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Stevie Nicks

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Part Six--More Fresh Photos

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You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one...    
 (John Lennon)


Beau Brummels   

Ahmet Ertegun
Ertegun discovered, signed, popularized, and/or produced Ray Charles, Bobby Darin, Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, Otis Redding-who called him "Omelette"-Bette Midler, Wilson Pickett, Percy Sledge, Booker T. and the MGs, Sam and Dave, Cream, the Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, the Coasters, John Coltrane, Charlie Mingus, Roberta Flack,the Spinners, the Allman Brothers, Genesis, Foreigner, Pete Townshend.Stevie Nicks, Buffalo Springfield, the Blues Brothers, Tori Amos, and Phil Collins, among others.

I have become engrossed in your website. . .After having devoured all that Hunter Thompson, Tom Wolfe (via the merry pranksters), and Jack Kerouac and the staple bio's of Jimi, Jim, Janice and whoever else. . I find your stories to have a fresh perspective. . .you filter out all the star-struck bullshit and tell us what is was like from a "day in the life of" perspective. I thought I had a storied life but yours is amazing. . .so much color. I can relate to your hangover. . .I know it well. . .I believe it comes from (and don't take this wrong) not doing what you love most. . In your case - writing songs and performing in front of an audience is your true love. Music is my true love also. . .but what do you do when the life you love most has such toxic consequences???? Answer: Option 1 - Jimi, Jim, Janice. . .Option 2 - you chose life. . .one that may not be quite as colorful but it does have meaning. . .and is full of people who love you. . .

I will visit your site often (sometimes just to look at your pictures. . . and others to read your infectious stories - which I think you could easily publish)
I would love to have been there - but here is nice and it's now
true admiration, mark

Mark Stevens

Thanks for keeping the site up...it is fun...cute,,, Here are some pictures of Randy Meisner, Spencer Davis, and me this past week end at a gig in Catalina Ca. We honestly rocked...  Randy did Take it to the Limit, Take It Easy and Already Gone. Spencer sang everything from I'm a Man to Give me Some Lovin. accompanied by Joey Stec. keep up the buzz...

cheers: Joey Stec

S'pose that was 
 too much Sominex?!

Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys

I was there on the Strip every weekend from 1967 to 1970. My friend "Surfer Dave" and I would spend our days on the water with Dick Hobie (Hobie catamarans and surf boards) at Capistrano Beech and at night we would drive up the 5 Frwy to Hollywood.  We would get off on Sunset and pick up a copy of the Free Press from the guys selling it right there on the corner.

Dave had a lemon yellow '64 Ford galaxy 500 convertible. We would spend the whole night cruising Hollywood Blvd. and the Strip picking up girls and giving rides like a taxi service. You may have seen us.Everyone did! The girls would be standing on the seats holding on to the windshield or setting on the seat backs parade style. Once in a while we would be invited to a party up the hill. We didn't ever know whose house it was. People just came and went. In the early morning when things would start to die down we would head back down the 5 doing a 100 mph. Today you'd be happy doing 40. 

In '71 -'74 I bartended at the Playgirl club. At that time it was owned by Dick Dale and his Hawaiian bride little Jeanie. Dick lived in the old Gillette mansion at the entrance to Newport Beach harbor. I had forgotten most all this until I found your web site.

Thank you very much for bringing it all back.  "Lucky Roger"

Pamela Des Barres' new book.

I am sending you a picture I took yesterday at a hippie jam party, 
it's Sky Saxon from the Seeds on the right hand side, Sky hangs out here 
in Mt Shasta Calif. I will be jamming with him next week. 
Great guy! Michael     

Best New Artist, 1962
Grammy Goof!
(quoted from Rolling Stone)
"Nothing against Goulet--the dude was great in
Naked Gun 2 1/2 and Scrooged. But you know 
who else was a new artist in 1962?
Bob fucking Dylan."
Flying Burrito Brothers Gilded Palace of Sin 
Vocals: Gram Parsons, Chris Ethridge, Chris Hillman 
Guitar: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman 
Mandolin: Gram Parsons 
Drums: Jon Corneal, Sam Goldstein, Eddie Hoh, Popeye Phillips 
Violin: Byron Berline 
Steel: "Sneeky" Pete Kleinow 
Bass: Chris Ethridge, Chris Hillman 
Keyboards: Chris Ethridge


Just discovered your site, thanks to Travis Fullerton. What a pleasure trip! I was in the original Mount Rushmore with Warren Phillips, Tom Dotzler, Rick Levin, and Danny Wai. Terry Kimball replaced Wai on bass and the band eventually split and half went to Phoenix, and Kimball and I added Glen Smith and Travis Fullerton to Mount Rushmore and went on to record a couple of albums at Paramount. We lost Kimball several years ago to a car crash. Great days at the Whiskey, Cheetah, and all the San Francisco and Sousalito spots.

Later in the early 70's I did a lot of Troubador time with John Manning. We recorded one album, White Bear, on Columbia. Sure would like to locate John if anyone knows where he is. Still in touch with the rest of the guys, Floyd Fletcher, Y.A. Dennison, and Bob "Bullet" Bailey. Still hangin' in there.

I'm still playing and also own a little Independent Studio and Record Co. in Spokane, Washington. www.HitStreetRecords.com Check out my Podcast on iTunes or any other Podcast carriers. Project Studio Network ProjectStudioNetwork.com News, reviews and interviews for the Project Studio Owner and recording musician.

Here's an old MR cover pic and a recent pic.


Thanks so much for the site. I'll be spending hours catching up. Mike Bolan (Bull)   mikebolan@mindspring.com

I wanted to let you know that we just featured your site, HollywoodHangover.com, on the latest show of our Podcast.

You can listen to it (and subscribe) at our site:

Allen 'Big Al' Wagner Producer/Engineer Big Toe Studio http://BigToeStudio.net

Found this posted at the Whisky site:
Pretty interesting.

Karen Day Carvalho sent the photos below:

1. "Michael" clockwise from center: me, rusty cope, ron (can't remember 
last name), michaal crowley, michael clough

2. (Denver) unknown couple with 3 in center: Left, kin vassy, me and 
michael johnson (before bluer than blue)

3. MC Squared: lying down is Michael Clough, clockwise: Michael 
Crowley, Linda Carey, Jim Keltner, Randy Sterling

4. me rehearsing la 1960s

5. Ain't we cute? the back porch majority

6. The Poor LA 1960s: far left, Pat Shananhan (later Stone Canyon Band), Randy Nadler, In rear, Randy Meisner (later Eagles), John Day (later my husband), and Allen Kemp (later Stone Canyon Band)

7. Soul Survivors Denver early 60s note similar personnel to above

8. Steve Martin at a party at my house

9. Allen Kemp Laural Canyon mid 60s

10. John Day, Gene Chalk, Randy Meisner

11. Randy Meisner smoking something other than a Marlboro

12. Colorado early 70s: believe it or not we went skeet shooting on 
acid...why do we look so happy, that's me in the trendy leather pants

13. john day early 70s in colorado...this was before he sold insurance

14. michael whalen before the Association and "cherish"

15. me today

Karen's email:  NOFUNDAY99@aol.com

STILL rockin'!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. haven't checked on your site in a long time. Thanks so much for re-connecting me with Joey Stec. I've been out to LA in the past year and had lunch with him in Santa Monica. 30 years since we'd seen or spoken to each other. Now I speak to him once a week. Now I've got another people search issue from the same period.

Unfortunately he's not famous himself, but he was the album cover photographer for quite a few superstars at the time (1972-1974) Several of Kris Kristopherson's solo albums and Rita Coolidge albums. Even the Eagles He worked for a while with Norman Seiff who was THE big shot LA photographer at the time. The last time I saw Bob Jenkins was the summer of 1975 when he came to NY to photograph THE KNACK on their first tour with the song "MY SHARONA". He was born and raised around LA but I've had no luck in tracking him. He was a really close friend for a while and then he just disappeared from the planet. So here's hoping you bring me luck again this first day of hopefully a better new year for all of us and the US.  

List of addresses where some of our celebrity friends lived below:

Click to enlarge

Thanks to Dan Pollock for the images above.

The following was sent in by Paul Schlapper:


1) Here's what I looked like when I hit LA. I quickly figured out that to 'improve my luck' I needed to grow my hair longer, start chanting 'Nam-Yo-Ho-Reng-Yay-Ko, smoke herb and wear love beads. I went to a 'chant session in an apartment in Laurel Canyon. It was wonderful - the incense smelled great, the girls were beautiful and there wasn't a bra in sight - very spiritual I thought. The leader lady said she'd come to my house that weekend and install my 'Gorhanzen' (the box we chanted to). I said OK - cool. She came over, we smoked a joint; she installed my 'Gorhanzen' and then I installed my 'Johnson'. It was a wonderful awakening and lesson in changing a man's luck in LA. 

2) Here's what I looked like a year later - longer hair and a much luckier guy. 

3) A bunch of us high on LSD


4) Now, we're talking HIGH. Chris Ethridge is in this w/lampshade over head. 

5) For some reason we all decided to get our pics taken w/lampshades on our heads. This has to be proof that 'the real thing' affects your rational mind. 

6) Another hippie wedding. Granny was there - we kept our clothes on. Hey, a quick remembrance - you mentioned a friend of a friend dated Peter Graves. One night I was in the Cock n Bull (across from 9201 Sunset) and met a girl at the bar, began talking - we talked for an hour and were getting ready to hit the road together. I was at that time of my life when I think I looked my best ever - I'm guessing late 20s? Anyway, in walks Peter Graves - at least 30 years older? And sits down on the other side of her, smiles at her and starts talking to her also. She was out the door with him in 15 minutes! Hollywood - dut - dut - dut - dut - dut - dut - Hollywood !!! Although I was pissed, I had to laugh and it taught me a few lessons - one of which is - age means nothing. . . . Another of which was - there's that life and the real life. When it 'gets down to the ground, in the 'real life' I've chosen to surround myself with people who like me for me NOT for my image (Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose. . . .) and I mean 'nothin' allegorically. . . .I ain't rich but I think I'm wealthy in every respect, ya know?
          Have fun & talk later, Paul  paulschlapper@roadrunner.com

Blues Image - "Ride Captain Ride"
Mike Pinera - guitar/vocals 
Malcolm Jones - bass 
Joe Lala - drums/percussion 
Manuel Bertematti - drums 
Frank "Skip" Konte - keyboards 

Denny Correll 
He was with Blues Image in 1970 
when Ride Captain Ride was a top ten hit.

Sopwith Camel
Martin Beard, Norm Mayell ,Terry MacNeil, 
Peter Kraemer, Jimmy Stringfellow 

Ry Cooder
He played in Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, Rising Sons and has also accompanied such artists as Gordon Lightfoot, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Randy Newman, John Lee Hooker and many others.
"Listen to a Boomer's Story 
Pay attention to what I say 
Well, I hear another train a-comin' 
Guess I'll be on my way"

Amboy Dukes 
Original Band Members Included: Ted Nugent - Lead Guitar; JOHN DRAKE (BRAKE) - Vocals; BILL WHITE - Bass; RICK LOBER - Keyboards; Steve Farmer - Rhythm Guitar; DAVE PALMER - Drums

Edgar Earvay sent the following photos:

Edgar writes: The first color photo corresponds to the original 
Steppenwolf band, from left to right : Michael Monarch (guitar) Rushton Moreve (bass), Jerry Edmonton (Drums), John Kay (leader and singer), Goldy McJohn (keyboard. The other color picture is a later lineup of the same band. Jerry Edmonton died in a car accident some 8 to 10 years ago, he left the band and was dedicated to photography before he passed away. Rushton Moreve died a very long time ago of some bad illness. The rest of the band members are alive. John Kay reformed the band with the name John Kay & Steppenwolf www.steppenwolf.com  after some legal struggles over the original name 'Steppenwolf.' Of course Venezuelan Steppenwolf is a gig name for our lineup of friends (in the B&W pic) who enjoyed a lot the psychedelic times of the Steppenwolf music. 
Your friend, Edgar earvay@yahoo.com

Hey Nancy: I was just on your site and looked at the list of folks you ask about - where are they now?

Mike Penera from Iron Butterfly/Blues Image
Dennis Noda from Cannibal and the Headhunters (Land of 1000 Dances)
Jerry Corbetta from Sugarloaf (Green-eyed Lady)
Peter Rivera of Rare Earth (69-75)

All are in a band together that Rich and I watched at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk this past summer. Their band is call The Classic Rock All Stars. They're pretty good, and Rich and I met them after one of their shows. Apparently, Jerry Corbetta is quite a cook and Riversa's wife and I started a correspondence about a recipe from him for a book I'm writing. I've got the signed 2-CD recording of all of them together. Anyhow, hope this answers some of the questions on your page. 
Love, Meg     

Fulfilling requests for Johnny Thunders

Nancy , Here are the very concise questions I had about Jesse Ed Davis. I will try to find Taj Mahal's e-address. He would probably know. I don't know why I feel that I need to know this...but it is so long ago and I am so very far away. It would be comforting after all this time. 
Did they ever collect the funds to send his body back to Oklahoma as they were trying to do ? Does anyone have a copy of the newspaper article that came out in the Los Angeles Times a few days after he died about his life and work ? It mentioned that Bob Dylan had named AKA Graffiti Man the 'album" of the year and that Jesse had been counseling Native Americans with drug problems. It featured a recent photo of him.
Thanks, kiddo,  NANCY BRIDGER Essaouira Morocco

Recent photo of Phil Spector

I have started a sixties site representing us up here in Canada, you probably already know we also had quite a scene up here as well.

All the best, Paul   admin@threeenterprise.com

Jim Messina and Timothy B. Schmidt of Poco, 
regulars at the Troubadour

The photo above, and all the photos with green captions
below, were sent in by Rob Karg  ROBKARG@msn.com

The Bryds in their infancy circa 1965

Check out #6

Dylan and his manager, Billy James

Rusty Young and Paul Cotton during the recording of Poco's latest cd "Bareback at Big Sky" recorded live at Big Sky High Studio, Bozman, MT., April 20 & 21, 2005

Remember these?

Poco, a ground-breaking album, right Eagles?
and an article on the Beau Brummels

Article on the trip, Richie Furay publicity photo for 
Atlantic Records, The New Breed

Troubadour in 2004

Quite a show, I saw Siegal, Schwall at the 
Wadena Pop Festival in the summer of 1970

The original line up minus Randy Mesiner

Richie Furay August 2004, still has the voice of an angel!

Thanks. Rob

We were all about the music in those days. I don't even remember watching much TV. I remember Jack LaLanne a little, and Regis Philbin, for some odd reason. I do remember when Hendrix was on the Dick Cavett Show. For the most part, we were totally consumed in the music. We used to love to get high and immerse ourselves in it even further. We played, we sang, we wrote, we listened, we danced. It seems, however, that many images of us are those of getting high and having sex orgies, never bathing, stringing beads, trying to fly by jumping off buildings, and scaring the shit out of people by going on killing sprees. Nope, they must have us mixed up with somebody else. For me, and my friends, it was all about the music. We were the music. Isn't that still pretty evident?!

A friend asked me if I knew where he could get a GTO's poster. He described a picture/poster I guess he had seen once. What he described sounds like the cover picture of Permanent Damage. Do you have any ideas where to look? Thanks for any help. BTW I may or may not have sent you my Hendrix page link, if not, it is here www.bobwyman.com/hendrix.html  It is about my experience at the last show of JHP in Denver 6/29/1969. You might like the stories... Have a great new year! Bob bob@bobwyman.com

My friend, cookie the original groupie, once married to e.l.o's, richard tandy, just told me about your website. god, i knew them all and went out with most of them. i worked at the whiskey around 1966 and then onto the roxy. i hung out with, "little" vicky, cookie, cleo, miss lucy, janet ferguson, michelle, bridgette, and loads of others. i started working at the night owl cafe, then on to the scene, whiskey, roxy, ashleys, etc. i went out with: jimmy greenspoon, 3dg. saw him in new york in sept this year. he's now living in washington d.c. and on his 5th wife. not as much fun as when he used to drink. chuck negron, 3dg michael fennelly, crabby appleton terry reid stan webb, chicken shack don henley, eagles randy meisner, eagles mark lindsay, paul revere and the raiders eddie ho, where is he now? bernie boyle, e.l.o and others whom i can't remember. lost most of my brain cells doing drugs in the 60's and 70's. moved to england 21 years ago and still involved in the music scene. my husband runs a sound company and they do all the big acts. i'm still doing some acting, but the wheels are grinding down. it was such a buzz reading about all the old acts and remembering waiting on most of them. my favorite was the pretty horn player from "chicago". he had an ulcer and would always order a hamburger with mayo. the whiskey made the best. oh how i treasure those times and memories. i wouldn't trade them for anything. i have some photos, but most were missing when i made the big move here. i can e-mail some,. if you like. thanks for the memories. Linda lincon@btinternet.com



Joey Stec sent along this photo of himself when
he was in the Blues Magoos, and he writes...

It was at the end of the Blues Magoos and the beginning of the Dependable era...David Doud was the lead guitarist, Ron Gilbert 
on bass. Ralph Scala, the lead singer from the "We ain't got nothing 
yet hit." It's really quite funny...it was the beginning of my 
Hollywood Hangover...Happy holiday season...joey


Vanilla Fudge
Photo credit: Jo Lopez
Be sure and see Jo's beautiful photography at:

I have been reading your webpage for a few days and am absolutely fascinated by it. I haven't thought of some of those people in forever….and now I'm walking around in sort of a fugue state.

I came out to LA from Chicago in 1963 and got a job right away singing in a Christie Minstral back-up group called the Back Porch Majority.. .this was when folk music was still the shit. LA was such a "small town" in those days. . .everybody knew everybody. One of the guys in the group was a long time friend of David Crosby's from Miami and Cass Elliott had slept on my couch in Chicago for a few weeks the year before. Birth control pills were the latest rage and there was nothing you could catch that penicillin wouldn't cure so we all behaved like bunnies. . .what a great time to be young.

Steve Martin used to open for us (this was back in the days when he had brown hair and played the banjo). The BPM broke up in 1968 and I did some stuff on my own for awhile. Three of the group formed another band called MC squared with Randy Stirling and Jim Keltner. Linda, the girl ended up marrying Rodney Dillard; they are since divorced.

I worked with xxxx Williams at A&M, doing his publishing dubs and also quite a bit of session work. Jim (can't remember his last name. . .lead singer in the Dirt Band) and I did a sound track for a really bad Burt Reynolds film working with Jim Messina before Loggins & Messina fame. I also met Chuck Blackwell on some sessions and we "hung out" for a few weeks. . .he was with Taj Mahal at the time. . . at the Whiskey and living out in the valley in a house with about a zillion other people. Don't remember much else about him except that he was the world's greatest kisser. . .must have been when I remember that fact after all these years. . .and little else.

I remember spending a lot of time at the Troubadour and the Whiskey. . . .Ship's in Westwood with the toasters on the tables. . .chili cheeseburgers from Pink's and of course, Orange Julius. I lived in Laurel Canyon during the whole Manson/Tate thing and remember being scared cause some of the #bad guys# looked little different from my friends.

I ended up marrying the lead singer in a group called The Poor. . .out of Denver, which is where we met. Randy Meisner was in the group and when they broke up the rest of the guys (minus my future husband) became Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band. John Day and I were married for 11 years, divorced and now, both remarried.

I left the business in the late seventies after moving from LA to Colorado. Don't really miss it; for a woman anyway, the life reads better than it lives. Came home as most do. . .living the good life in the Windy City.

Anyway, thanks for opening memory's door for me. Will sort through pictures and if I find anything cool, will send it along.

Best, Karen Brian Day Carvalho Nofunday99@aol.com

Marc Bolan - T. Rex
Performers included: Mickey Finn, Steve Currie,
Howard Kayland, Marc Volman,
Ian McDonald, Rick Wakeman

Does anybody remember Marshmallow Steamshovel.?? May be worth a mention just for the name.

Thanks, Doug


Remember when "somebody" sawed McCartney's head
off the Sunset Boulevard billboard?
Then "Paul was dead." Remember? I saw the head later.
I know who did it. He was quite proud.
Rocky Walker sent this to me. What a gem!!!

Grateful Dead          Warlocks
Photo: ROBKARG@msn.com

Love is but a song we sing. . .
Fear's the way we die.

(Jesse Colin Young)

Jesse Colin Young   Youngbloods concert poster--1967      

Hey Hollywood. Eric Robert here-- keyboardist for Jerry Miller. Jerry is still playing incredible shows! Doing a mix of newer original stuff, along with the 'ol Moby Grape hits. Playing mostly in the Northwest, making special appearances occasionally outside of the Seattle area. Jerry is still playing Buelah, his original 1962 Gibson L-5 guitar. And she sounds better than ever. Cheers...feel free to contact me for more info.   
Eric-- blueskeys@gmail.com   

Check out Trullee's new Jim Morrison shots at the bottom of
her page: TRULLEE SNAP

Hi Nancy
Hope you're well. I check in on your site every now and then, and It's
great that you're keeping it going. Thank You.
I've enclosed a link that may bring back some memories.
Ahhh....Orange Sunshine
be well.  Allan Rosan 

Rusty Young, George Grantham,
Timothy Schmidt, Rich Furay, Jim Messina

Nancy, Just ran across this link. It's of a band called the Seven Souls.
They played the Whisky at times and a place called Maverick Flats –
in fact there's a picture of the Whisky Marquee - and a place called
PJ’s down on Santa Monica Blvd & Crescent Heights (I think). They
also played Vegas & Europe a lot and many many celeb parties (ie, Bobby Hatfield's wedding) Anyway, they are circa 1964 TO 1969. There are
2 white guys, one is Bob Welch who fronted Fleetwood Mac for 5 albums
starting w/ Future Games and left when Buckingham Nix joined. He wrote 'Sentimental Lady' etc. They were buddies w/ Ike Turner when he played
at that Bat Cave place on Hollywood Blvd. I was around Ike only once,
that was enough - bad vibe, treated Tina like shit. Anyway, I got these
from one of the band members.  paulschlapper@adelphia.net


Hi, I was just looking at your "Where are they Now?" Yikes, huge
mortality rate. I live in Bastrop, Texas just outside Austin. I thought
I'd fill you in on a couple of more folks. I noticed you mentioned Ian McClaga...........he lives near Bastrop and is married to Kim Moon
(Keith's former wife). He plays regulary in Austin with his band,
"The Bump Band". John Breland, L.A. studio musician, member of
the Flying Burrito Bros, and many other bands, lives in Bastrop
(unless he's moved in the last few months, and has a small studio here,
and does low key gigs.......sounds very good these days, and has done a
couple of cd's recently. My first wife was a denizen of Sunset in the
old days......... Her name was Gayle Gillis.... her running mates back then
were Maggie Welch (Bob's sister) Kathy Torrance (Dean's sister),
and Nancy Gillis (Gayle's sister). All are still living in the L.A. area,
and stabilized at diverse mental states. I can probably think of more
people as I go on. I enjoy these "Where are they now?" deals. I was
looking for Sky Saxon when I found your page. I guess he still lives
in Hawaii?
Take Care, David

Batdorf and Rodney
John Batdorf, Mark Rodney  

Greetings, I worked, lived in Hollywood and lived with Buddy Zoloth and
Joe LaLa while playing drums for Rita Coolidge. I played with Sam the
Sham in 66, then Quicksilver and Mount Rushmore, in the Haight Asbury
(67-69) before moving to Hollywood in 1970. I played drums for Roxy,
Rita Coolidge, Graham Nash, Steven Stills, Billy Joel, Sylvester and
others. Played all the clubs. My wife, Sandi Fullerton, directed Don
Kirshner's Rock Concert for 9 years before directing Arsenio Hall.
Regards, Travis Fullerton

Travis Fullerton--'78

Thanks again, Nancy for your site, perhaps you could mention four more
friends, from the 70's LA scene, that have passed away from us: Ronnie
Barron (great keyboard&singer from New Orleans), Jim Sikes (a mentor
to Bonnie Raitt in the early Ash Grove days), Roy Buchanan (DC-based
but Freebo & I played with him for many years out of LA) Percussionist
Flaco (from laurel canyon band Crabby Appleton & early conga mentor
to Joe Lala). Happy Trails, Travis

Crabby Appleton
Felix Flaco Falcon, Michael Fennelly
Casey Foutz, Hank Harvey, Phil Jones

Buddy Zoloth:

1968 -Manager of Thee Experience
'68-'71 - Road Manager for Blues Image
'71-'76 - Road Manager, Publisher, 
Tour Manager for Stephen Stills'76-'81- Movie Biz - LA
'81-'85 - Professional Fundraiser & Movie Biz -NYC
'85-'03 - Telecom - Miami

The girl on the right is Kathy from the whiskey. I dated her for a while & Lala dated Jan (Kathy's roommate). Buddy   zoloths@comcast.net

Hello, I am so amazed by this site.
so many things are familiar in your memoirs. One thing that caught my
eye right away. East Side Kids I remember Dave Potter , incredible
drummer. Dave was in a band for a while with David Marx from the
Beach Boys. When we were in the studio Daniel Moore , Matthew
Moore , Gary Montgomery and Buzz Clifford sang Background vocals.
I may actually have an Album cover. I will look.
I could probably talk for a few hours with you. Great memories.
Tim   briggs.tim@gmail.com

Gayle McCormick--Smith

I was wondering about Gayle McCormick, of the group Smith. Did you
ever see her or them around? Also I met Chuck Negron of 3 Dog Night
in NYC about 8 years ago. He's still hot. Take care.


Emerging in 1966, Canned Heat was founded by blues historians and
record collectors Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson and Bob "The Bear" Hite.
They gained international attention and secured their niche in the pages
of rock 'n roll history with their performances at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival (along with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Who) and the
headlining slot at the original Woodstock Festival. Wilson was already
renowned for his distinctive harmonica work when he accompanied veteran bluesman, Son House, on his rediscovery album, "Father of the Blues."
Hite took the name Canned Heat from a 1928 recording by Tommy
Johnson. They were joined by Henry "The Sunflower" Vestine, another
ardent record collector capable of fretboard fireworks at a moment's
notice who was a former member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Rounding out the band in 1967 were Larry "The Mole" Taylor on bass, an experienced session musician who had played with Jerry Lee Lewis and The Monkees and Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra on drums who had played in two of
the biggest Latin American bands, Los Sinners and Los Hooligans and then
with The Platters, The Shirelles, T-Bone Walker and Etta James. http://www.cannedheatmusic.com

Canned Heat (today)
L-R Stan Behrens, Dallas Hodge,
Fito de la Parra,
Barry Levenson, Greg Kage

New York Dolls who didn't make it.

Morrison's Grave
The bust was stolen in 1988


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