea Witch and Cantor's

Herbie Worthington, lived with Buddy Miles, and at one point rented Arthur Lee's guest house.

Benny Harris, Chuck Wien, Melinda Merriweather (aka Bambi)

Ken Roland, from a band called Burnside (aka US Males)

Bands:  October Country, Pacific Ocean, Yellow Balloon

Terry Rae, drummer for the Yellow Payges and the Palace Guard

SWEET WINE played at Gazzaris.  James Rolleston on bass, Mike McCarty& Wolf Marshall on guitar
and Terry Rae on drums.

Judy Thigpen, lived with Lee Michaels

Susie Creamcheese, lived on Larrabee St. above the strip

Buffalo Springfield

Neil Young
Photo: Thanks to Soosi

Dino Valenti, lead singer for Quicksilver Messenger Service

Dino Valenti

Susie Foran--drove around Hollywood in a "wierd-looking" two-cylinder French car called a Panhard

Susie's car

Diane Sullivan, worked for Leon at Shelter in early seventies

Steve Sasco, was in Hollywood in the seventies. He sang lead in a glitter rock band called "Tiffany Smith."

Post card of Sunset Strip

Cory (early seventies) who knew Lucy from the GTO's 

Troy Walker was a cute, blonde singer with his own band
that played small clubs all over

Judy, worked at the Pink Pussycat, lived with a guy called
Johnny Dark.


Jimmy Greenspoon

Jimmy Greenspoon, founder of Three Dog Night, The East
Side Kids and Sound of the Seventh Son

Mike Penera, Iron Butterfly

Bonnie Bramlett

Darryl De Loach, vocalist, Iron Butterfly

Jed Ziegler, managed and/or promoted groups (Vanilla Fudge,
Alice Cooper, Byrds, The Seeds) worked with KHJ TV, hung 
around Zappa and the GTO's, hung out at  the Whisky and 
Thee Experience.

Hollywood Stars

Jimmy Markham, Duck Dunn

Bobby Waltzer from Brooklyn, had a brother named Frankie
who owned a clothing store in Brooklyn called The Male Ego. 

Eddie Hoh, drummer for Mamas and Papas

Paul Revere and the Raiders

Kathy, Jan, and Charlotte, who worked the Whisky every night

Bill Reed and Peter Nichols, Mad Dogs and Englishmen

David Pelletier, installed sound systems--twice, at the Whisky

The Standells

The Palace Guard

Crow, artist, from New York, real first name was "Mike" he was Pete's brother from the Groupies (Pete Hendleman)

The Alaskan, famous wrestler then,  was a bouncer at the Classic Cat. His real name was Jay York

Vanilla Fudge
Mark Stein, Carmine Appice,
Tim Bogert and Vince Martel

Eric Barret (or Barrett) was a roadie for Hendrix

Any Body Shop people--dancers, Red, 
Monica, Kim, Angel Carter, 
Moriah, Susie, Kris Kross, Simone; 
comedian, Oscar Cartier; doorman, Tommy; 
owner, Al, also known as Big Al
More on the Body Shop

Photo courtesy of C.J. Wilson

Bob Nutt, promoter from Champaign, IL who later became associated with REO.

Leland Sklar, incredible bass player. He played for Elvis.

Leigh Stephens, Blue Cheer, 1968

Michael Laine lived between Fairfax and LaBrea and went to Fairfax High

Nooney Rickett 5
(L-R) Bobby Blood, Bill McCubbin, Tom Funk, 
Kent Dunbar, Nooney Rickett

Ron Davies and his sister, Gail

Sky Saxon and the Seeds

Sky Saxon

Kenny and David Bracci, bartenders at the Classic Cat and later at the Whisky. The Bracci brothers were Sugar Bear's best buddies.

   Bill Watson and David England

Sally Doud, David Doud, and Michael Doud. Michael and David's father was a famous movie director and writer back in the forties and fifties.

Bill Gazzari, owner of Gazzari's

Any members of the Groupies band out of New York City, 
Cooker, Bird, Pete, Gordie, Bobby, Ronnie

 More on the Groupies

Any members of the band, Love; Arthur Lee, the lead singer, Brian McLean, guitarist; Arthur Lee's signature look was an Edwardian suit with a long scarf tied around his neck

Arthur Lee
Photo: Thanks to Soosi

Carl Franzoni, Szu, and Vito
Photo credit: Fisheye

Sandy, who married Chip, from "My Three Sons" or Stanley Livingston and his brother Barry

Aron Kay, The Pieman

Allan MacDougall, head of A&R department at A&M studios.

MacDougal (center)
Anka, on left, later married Eddie, the conga player for Santana.
The girl on right is unknown.

Brandon De Wilde, child actor and friend of Gram Parsons. Brandon
played the little kid in Shane, that favorite old movie.

The Flying Burritto Brothers

Craig Nuttycombe and Denis Lambert

Lambert and Nuttycombe

Dog Breath Music

Michael Muentz, close friends with Brandon DeWilde and Gram Parsons

DeWilde's second or third wife, Janice, was Janice Gero. She was one
of the Classic Cat dancers.

Gram Parsons,  1968
Photo courtesy of Earl Crabb

Bob Jenkin, photographer who did album covers for Kris Kristopherson,
Rita Coolidge and the Eagles.

The Dependables--a group that included Joey Stec and Ralph Skala

Hammond Guthrie, a familiar face at love-ins and on the Strip


Brian Hyland

Mark Rodney, who used to hang out at the Doud's house.
He had a group called Batdorf and Rodney 

Five Man Electrical Band
They were from Canada, but spent time in L.A.
They did the original version of the song: "Signs"

Terry Reid--he played the Whisky several times--had a killer voice

George Mather--actor/director, head of Filmex--a commercial
production company

Adele Bishop. worked with choreographer, Roland DuPree

The Band, East Side Kids,--Joe Madrid, Mike and David Doud,
Dave Potter and Joe Madrid


The Yellow Payges

Ronnie Tutt, drummer with Elvis

Gary Lewis and the Playboys   
Photo courtesty of C.J. Wilson
L-R: Jayne Brady, Sara Youngblood,
Gary Lewis, C.J. (Cecil) Wilson 
C.J.'s email:   Siege7@aol.com

Jesse Ed  Davis, played guitar with Taj Mahal

Pat and Lolly Vega

Judy Sims of Teenset Magazine

Erica Gavin of "Vixen" fame

Lorrie Mattox (Lori Lightning) and Jimmy Page.

Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart

The Knickerbockers

Rich Harney, keyboard player, from Champaign, Illinois, who went to Austin, Texas.

Arthur, Whisky doorman

Nancy Holliday

Francine Brockey, waitress at the Classic Cat, from Tulsa, and one of the Mad Dogs and Englishmen entourage

Cynthia Plaster of The Plaster Casters

Pacific Gas and Electric Band--Charlie Allen, Frank Cook, Brent Black, Glenn Schwartz, Joe Lala and Tom Marshall.

Steve Venet, from New York City, the Groupies' band manager, also produced records such as "Boy From New York City." He was one of the producers who "rocked the 60's" from the Brill Building in New York and produced songs for the Monkees, Freddy Cannon, The Astronauts (remember Surf Party?) among many, many others.

Kay Poorboy, dancer, and Francine Brockey; waitress, from the Classic Cat, both were from Tulsa, and both of them traveled  with Mad Dogs and Englishmen. 
They lived at Leon's on Skyhill and at the Plantation. If anybody has ANY information of these two women, I would personally like to know,
as they were two of my dearest friends. My email is:  nancydeedrick@gmail.com

Patsy Camp, who was "Crazy Mama"  and "Magnolia" from Atlanta, Georgia, and  was JJ Cale's girlfriend back then

Michael Doud

              Ron Davies

Sylvia, dancer from from Big Al's, Cher, dancer, Charlotte, dancer with Ray Charles, Marguerite Zalud, dancer

Gypsy (formerly the Underbeats) played Gazzarri's and were the house band at the Whisky for about eight months in 1969. The original members were: James Walsh, Jim Johnson, Enrico Rosenbaum, Jay Epstein, and Doni Larson. 



Wild  Man Fisher, and he was exactly that. He was out on the Strip
daily doing his "Wild Man" thang.

Wild Man Fisher

Ron Darling and the Smokestack Lightning band--Ric Eiserling,
Kelly Green and Art Guy

Bobby Jones, of Mad Dogs and Englishmen, and Chris Stainton, 
Sweet Emily, Jim Keltner, Jim Price, Jim Gordon, Claudia Lennear, 
Kathi McDonald, Donna Washburn,  and Merry Clayton

Kim Fowley

                                                      The GTO's
Consisted of: Pamela DesBarres, Cynderella,
Sparky, Miss Mercy, Christine, Lucy, and Sandra.


Barry McGuire

Lili St. Cyr  was the most elegant, dazzling stripper of them all. She was most well-known for taking a bath on stage and she lived next door to David and Michael Doud. Lili's husband was a major druggie.

Lili St. Cyr

Frankie Rowena, from New York, owner of Head East, and manager, 
Roger Varon

Sandy Nelson, infamous drummer icon.

Scooby, sax player, and president of the musician's union


"Miko" aka Mike Wylie, from Champaign

Record executives:  Clive Fox, Steve Backer, John Deverian

Chas Chandler, bassist (Animals)

 Roland Dupree. choreographer

If you know someone who should be added to
this list, please leave their name and a brief 
description in the guest book or email me. nancydeedrick@gmail.com


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