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Our 15th Year!


FRESH PHOTOS...More names                       

"The room was humming harder 
    as the ceiling flew away 
                              When we called out for another drink 
                                  the waiter brought a tray"  Procol Harum

I have received so many wonderful photos, musings, 
and requests for names and bands to add, etc., 
that I need a fresh new page to start 
collecting all of them. Special thanks to Terry Rae for 
many wonderful photos. 

Click any photos to enlarge.

    Pamela DesBarres writes:                
   Hi doll, lovely site! great idea! My website address is:
   Bryan MacLean  died ON Christmas day at 
Damiano's Pizza on Fairfax. I just got a cursory look and it's late, 
but I'll check back again. let me know if there's anything I can do to help! 
PS - Miss Christine, Miss Lucy and Miss Sandra from the GTO's 
are all in Heaven now too! XX Pamela

October 12, 2003
Hi Doll. I saw Mario last night at the Rainbow (I was doing an interview) and he told me about Straight Whisky. I'm wondering if you might post something for me on the site. I'm writing a new book called "She's With the Band," and I need GROUPIE stories of all kinds... They can reach me at my website, pameladesbarres.com. It's gonna be a lot of fun, and of course, very positive... 
Thanks! Pamela

Cynthia Plaster and Pamela DesBarres

Plaster Casters, 1968

Janet Ferguson (Hof) and Miss Lucy

Janet Ferguson and Keith Moon
in 200 Motels.

Janet and the Mothers of Invention
Janet's email: maxmommy@aol.com

Palace Guard, 1967
"Live at the Hullabaloo"
Top left: Don Beaudoin, Chuck McClung, and Terry Rae
Top right: Terry on drums
Lower left: John Beaudoin and Chuck
Lower right: Dave Beaudoin and Terry

More great photos from Terry Rae!
This was Hollywood Stars at the Whisky in 1974
Terry is up front in red and green
 Connie Parenti is right behind him
Michele Meyers (with glasses) is behind Connie
Kim Fowley is right up front
Do you recognize anyone else?

Stars of the Whisky, twenty years later at the Lingerie Club

The Roxy

"Sweet Wine" from 1968-67
Mike McCarty, James Rolleston, Wolf Marshall, Terry Rae
 Top shot is "Sweet Wine" at Garrari's

This is Terry Rae
Thank you, Terry, for some great photos!

Jean-Marc Vasseur (The Flying Frenchman) contacted the site.
 He's a writer who is a U.S. citizen, but lives in France now, 
Jean-Marc was an aspiring songwriter back in the sixties. 
He said his manager was Craig Bigelow. He used to live on 
Beverly Glen, across the street from Edgar Allen Poe's grand
niece, Lorna Poe. Her father wrote, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Jean-Marc did a lot of dope, parties, and ladies, with Dennis Wilson who
lived a few houses down. He worked at Figaro's on Melrose, and the
Four Oaks Cafe on Beverly Glen, where Warren Beatty and Wally Cox
used to brunch on Sundays.

Jean-Marc Vasseur and Francesca Sims in 1967 

He was a member of the Hollywood Workshop (improv theatre)
and was friends with David Lander, Jim Cranna, and Corey Fisher.
He remembers jamming with Jeremy Clyde and Leonard Cohen. He
did demo sessions with producers like Pat Pipollo and Jeff Greenberg.
He played in a band called Speed Rhythm Band with Barbara Webber
 (vocals) Steve Brian (keyboards) Bobby de Simone (drums) Christopher
Augustine played drums later on. Michael Daly (lead guitar) Skip Tull 
(bass) and Jean-Marc on rhythm guitar and vocals with Barbara.
Skip Greene was the band's producer.

After working in the motion picture studios in Hollywood, he 
eventually became a film editor and associate producer.
He wrote the "Emmanuelle" TV series. I checked out his
resume on the internet and it reads like a novel. He's worked
with Dustin Hoffman, Keven Costner, Anthony Quinn, Tony Curtis...
Need I go on?! ... and he worked on Saturday Night Fever!

"Neil Elliot and myself were roommates on Beverly Glen off and on 
from 1967 to 1969. That we used to give great parties and we always 
had a three pound coffee can full of strained grass... I'm sure there 
are people who must remember our house - the tree house- 
at 937 Beverly Glen."

In 2001, Roger McGuinn and his wife visited Jean-Marc 
at his home in Normandie, France. "We had a great time jamming 
and recording what could be an album in my kitchen."
He's hoping to find some old friends that remember him.

I'm received a lot of wonderful information and photos from Jean-Marc.
He wrote "In 1991 I had a heart attack and was pronounced dead for
one and a half minutes. When I came out of a coma three hours later,
I saw a young blonde intern bending over me. Two years later, I 
married her, and we now have two kids, Maximilien, 8, and Sarah, 5.

The photo below is Jean-Marc,  Christelle Salgues,
(his secretary during the William Tell TV series)
and Jeremy Clyde of "Chad and Jeremy" in 1986.

...and 1972 in Vienna, Austria.
He's one lucky guy in so many ways; and your old 
friends are proud that you're "one of us."

Arthur Lee

Nooney Rickett, 1966

Johnnie Rivers and friend, Elaine

Wendy Forward remembers Rodney Bingenheimer 
very well, and Bryan MacClean, Buffalo Springfield, and Iron Butterfly
(especially Ron Bushy.) She was "up close" with Pamela DesBarres,
Cynthia Plastercaster and Kim Fowley and has some great stories
like this one about Fowley... click here

Gail (Collins) Pappalardi was married to Felix of Mountain. She
wrote a song for the  Disraeli Gears album, "World of
Pain" and songs for Mountain albums. What became of her?

C.J.D. from Lawton, Mich. wrote these wonderful words in an email:
You are more than likely the only person walking this screwed up
world that has made any sense to me in many years. And just reading your past memories of the Strip and all that was going down in the sixties has taken me
back to a time which I hold very close to my heart. They were good times...
bad times... but no  one ever hurt anybody else on purpose. Life was real
and so were the times. If frogs could fly... my  wish would be to go back to
that space and time and enjoy it even more than I did... AND I DID!

Aaron Wolfson has contacted the website. He was just a young
kid, but he remembers Pandora's Box, Schwabbs Drugstore. His
drummer's dad was a promoter for the Monterey Pop Festival.

Kim Nash wrote in an email that Barry McGuire is alive
and well. Wants me to add these names:  Tim Buckley,
Sevrin Darden, the drummers of Griffith Park, and
Jackson Browne
, who street sang in front of the record
store while everyone else was hitting it big.
Kim attended Lenny Bruce's funeral riding in Frank Zappa's
station wagon. Phil Spector gave the eulogy, "Lenny died of
an overdose of police." 
Kim's email:  kimnashdreamtime@yahoo.com  

Jackson Browne, Los Angeles, July  1974
Photographed by Henry Diltz

Juicy Lucy --  First album cover with Zelda Plum on cover
Band members were: Ray Owen, Glenn Campbell, 
Neil Hubbard, Chris Mercer, Keith Ellis, Pete Dobson.

Remember Blodwyn Pig?
Mick Abrahams - Guitar
Ron Berg - Drums
Jack Lancaster - Woodwind
Andy Pyle - Bass
Graham Waller - Keyboards
Peter Banks - Guitar, Vocals
Clive Bunker - Drums

First album cover         Blodwyn Pig

Michael McRae, Nashville, has been searching for James Rolleston. They
played together in Sweet Wine, 1968.
Richard Patterson, from Ottawa, Canada, was in LA from 
67-69, working in the folk rock group, 3's a Crowd, that featured lead 
guitarist, Trevor Veitch. He's also looking for James Rolliston. 
(He spelled 'Rolliston' differently than McRae above, so I will leave it.)

Blue Matter
Savoy Brown
w/Kim Simmonds

Wishbone Ash
Martin Turner, Steve Upton, Andy Powell, Ted Turner

I heard from Janet Sarner who hung around Hollywood
with her friends, Andy, Wendy, and Lixie. They were regulars on the TV Show
"Where the Action Is"...Janet remembers The Great Linoleum Clothing
Experience, Genie the Tailor, The West Coast Pop Art Band, The Chambers
Brothers, Bido Lido's, The Fifth Estate, The Sundance Saloon, The Brass Ring,
and The Mine Shaft.

PalaceGuardataGrandOpening.jpg (670428 bytes)          space.hollywood.jpg (108736 bytes)
Palace Guard               "Space"
Members of Space:  Terry Rae, Eric Gies,
John Anderson, and Sterling Storm

This is a shot from the TV show,
Where The Action Is

Angel Rissoff and a guy named Travis
Rissoff was with Blues Image for awhile

Danny Hortter found some old friends--Terry Rae, Danny Gorman,
Bill Ham, and Mike Rummans. Bill Ham is still playing and in Fort Worth.
Mike Rummans is doing well and still playing. "I attribute your site
for helping me get in touch with these guys."

Blues Image "Ride Captain Ride"
Mike Pinera, Frank 'Skip' Konte,
Malcolm Jones, Manuel Bertematti, Joe Lala

Janet Planet was a popular name around Hollywood. She hung around the
Whisky. She remembers Mario and his son Stephen. She used to have
coffee on Sundays at Farmer's Market with Pamela DesBarres and her ex, Michael. Over the years, she has worked at Capitol Records with Dennis
Killeen and Walter Wanger Jr., Chris Blackwell at Island Records, Dino
Airelli, when he was president at Dark Horse Records, Shelter Records
with Denny Cordell, and Skyhill Publishing with Don Williams, Gary Heaton
and Danny.... and the list goes on from John Carter at A&M to
Chrysalis to Atlantic. She's considering a book on the music business.
Janet's email:  Janetplanet4all@aol.com

Someone has requested that I mention Johnny Legend on the site.
Also, Ray Dennis Steckler of "Lemon Grove Kids" and
Harry Novak and Dave Friedman.

Eileen O'Leary is now an accountant living in Anaheim.
She remembers Lampert and Nuttycombe well. She would love
to find two of Craig's old girlfriends-- Harriet Blake, and
Carole, from the all-girl band, The Ladybirds.

Ken Berry, Gabby Garcia, Don Paris, Guillermo Giachetti, 
and Richard O'Connell were all associated with 
Studio Instrumental Rentals. Francesco, of Roma, Italy,
is looking for these guys.

Mark Stein, lead singer for Vanilla Fudge wants
mention of his website:  mark-stein.com

I received photos of Mountain from Brian O'Malley.
They played live April 4, 2003 at Bull Run, Shirley, Mass.
He said Leslie West still plays exceptionally 
well as does Corky Laing on drums.


Rochelle Curtis rmc@QNET.COM from Palmdale, Ca., was 
14 in 1966. She wonders if anyone remembers her sister, 
Cheryl McCabe, 17 and skinny as a rail, from the Hullabaloo. 
Cheryl died July 4, 2002 of pneumonia and ARDS; (Acute 
Respiratory Distress Syndrome) but
she left behind a scrapbook that is priceless from her
days at Hullabaloo and her love for the Palace Guard.

Michael Sherman Silva, from Beverly Hills, lived on Topanga 
Canyon Boulevard in 1966. He contributed to the album
"Freak Out" and was motorcycle buddies with  McQueen and
Elmer Valentine. His son, Joseph Davidson, of White Plains, NY,
is writing a book about his father and mother from those days.
Any information would be helpful:   Mli64@aol.com

Bobby Whitlock (Derek and the Dominoes) has emerged. He wrote
one of my favorite songs of all time--
Bell Bottom Blues. He has a
live album out with Kim Carmel.

 You still got great taste in women, Bobby. Bobby is on Facebook:
Bobby Whitlok's Facebook Page

Bobby Whitlock in the early days.

David Malachowski (once with Savoy Brown)
 and Bobby Whitlock

Savoy Brown in the early days.
Remember "Train to Nowhere?"

Savoy Brown in one of its many incarnations
Gerry Sorrentino, Kim Simmonds, 
David Malachowski, Dennis Cotton

It was David Malachowski that sent this awesome poster!
He writes:  The "original" band lasted just one album, the first definitive 
edition may be the one with singer Chris Youlden, guitarist,  Dave Peverett, 
bassist Tone Stevens and drummer Roger Earle. (that's the band in the 
poster) the last 3 guys left and formed Foghat.
Then an edition with singer 
Dave Walker followed and  had hits "Tell Mama" and "Straight Corner Talking" 
Before Dave left to be in Fleetwood Mac and Black Sabbath (both briefly) I
 met Dave two years ago, he is now a short  order cook in Bozeman Montana ...

Another great photo of David taken August, 2003
on the Savoy Brown tour. 

Dave Schecter says he was in Hollywood 
"hot-rodding guitars and amps" in the back room at Red's Royal Amp
Service (Red Rhodes) where "you get it royally." He said every
entertainer in town came through that back room. "I got to hang
out with every guitar hero I ever had--Jesse Ed Davis, Duane Eddy, 
Johnny Meeks, Thumbs Carlisle, James Burton, Jeff Baxter," He
later started his own guitar company, Schecter Guitar Research in
Van Nuys. He's now back home in Benson, Arizona still building
guitars, still innovating. He still has that "touch for tone" that
his reputation was built on.


Sam Neely 
Neely was well-known for "I Fought the Law.." 
and "Lovin You Just Crossed My Mind." He played the 
Troubadour and the Palomino in the early days. He also appeared 
on the Midnight Special and American Bandstand.
Sam died in July of 2006 while mowing his lawn. He was 57 years old.

Sam's infamous poster...  and more Sam Neely.

Sandy Nelson, infamous for "Let There Be Drums" 
played for Phil Spector, Duane Eddy, The Coasters, 
Gene Vincent, among many others.

     Sandy Nelson          Nelson, and Alan Clark 

Soosi sent this poster from Gazzarri's
dated February, 1967

Bobby Curtis Jones, from Mad Dogs and Englishmen
sent this recent photo of his band, Jumpstreet.
Bobby's on the far right.

Remember Crabby Appleton?
Michael Fennelly, Hank Harvey,
Phil Jones, Felix "Flaco" Falcon, and Casey Foutz

Janis (Linder Modrall) Rathbun

Janis is from Joplin but grew up in Tulsa. She hung out with Chuck 
Blackwell and other musicians in the 70s and Francine used to drop by 
her place on 16th Street back then. Her best friend, Jeanne Smith, 
lived across the street from the Shelter church studio back then, and 
there were always things going on. Good parties, good music. A lot of 
really great musicians came from Tulsa and during the 70s you could 
find most of them playing in Tulsa clubs. I don't know if everyone was 
hungover or burnt out from the 60s, but they were as crazy as me and 
sure a lot of fun to hang out with. 
You can change it to how you want it to read but that is the core of it. 
I hope you are doing better and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope 
this next year gives you a lot to be thankful for. 

Chuck Blackwell, and CB with unknown friend.  
Anybody know who that is?

Jamie Nay writes that Melinda Merriweather is living in La Jolla
and very involved in ecological events. Melinda was married to 
Mike Hynson of Endless Summer. it is believed that the Jimi
Hendrix song "Scorpio Woman" is about Melinda.

Tom Kelly-- tkelly48@yahoo.com sent in recent photos
of himself and Taj Mahal and himself and Donovan.
Tom on left, with Taj, and Tom and Donovan. 
These celebrities are among the great numbers who
help Tom with his Tommy Foundation.

Shady Lady was an early 70's band in Hollywood.
Stefen Shady, the lead vocalist sent the photo below of the band.
He's currently living in the L.A. area and working 
on his first novel. Stefen requests that Iggy Pop 
be on the site. He has a photo he will send. He also asks
if I remember; Randy California, Adam Strange, Michael Debarres,
Gypsy Boots, Johnny Thunders, Amatha Garelle, 
Sable Starr, Coral and Queenie.

(photo--Norman Seeff)
Shady Lady Bio
John Christian, lead guitar; Gerhard Helmut, bass;
Billy McCartney, drums; Leonard Denault, guitar;
and Stefen Shady, lead vocalist.

Shady Lady post card.
Stefen Shady is in foreground.

Photo of Stefen Shady

Great photo of Stefen on stage, Gerhard in rear.

Fanny. Remember them?
June Millington, Alice deBuhr, Jean Millington, and Nickey Barclay

Photo of my old home of employment, the Body Shop
on Sunset Strip. Steve Sasco took this photo on a
trip to Hollywood and sent it to me.

Steve Sasco

My friend from Champaign, Dru Vaughn, sent these photos
of a Morrison mural, and the Whisky--1996

Terry Rae sent this photo of Blue Cheer, the New Blue Cheer.
Jerry, Terry, Dickie, Ruben

This is a photo of Terry Rae, Ruben De Fuentes,
and Ruben's girlfriend, Delyana, on the streets of Hollywood.

Neil Elliott managed the Kaleidoscope in the late 60's.
He moved to NY to pursue his acting career, and then moved
back to L.A. in the late seventies. He's now working on a
screenplay that has to do with the Kaleidoscope and the
Mafia involvement. He also uses his college degree to work
with "gravely disabled Schizophrenics." Neil told me in an email,
"Well, with all that experience dealing with freaked out hippies
on acid, I seem to have a good insight now."

B/W photo of Neil Elliott was taken by Michael Brandon in 1969,

Early band members were: Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson,
Mick Ralphs, Pete Watts, Dale Griffin, Verden Allen.
Don't know who's who in the photos.

I know they were in Hollywood in the late sixties/early seventies,
because two of the guys in the band were at my house. 
I gave one of them a jacket and I got a photo. 
It was a black and white promo shot. 
Can't find it. When I do, I'll put it on the site. 
It's in a songbook somewhere.
I've seen it a thousand times--just not today.

L.A. Free Press, 1967-- 15cents.

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