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Looking for info on Nicole Tacot

I received this email from Lori Davis who is looking for information on her birth mother:

Hi, My name is Lori. Nicole Tacot was my birth mother. I am looking for Karen Harvey or anyone who knew Nicole well. She passed away before I could meet her. Any help I can get is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Lori Davis

If you have any information, please send it to: ljdnyc24@gmail.com.

The first picture is Lori's mother, Nicole. The second picture shows Karen with two other people.

Looking for info on Frank Cook

I received an email from Raymond Dumont who is looking for information on Frank Cook who was the drummer for Pacific Gas & Electric in the 60's. If you have any information, please send it to: Raymond.Dumont@ag.ch.

Moon Poorboy Jones Houck

Moon Poorboy Jones Houck passed away from this life on August 16, 2014 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Moon was born on October 11, 1972 in Los Angeles, California and Moved to Tulsa when she was two months old. She went to sleep with a kiss from her loving husband Chuck, and woke up in heaven in her mother Kays loving arms. She will be missed by many family members and friends. Services are pending at this time. Please check back often for updated information and leave a condolence in the online guest book.

Moon's Obituary
Tulsa Today (scroll down)
Moon's Memorial

Looking for Travis Fullerton

To anyone that may be able to help:

My name is John Bogard and I have been trying to reconnect with Travis Fullerton for almost 14 years.

I had initially reconnected with Travis briefly thru this website back in 2007-8 while I was in Japan. At the time I was only able to use a local email in Japan and when I returned stateside, Travis' email had a email screening program and did not recognize my new email address.

Fast forward to now. I am retired and would love to connect again. My history with Travis is that we worked in Scott's Valley, CA at Seagate Technology along with my wife, Beth, together in 1987-89 and socialized\hiked/bicycled. We last visited in person at lunch when he worked at Apple as I headed off to medical school in May of 1991.

My contact email: bogardjf@yahoo.com

Sidney George

My name is Julie George and my dad's name is Sidney George from Thibodaux Louisiana. Back in the late 60's early 70's he played with different bands. He joined a re-organized band called The Basement Wall from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When the original band broke up the drummer, Barrie Edgar, hired my dad and a few other musicians from Thibodaux. They played around the area in South Louisiana and were very popular. They played music by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Credence Clearwater, just to name a few beside their own original music.

One day they decided to move to Colorado Springs. They got a gig at Kelkers Junction for about 2 weeks. The owner also had a club in Denver on Mississippi Street that he wanted them to play at and so they moved to Denver. They met some people (groupies) who liked their music and referred them to a man named Pete Bonasi and the band got a job playing at the Hey Jude Club in Omaha. Later they moved to LA and I believe came back to Omaha for a little while. They would just pick up and move and go wherever the jobs were. When they were in LA they got a job at PJ's of Hollywood. They also played at The Troubadour and Whisky A Go Go. They were also the opening band at Topanga Canyon for Canned Heat. They were friends with Chris Ethridge of the Flying Burrito Brothers. My dad only jammed with Mr. Ethridge. He did not play in his band but he told me that he and Chris were good friends. My dad, Sidney, also played with Dr. John (who is from New Orleans) and was a good friend of Jimi Calhoun who was part of the band. Both of them were on Dr. John's album called Gumbo.

After The Basement Wall broke up my dad met Stephen Stills. He played alto sax, flute, etc. on the Stephen Stills solo album. I have some other albums of Mr. Stills where he is mentioned playing. He also played on a Manassas album or two however he never played live with Manassas. He also played on the "Eat It" album with Humble Pie which was recorded at Steve Marriott's studio which was part of his house in England and did one tour with the group.

At one time he had a bunch of pictures, some newspaper articles, etc. however there was a flood and everything was destroyed. Too bad for us..all that history gone. This is one of the reasons that I am writing this to reach out to anyone that might have any photos with my dad in them that they can share with me. I would really appreciate it. I am also looking for a man named Freddy May (or spelled Freddie Mae) who worked at RCA Victor Records in LA/Hollywood during the late 60's early 70's. My dad said that Mr. May had a friend who was a photographer who used to take pictures of them. Does anyone know how to contact Mr. May or possibly know the photographer that was a friend of Mr. May's? I believe Mr. May would be in his middle to late 60's possibly early 70's. My dad doesn't remember the name of the man that took the pictures but said that he still might have pictures from back then.

I am hoping to find anyone that might remember the Basement Wall band, anyone that might remember my dad working with Stephen Stills, Manassas or Humble Pie. Maybe someone was a groupie back then and took pictures or have pictures as well as any newspaper articles that might have mentioned the band with my dad in it.

Thank you so very much! I appreciate you reading my request and helping me in my search to try to recover some of the history that was lost. My email address at the office is jgeorge@cooklegalgroup.com.

Kay Poorboy took her own life back in the eighties.  She was living in Tulsa at the time with her boyfriend, Buddy Jones. I was told that she shot herself in the heart. Kay has a daughter, Moon, who is an actress. Anybody know anything about Moon?

Kay in 1967
Francine Brockey died of a drug overdose in the early 90's.. She was also living back in Tulsa. She was found dead at a 
friend's home; she apparently died of heart failure. Her son  Justin contacted me recently saying that she is buried in  Blue Mounds, Kansas.

Francine, on the inside cover of the
Mad Dogs and Englishmen album cover

Patsy Camp, from Atlanta, who was "Magnolia" and "Crazy Mama"  on J.J. Cale's first album, died of cancer.  More on Patsy....

Frankie Rowena, the owner of Head East, died of a heart attack at thirty years old.
Michael Doud was shot and killed in a drug deal at his front door.

Michael's brother, David Doud, was killed in a car accident. I have no idea what happened to Sally, David's wife.

We all know what happened to Jimi Hendrix, but I received a great photo of him from Ray Rae Goldman, who lives in Venice Beach, Ca. He said it was taken in Hawaii as Jimi was getting off the airplane in February, 1969. The photographer was a guy named Tichen.


Noel Redding, Jimi's bass player in The Experience, was found dead in his home in County Cork, Ireland, on May 11, 2003. He died of natural causes.

Jackie Rosen, from Gazzarri's, who drove the infamous silver Corvette, is living in Las Vegas. At one time, she married one of the Yellow Payges, Randy Carlisle, but she is now married to  a DJ for Sunny 106.5. She writes songs and rides  horses. Her website:  www.jackiecarlyle.com
Her email:  Poet3030@aol.com
Jackie Rosen, now Jackie Carlyle is an established well known songwriter. Her songs have been recorded by different artists. 

Jackie Rosen today

Dixie, from the Classic Cat is living in New Mexico, and doing very well. She has a life full of horses and horse shows. Her daughter, Sarah, just placed 2nd runner-up in the Miss New Mexico pageant. 

Dixie in the 80's

Raggi (Peggy Green) has contacted me from Louisville. 
She has a million kool stories to tell, Raggi's Ramblings,
and fond memories of Jim Morrison, and what he left behind.

Ellynn Levin, from Thee Experience (aka-Ellymelly) is living in Memphis. She and Raggi have remained friends over the years.   Email Ellynn:  Ellynn123@aol.com

Jesse Ed Davis, died of a heroin overdose in a Venice, California laundromat in l988

Bobby Torres, Mad Dogs and Englishmen is alive and well, living in Portland, Oregon. His website:  bobbytorres.com

Rick Allen  razorcat@bellsouth.net has contacted me since the web site began.  He is now a studio musician in the New Orleans area.  He has played for so many people over the years,  that he needs his own web site to list them all, which he has  done and his site is  listed on my links page. I urge you to check it out!

Susie Foran,  now called Soosi Monahan has contacted me from Canada. Since she had so many interesting stories to tell, I made a page just for her on this website. 
Click for: 
Soosi's Page

Oscar Cartier, the comedian for the Body Shop, would have to be in his late eighties or early nineties, if he is still alive.

An adoring fan from Texas sent us this email about Ian McLagan, who had married Keith Moon's ex-wife, Kim Kerrigan, about a month after Moonie passed away in 1978. Ian & Kim had been living in Austin since the 90's. On Aug. 2, 2006, Kim was killed in an car crash when a dump truck ran a stop sign and killed her. McLagan continued to live in Austin and, I'm pretty sure, was instrumental in getting the Rolling Stones (with him) to play there in Zilker Park in 2005. Los Lonely Boys & the Ian McLagan Bump Band opened the show. Then, on Dec. 3, 2014, at the age of 69, Ian suffered a stroke in his home. Since no one else was there at the time he laid there till the next day when he was found and rushed to the hospital, but I think he was DOA, or shortly after. Pretty sad & a huge talent lost. He was a member of the Small Faces, Faces, and provided quality back-up to the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, and many more.
Dino Valenti died in 1994 of a large brain tumor. His son, Joli, is a member of the production staff currently working on an up and coming documentary about Dino. If you have any stories or inside information that they could use, contact Karl at:

Michael Laine has contacted me. He said he was only in his
 early teens in the sixties, but was there throughout the seventies and attended some great historical events. He has written me some very interesting and entertaining emails which I want to share  with youMichael's letters     
                                       or: woodside77@yahoo.com

Genie Ardito, who was the webmaster for the Whisky for awhile, told me in an email that Elmer Valentine is still around, but Mario, who used to manage the club, now owns it.

The Whisky today.

Update: Elmer Valentine died in 2008 of heart failure. Here is a link to his obituary: Elmer Valentine obituary from the New York Times.

Ron Davies lives here in Nashville with his wife, Chica.   He is still writing songs and doing the clubs.  I think he is  one of the greatest writers that ever lived, but still  relatively unknown. So far the song that was the one most people remember that he wrote, was by Three Dog  Night, called "It Ain't Easy."  They even named their third album after that song. Ron appeared recently in one of George Jones' videos, as a bar patron. Check out his website:  www.rondavies.info/
wpe3.jpg (14891 bytes)
Ron Davies
On October 30, 2003, Ron died of a massive heart attack in the middle of the night before the paramedics arrived.
His wife, Chica Davies writes: 
You & some others know, Ron was the "real deal" in heart, soul & talent; he was the love of my life & my "Van Gogh"; he wanted to die with me by his side & he did, in my arms at 4:00AM; he was dead before the paramedics could get there just minutes later. My emotions have run the gamut. Relatives from CO, WA, TX & Canada came - there was a beautiful memorial at Scarrit Bennet in Nashville, Sun, 11/02/03 . In between bouts of shock & hysteria, I managed to hold up with dignity during the ceremony, it was packed. Right before my sister left town on Friday 11/7/03, I had to go to Vanderbilt Emergency, where they kept me closely monitored, did an angiogram & other tests & finally released me Sunday. I am determined the legacy of this great man & his music will continue. Chica

Georgeanne, from Northridge, remembers Kim Fowley and Rodney; and a band that Kim organized called The Mermaids, that had two of her friends in it.

Darryl De Loach (Iron Butterfly) has a sister, Jan, who has written to me. Darryl died of stomach cancer in October of 2002.

Cory has emailed me and sent a photo. She's now a CPA living in NYC.
Her email address is:       Coryliv@aol.com            


Steve Sasco has contacted me. He has become a well-known jewelry designer. Landed a contract with the TV show 'Dynasty" and has had his jewelry featured on the shopping networks. He owns a jewelry factory in Rhode Island and even has his own line  of silver jewelry under the name of "Steve Sasco." Pretty kool. AND he collects gold records. 
Here is a photo of Steve and a couple of those records:

Steve Sasco
Since 1983, Richie Furay has been the pastor of the Calvary Chapel of Boulder, Colorado
Mark Stein, of Vanilla Fudge, contacted me.
His website is:   www.mark-stein.com

Eric Braun of Iron Butterfly, 52, died July 28, 2003, of heart failure. He joined Iron Butterfly when he was 16, and toured with the band from 1967 to 1969.

In an email, I was told that an old friend of Claudia
Lennear's, (Mad Dogs and Englishmen) recently had lunch with her in Memphis, where she is currently working as a bank teller.

Jim Morrison died in Paris and was buried there.
Pictured below is his gravesite.

(Photo: courtesy of Rachael DesRosiers)

Craig Nuttycombe has been in touch with me from San Luis Obispo, California. I'm sorry to report  that his partner and friend, Denis Lambert took his own life. Craig has several CD's out and a website  which is on my links list. He's been a great singer/writer/musician for a long, long time. You've got to hear the song he wrote for Denis.

Denny Cordell (producer) died in 1995 from lymphoma

Kellie Everts is the "Stripper for God" now all over the internet. She has a web site which can be found at Stripper For God

Janis Joplin was found dead at the Landmark

Bob Nutt, who used to manage REO and ran Blythm, Ltd. (along with Irving Azoff) back in their heyday, is back in Champaign, Illinois driving a cab. I saw him back stage shouting orders at a concert once at the Forum in L.A., and the next time I saw him, he was driving me across town in a cab back in Champaign.
Tommy Boyce committed suicide in 1994 at home in Nashville

Spring of 2015 - Webmaster update - This story about Tommy Boyce came in from Gary Myers.

I had 1st crossed paths w/him in Milwaukee when he came into club where we backing Del Shannon one wkend. Tommy was appearing at another spot in town. Next time was out here a couple yrs later when he & Brian Hyland came into a club where we were backing Ray Peterson one night. Finally, I took Tommy's songwriting course at Sherwood Oaks Experimental College. It was a weekly, 6 or 8 wk class at a location in Hollywood circa '75. Tommy always seemed like a very positive guy so I was quite shocked when he took his own life.

Jed Ziegler (music promoter and manager) has responded to the website. He now owns a computer company. His email:
Terry Roland has contacted me about his brother, Ken, from the Band Burnside (aka US Males) who died at age 46 from a drug overdose. He had been an engineer at Sound City Studios.

Haji, from The Classic Cat, was an actress over the years in films and on television. She died on August 9, 2013.


Wendy, from the Classic Cat, and I were reunited in Tulsa, Ok. at Leon Russell's 60th birthday celebration.
She is living in Ft. Worth and working for an airlines. Wendy's email is:   MBenson152@aol.com

I found Kitten, from the Classic Cat, on the internet. She's
been working in the film industry for many years.

I have not heard from Nooney Rickett, but someone wrote 
and said that he performs regularly at the Ramada Express Casino
in Laughlin, Nevada.

It is believed that Charlie Allen, from the old PG&E (Pacific, Gas, and Electric) Band died in the late. 70's. Ken Utterback is in Illinois,  Glen Schwartz is in Cleveland, Ohio. Wendall Krueth, who says he is in touch with Utterback, was the source for this information.

Howie Hubberman contacted me.  His email:  hhubberman@aol.com

Still playing and touring

Doug Speer of the Five-Man Electrical Band, who were
most famous for the song "Signs" contacted me to reminisce.
I love this quote from one of his emails:
"Hollywood Be Thy Name"

Hammond Guthrie
contacted me from Portland. 
He's an abstract painter 
and a remarkable writer who has penned 
many vignettes about the outlandish sixties.
I fell so in love with his wit and style that I have asked 
him if I could publish one. Here is: "An Elysian Field"

Hammond's book!

Hammond's book  on 
 "As Ever Was--Memoirs of a Beat Survivor" 
is available on Amazon.

Hammond Guthrie

The group, Gypsy, has reformed and plays shows occasionally. They are trying to put together a documentary and have a Kickstarter and a Facebook page.
The Kickstarter page is Gypsy Kicksterter
The Facebook page is Gypsy Documentary Facebook page

Enrico Rosenbaum, of Gypsy, died in 1979--drug related. Al Mevissen passed away at a very young age.

Band members pictured are: James Walsh, 
Jim Johnson, Robert Jones, Stan Kipper, 
Mark Chico Perez, and Al Mevissen

Kathi McDonald  died in 2012 in Seattle, Washington at age 64.

Mark Rodney is living in Las Vegas. He a DJ for a major jazz station there. His email is:  MDRodneyJazz@aol.com

Kevin Kelly, who played drums for the Byrds during the"Sweetheart-of-the-Rodeo-era" was found dead in his North Hollywood apartment in April, 2002. He had been dead for a couple of weeks. Sad to say, but years of depression, careless living and too much fun was to blame.

Michael Muentz contacted me from New York. email address:  mjm206@nyc.rr.com He would really like to find members of the group, The Dependables.

Gail, who "worked in the office" at the Whisky, married Frank Zappa

Vito Paulikas died at about 72 years of age in Cotati.  Sue, his wife, is now a nurse in a hospital in or near Sebastopol,Ca.

Edgar Arvay is living in Caracas, Venezuela

Chantal (often chosen to be seen on Rodney's arm)  contacted me. She is living in Santa Ynez, Ca.  near  David Crosby and Jimmy Messina. She wanted to know if I remember the bands Shady Lady or World War Three. I don't.

Bobby Keyes played sax for the Rolling Stones on their Steel Wheels tour. He died on December 2, 2014 at 71 years of age.

Gordon (Gordie) McLaren, of The Groupies (band) died in January, 1989. He had been in rehab and doing very well, but decided he  wanted to get high one last time. Gordie had married Miss Lucy  of the GTO's in 1975. They were divorced around 1981.  Lucy died in 1991.

Gordie, Oct, 1988 with son Coleman in center, and Coleman's half brother, Dallas.

Janet Ferguson sent an email. She was good friends with Gordie and Miss Lucy. Janet lived at Zappa's house for two years babysitting Dweezil. She also used to work at  The Galaxy. She said the Whisky doorman's name was Arthur Paisley. "Does anyone remember the French guy, Francoise, who was in charge of the Whisky parking lot? Remember Bernardo or Obie?" Janet's email: maxmommy@aol.com

Byrd (Larry Hindman) never left California. He's still living in the L.A. area, and still drumming.  

David England has sent photos of himself and his wife, Sue, from back in the days on the Strip. David is now a diesel tech living in Perry, Ohio. He and Sue have remained married all  these years. He looks very familiar to me.

David England - David and wife, Sue - Sue and David

David England's email:  drifter96@adelphia.net

Lili St. Cyr died at the age of 80 in February, l999

Lili St. Cyr

J.J. Cale died of heart failure in July 2013, at the age of 74, in La Jolla, California. Below is a photo I took of him when he played "28 Performance Hall" in Nashville.

Cale--mid nineties
Kelly Thomas is living in Oregon   tkelly48@yahoo.com
Don Nix has a book out called Road Stories and Recipes.

Phillip Ivy contacted me recently. 
Judy Paynter's daughter, Shannon, has emailed me. Judy and Shannon's email:    hermjsty@yahoo.com

Guess who?
"Van the Man" Morrison
...still goin 'strong!

Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction) has been living a  Christian life since the mid-seventies. He's touring in a 
Christian music circuit. His website is:  barrymcguire.com
Richard Siegel is alive and well. 
I have heard from Dan Hortter, who was the lead singer  of the Yellow Payges. He said he is doing great. He has five  children and four grandchildren.
As far as the  band members are concerned, Bill Ham is in Ft. Worth, Tx., Bob Barnes is in Taos, NM., but he has no idea where Danny Gorman, Mike Rummans, or Teddy Rooney is. He's been looking for Terry Rae who's on this website. Dan's email: 

      Preston Ritter, prestonr@earthlink.net 
drummer for the Electric Prunes, is living in Murrieta, CA. 
He is retired from performing due to some health issues, but he does still teach drums. In addition to the Electric Prunes, Preston also played with Dobie Gray, Linda Ronstadt, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, James Brown and Neil Diamond.
Preston's web page:  http://home.earthlink.net/~prestonr/

He also has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/preston.ritter

Preston Ritter

Bobby Jones, vocalist from Mad Dogs, is in Santa Barbara and seriously addicted to golf. When I talked to him on the phone recently, he remembered that he and I had a tequila drinking contest one night, but neither one of us can remember who won.

Gene Clark (Byrds) died in 1991- heart attack
Michael Clarke died in 1993 - liver failure
David Pelletier  PROMONDE@aol.com
Arthur Lee, the beautiful black singer for Love, was in prison for carrying a firearm-- something about  "the third-time-you're-out law." He was serving a twelve-year sentence at California's  Pleasant Valley State Prison, but was recently released.  I was told in an email that the judge threw out his sentence  and he has been released. He was touring and recording again when he  died of cancer.. 

Brian McLean, the guitarist for Love, died in 1998, the day before Christmas, of a heart attack.

Allan MacDougal (A&R for A&M) died in London of liver problems at a fairly young age.

The Alaskan Jay York, wrestler and Classic Cat bouncer, died October 7th, 1995, of liver disease; He was 57

In April, 1983, Felix Pappalardi of Mountain, and producer for the Cream, was shot and killed by his wife, Gail Collins. 
        Felix               Leslie West and Felix

Cooker and I were married in 1974.  Our twin daughters were born in 1975, but we split up shortly after that.  We stay in touch, because of the girls. Cooker is a pastry chef at The Urbana Country Club in Urbana, Il.
These are 1974 wedding photos. I'm the taller one.
The right photo shows the results of five valium and a six pack.

Cooker's 1974 album, Bout Time

Wolfman Jack died of a heart attack in 1995

The only person I have kept in contact with consistently, during the course of the twenty-five years I have been out of California, is Dick Monda, who was Daddy Dew Drop--Chicka Boom fame.  Dick was best man at my wedding.  I still call him periodically mostly to check in and let him know I'm still breathing.  He is living in the same house in Reseda, California and still recording and working as a DJ.  He is one of the nicest people that ever walked this earth.
Carl Radle died in 1980 of alcohol poisoning

Chas Chandler, bass player, died in 1996--aortic aneurysm

Eric Burdon celebrated his sixtieth birthday in May of 2001  at the El Rey in Hollywood. Today he is 73 years old. He is still cursing a blue streak they tell me, and keeping everyone in stitches, as always. I'll drink to that.


Cynthia "Plaster Caster" today

Gram Parsons died in 1973 of a tequila/morphine overdose

I talked to Chuck Blackwell back in the early nineties. The last time I talked to him, he told me about Kay Poorboy dying, so I quit calling him, because I just didn't want to hear those things any more. Someone emailed me and said he was living in Broken Arrow, Ok outside of Tulsa and ran a stained glass shop. He has faced a lot of health issues this year and a benefit was held for him in February of 2014. He was also inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.


                              Bill Gazzari died in 1991


Jimmy Greenspoon was diagnosed in with a brain tumor in October of 2014. He authored a book entitled, "One is the Loneliest Number: On the Road and Behind the Scenes with the Legendary Rock Band Three Dog Night." He died in March of 2015 of melanoma. Link to story on ultimateclassicrock.com

Aynsley Dunbar, is still playing drums.
Greg Ridley, the bassist for Humble Pie, died on November 19, 2003 in Spain from pneumonia complications. He was 56.
Tracy Nelson of Mother Earth is alive and well in the Nashville area--Burns, Tn. Below is a photo I took of her at a club in Nashville called "Third and Lindsley."

Tracy Nelson
One of my forever and ever favorites
Roland Dupree (the unknown phonebook entry) is believed to have been a choreographer back in those days.
Regarding another phone book entry:  I got an email from Don Smith who noticed Leigh Stevens name in my phone book. I didn't know who that was, but after the entry, I have "Silver Meter" and an address in England. Don said, Leigh Stevens was in Silver Meter only for a very short time before he was in the group, Blue Cheer.
John Glascock is also in my phonebook. he was the bass player for Jethro Tull. He died from heart related problems 25 years ago.

Ann Nuzzo, valvona1@msn.com  worked at the Whisky in 1969. In 1970, she married Brian Glascock, John's brother. She remembers a long long list of many people, so here's her entire letter: Ann's letter
Jay York, (The Alaskan) had a brother, Ned, who was a character actor in Hollywood. He died on New Year's Eve, 1998, but here's a piece of trivia for you... Ned was arrested a few years ago for being the Hillside Strangler. It seems that he had gotten high on PCP, and was found running around in his underwear, raving about being the Hillside Strangler. Of course, he wasn't, and later cleaned up his act and became a Born Again Christian.
My sister, Debby and I were reunited on December 29, 2001, for our Dad's 80th surprise birthday party.

Debby and Me
Leon Russell celebrated his 60th birthday in Tulsa recently where I was reunited with my sister, my cousin, and three very close friends. Three of us were from Hollywood.

Wendy, Sharon, Sascha, and me

Go to "Fresh Photos-More Names"
for a continuation of this list...


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I felt the touch of a hand
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R.D. Simone ©1985
Third Stone, First Rose
Cooker (Norman DesRosiers)1975

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