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Time to say goodbye to Ahmet...

Ahmet Ertegun Dead at 83

No music executive put a bigger stamp on modern music than Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun. He died in New York City on Thursday, after slipping into a coma following a head injury Oct. 29th.

JANN WENNER, founder of Rolling Stone magazine, paid tribute to Ertegun, saying, "Ahmet was perhaps the most revered, respected figure in American popular music of the modern era."

Added rock producer Rick Rubin: "Regardless of who else came to the party, if Ahmet was there, he was the coolest guy in the room.

I can promise you that anybody reading this has been affected and inspired most of their lives by the mind of the mighty Ahmet Ertegun.

Randy Newman

Stan Freberg

There are a couple of bands I wonder what ever happened to them: Wishbone,Ash, Pavlov's Dog, Head East American Metaphysical Circus (I think this might be the album name) /Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies.

Thanks, Sheilagh 

Fulfilling request for Pavlov's Dog:

Pavlov's Dog

The band, Pavlov's Dog, was originally from St. Louis, Missouri USA. The band was formed by Mike Safron and David Surkamp. Members of the original band were: David Surkamp - lead vocals, guitar, David Hamilton - keyboards, Doug Rayburn - mellotron, flute, Mike Safron - percussion, Rick Stockton - bass guitar, Siegfried Carver - violin, vitar, viola, 
Steve Scorfina - lead guitar

more info:  http://pavlovsdogband.tripod.com/info.html

My dear friend, Dick Monda, has finally released a new album after so many years. Love the cover!

This Time
Daddy Dewdrop web site

This is what the Hollywood sign looked like in 1978.


Trullee sent a new batch of fantastic photos
Trullee's Page

Alvin Lee

Lee and Ten Years After

Recently I was saddened to find out that my ex-comrade Cleo Knight who was the founder of Green Power...passed on to the big love-in in the sky.... Cleo and Green Power focalized the Griffith Park love-ins and we also gave out free food to the Freex.... we would provide free food at the antiwar protests...we also had a free store near Venice Beach... I first met Cleo in 1967 at the age of 17 at one of the Sunset Srip protests...soon i would touch base with him via the art of hitchhiking...the brother driving either a Chevy with the words, "green power" painted on the door, a 1958 Citroen or a 1949 green Plymouth station wagon packed w/loaves of bread always found room for hitchhikers.

Aron Pieman Kay 

Cleo Knight 

Hi- I thought you might enjoy these concert poster images below from the Kaleidoscope/Aquarius Theater to add to your web page. Wish I was around to attend shows there, it sounds like it was a pretty interesting place. Anyway, thanks for the entertaining photos and stories, very fun site you got there. Cheers, -Brad Kelly, Concertposterauction.com



Hi, Just a great site. So much wonderful info on it!

My connection with the Strip began in summer of 1964 when I'd go to the Whisky almost every night to see Johnny Rivers. I was a young aerospace guy of 21, a virgin!

I'd wear my nice grey Chambray shirts, slacks, sport coat, and tie and try to be cool. The Go-Go girls haunted my fantasies...so high up there dancing, so unattainable!


I was in the Whisky when three of the Beatles came in, and I saw them a few nights later at the Bowl. Changed my life, and 'so long' aerospace. I became a musician, a lead-singing drummer.

Two years later my hair was long, I was a busy musician, albeit unknown, but working, singing and playing drums in various bands, played at the Sea Witch several times, remember Bobby, the gay bartender, had a luscious but short-lived affair with Turid Grinde, the statuesque Norwegian waitress who lived right around the corner on La Cienega (steep part).

We also played a little at Stratford-on-Sunset...that was our 15-minutes as musicians on the strip. Worked a lot in the Valley.

I recall the love-ins at Elysian park, went to two of them, but can't remember if the first one was in 1966? Two parachutists with peace signs on their canopies dropped right into the stage area.

I saw Steve Miller play at the first one. The following year (1967?), everyone was smoking banana joints...did nothing. The cops broke that one up and cracked quite a few heads! I so vivdly recall Hollywood Sue and Vito cavorting on the stage.

After 1967, I didn't go down to the Strip much from my home in the Valley. We were a fixture at clubs in the Valley, and in 1968, were the house band for an extended stay through 1969 at the Corral in Topanga Canyon.


One night, Janis came in alone after having played the Bowl. She drank, shot pool, some biker stole her purse. Another biker went after the culprit, returned it to her, so she took off with him on his Hog. It was unreal! I wanted her to come and sit in, but no such luck.

I was invited to a recording session in spring of 1968 in Van Nuys. An acquaintance was recording some guy named "Charlie" at a small studio. Yes, Manson himself before the revelations of 1969.

His songs were not very good, and they asked me and Randy to have a few hits in their now infamous school bus in the parking lot. It was quite funky and dank in there. I was a little put off being a Home and Garden type, even then. I liked classier atmospheres.

I remember the well-endowed Susan Atkins. Charlie had shorter hair and seemed pretty normal...I think it was before he had started on acid.

Our group, Quatrain, signed with Cosby's Tetragrammaton label (Deep Purple), in 1968, and we had some mild success, in Europe. Sundazed Records will be reissuing our LP on vinyl and CD soon. Yea!

I feel so much nostalgia for the Strip from 1964 through 1967. Got to see some good bands (Byrds, Leaves, Turtles, Love) and wish that the spirit and innocence of that time could still be around now.

Just thought it would be nice to say hello. Enclosed are some shots of me...summer of '64 with my Chev, the clean-cut young Jim, and then in 1967 in the studio....with the hair, of course.


cheers, Jim Lekas Huntington Beach  


Garage Bands web site Quatrain entry

Nancy, I was there too, for some of it. I was wondering if you or any of your contacts had heard anything about the Thompson family, who ran Bido Lito's. Should they be on your list?

Bill Thompson, the dad, worked the gate. Mrs. Thompson and their daughter Linda worked the sandwich bar. There was an older brother, Tommy, but I never met him.

I got to know the Thompsons a little bit. I was an underage kid in a garage band from the Valley, and Bill Thompson was kind enough to let our band members into Bido's without rigorously checking all our ID's. Sometimes the police would be busting curfew breakers a few feet away. Bido Lito's became my sanctuary.

Of the bands I heard there, The Sons of Adam was my favorite. Far and away.

So, Nancy, have you ever heard anything newsworthy about these nice people who ran Bido Lito's? Especially Linda!

Johnny Legend (from my old garage band!) and I went back to Bido Lito's maybe fifteen years ago, when it was dba The Gaslight. It was a little hard to be in there, 'cause you can't go back, not really. Then all of a sudden Sky Saxon showed up out of nowhere and without preamble hit me up to buy a beer for his friend, whose band was playing at the moment! I hesitated, stunned, then did as he requested.

Then I struck up a a conversation with the late Top Jimmy, an LA legend and one of my faves, who dropped in at the Gaslight that evening to hook up with Johnny Legend. A stream of blinding, smoke-marbled light from the the harshly-lit patio spilled into the dim interior of the old club. I took a deep breath. Suddenly it felt familiar again!

Thanks for including my thoughts on your site, Nancy.

Sincerely, Pete Cicero Shoreline, WA   pscicero@msn.com

Does anyone remember the Oily Scarf Band that used to play on the street at Cresent Hights and Sunset in the 60s. They played a song called Pico and Sepulvada, I sold the free press there and experienced all the wild things that could only happen here. Wild man fisher, Pandoras, the Aquarius, Whisky,The teen fair, Zappa's place in Laurel Cny accross from Hodinis, the Garret, and soooo much more. Let me know? You have a great web-site and continue to keep up the great work. 

Thank you, Wayne Peel    acacia6@verizon.net

I was in a band in that era called the lost souls . we played all over hollywood mostly in the following clubs for a few years .. bido lidos , the sea witch , the brave new world , the london fog .. we won the battle of the bands at the hullabaloo where the prize was to play a week with p.j. proby .... i have an 8x10 photo of us on stage there .. we played many times at these clubs and i have several interesting stories ... i was pretty good friends with kenny from love as we were both bass players ... one nite when love was at bido lidos , kenny and the guitar player , johnny and i were standing in the street outside before they started to play and pig pen from the grateful dead came up to us and handed us a flyer for the 1st "acid test " the dead were putting on ... we didnt know who he was or who the dead were and johnny looked at him and and his appearance with all the pinned on buttons on his jacket , shook his head in some form of disgust and walked away ... . we played the brave new world for 4 days with the doors ... nobody knew who they were and people did know us because we had been on the hollywood club tour longer ... they were pretty much just starting out .. the bands would get paid by splitting the door $ and i remember than on a tues. nite , with about 20 people in the audience , we made $3 each and they made $2 each ... they were a bit upset that we got more than them but thats fame for you ... jim morrison had his back to the audience the whole 4 days so that part in the movie is very accurate .. he never looked at the audience ... morrison didnt say much to us but robby and i talked a lot .... i always thought that the movie " the doors " was a very accurate portrayal of a typical hollywood band ... we were all in the same boat , so to speak as all the hollywood bands pretty much had the same desires and ideals and it seemed that all bands in hollywood had very similar livestyles .. after the band broke up our guitar player , kent , ended up playing in hollywood with a hot 3 piece band called fat and then he went on to play with steppenwolf .. our drummer , bobby , went to england and was super tramps drummer from the beginning to present day ... . once while on a break from the sea witch , i ran down the block to catch a couple of songs outside at the trip when the lovin spoonful were playing and bob dylan was standing outside listening ... i remember the love ins .. i have a picture of jack cassidy with a bothered look on his face apparently having trouble with his amp from the elysian park concert .. if we werent playing , then we were still on the strip every nite or at these clubs and of course, after they closed , canters was the meeting place .. i have easily sat at every table in there . i do miss those times , even if bob dylan thinks they are " table scraps " i would say my favorite bands back then were the sons of adam and love . we added " little red book " to our list of songs .. i always like the way the sons of adam's mike port played the bass ... i understand that rodney is getting a star on the walk of fame ... i remember a nite when brian jones was sitting at a table at a small restaurant on the strip called fred c. dobbs and rodney kept bothering him until jones punched him in the mouth .. i will tell friends about this site ... i hope it can grow as ive often wondered where people i knew back then are and what they might be doing ..there are many stories to share ( i have more ) and that hollywood era and the haight ashbury early days from 64 to end of 67 certainly was the most fun i ever had .... i have been lucky enough to stay in the music field but 35 years ago i graduated to playing the piano ... you can reach me at composerx@verizon.net    billy, from the lost souls

Billy's photos

Here's a link for an 8 minute video of
Sunset Strip in the 60's

Jimmy Page, before concert time in 
Indianapolis, 1975

Joe Cocker's first group, the Cavaliers

New York Dolls just put out a new album called 
"One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This"
which earned them a 4-star rating recently in Rolling Stone.

Arthur Lee, dead at 61.

Arthur Lee died peacefully at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, a little after four in the afternoon Aug. 3, 2006 with his wife Diane by his side.

Love was at the very center of our Sunset Strip scene in the mid-Sixties. 
To us, they were royalty. Their residency at Brave New World attracted a celebrity clientele -- "the Yardbirds, Mick Jagger, Sal Mineo," according to Lee. Morrison would later claim that the Doors' original goal 
was to be as big as Love. 
"We will all see you later, Arthur."

Love's singer was a man in style and substance ahead of his time, 
a rock hall of famer recalls.

By John Densmore 
Special to The Times

Aug 7 2006

It was 1965 when I rushed down to the Whisky a Go-Go to stand out front 
and listen to a group called Love. My band, the Doors, was playing in a 
dumpy club up the street, and we were on a break. I craned my neck past 
Mario, the doorman, to get a glimpse of a band that was so far ahead of 
its time, the public still hasn't caught up.

The complete article can be viewed at: http://www.calendarlive.com/music/cl-et-lee7aug07,0,2909618.story?

Its mike here, the guy who's working on the Love documentary film. hope all's well with you. the films progressing here, we've been invited into this years London film festival in October, so that'll be the films 'premier'.

I wondered if there was something else you could help with? we believe that Don Conka - one time love drummer who has since passed away - had a bit part in a 60's Hollywood art film. Apparently he's seen briefly drumming in the film, but we don't have any more info than that. would you or anyone who might be reading this, know anything about the film? 

keep well
mike mike.kerry@startproductions.co.uk

Genya Ravan

Genya Ravan has toured with The Rolling Stones, Kinks, Yardbirds, Manfred Mann, Them, The Animals, The Hollies, The Who, 
The Steve Miller Band, and yes, she played the Whisky with
The Allman Brothers and BB King.

She is the former lead singer of The Escorts, Goldie & the Gingerbreads, and Ten Wheel Drive.   genyaravan.com
Email:  genya@genyaravan.com


The original members came from very popular bands at the time. Tim Bogert (bass) and Carmine Appice (drums) both from The Vanilla Fudge, Jim McCarty (guitar) from Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheel, Rusty Day (vocals) was with Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes-- an early 70's supergroup! They played hard driving boogie based blues rock.

Grateful Dead

Formed in San Francisco in the mid-1960s by Jerry Garcia on guitar, Phil Lesh on bass, Ron (“Pigpen”) McKernan on keyboards, Bob Weir on guitar, and Bill Kreutzmann on drums. 
They were in Hollywood at the Palladium August, 1971.

With Sadness, I must report the death of Sam Neely, 
who died of a heart attack in Corpus Christi, TX
on July 19, 2006. After numerous albums and over 
30 years writing, performing, he will be greatly missed.

My screenwriter friend, Ron Light, now has a MySpace site.

Wondering if you could help. Any idea who these other people are in the film. With some research we can date this film. Some say France 1972 --but look at the vehicles. This may have been shot by Jim Morrison. What do you think? Its great footage no matter what! BTW - Your site is great!


-Christina James     faygo@alloymail.com


Hello: Kent Dunbar and I were best friends and next-door neighbors until he moved from La Crescenta to Hawthorne/Torrence (both in So. Calif.) in early teens. I saw him with the Nooney Ricket group in Hawaii (early 70's?) and he visited my law office in the mid-70's. After his mother committed suicide (early 50's), my mom became his "second" mom...we were inseparable as kids. I'd love to hear from him! 
Richard   RICHARDRJH@aol.com 

Ken Huthmaker has been shooting photos in Hollywood since 1959.
He sent a photo of Angel Carter (Body Shop) that he shot in 1974.
His website  http://www.home.earthlink.net/~khuthmaker/ has lots of 
great photos of some of the grand ole stars. kenhuthmaker@yahoo.com

Angel Carter

I just reread a piece I wrote about seeing Jimmy Greenspoon in New York last year. I would like to amend something I said. I said that he was boring without the drink, but I am glad he's sober and ALIVE. Jimmy could never be boring.  Linda Connolly   lincon@btinternet.com


Linda sent the photos above
don henley 
the staff from the whiskey. i'm in the scarf 
me at the whiskey 
three dog night in canada 
me and a friend 
cookie and cleo 
me now

I loved your site. I'm not from that milieu but I notice that there is a large series of benefit concerts for Arthur Lee, who had leukemia and the gate will go to his medical bills.

Robert Plant is heading up the one in NYC on June 23, and there's one at the Whisky a Go Go in LA on June 28, that'll have surviving members of Love and just possibly of the Doors. Also they are doing things in Europe. Dublin for sure on June 8, and apparently a pretty good lineup in Liverpool too.

Here is one essential link that will be pretty current on all the benefits. (Torsten is a Danish guy who keeps Arthur Lee's official site):



Your website was Great stuff thank you. I am at least old enough that I saw the Dead when they had Pigpen with them (I was 14 or so). But I grew up in the East.   David

Start Productions from London are making a documentary film about Love with the full co-operation of all surviving members of the band. We're very keen to hear from anyone who knew any of the members, or might have photos of Love, ticket stubs or flyers, or memories of seeing them back in the 60s. Also, if anyone has any photos of venues or crowds at any of the places Love used to play, such as the Brave New World, Bido Lidos, the Trip, the Whisky etc, or places they used to frequent such as Ben Franks or Canters, we'd be very interested in hearing from you. Mike Kerry mike.kerry@startproductions.co.uk
Mike Kerry
Start Productions, London

The picture of "Convincing record exec to sit and hear your songs - Unknown Names" http://www.hollywoodhangover.com/list_of_amusements.htm can have a couple names be added - guy in foreground is me - Larry Quintana, music "scout" aka "Bonz" and the guy in blue is Phil Willis - who later moved to Oregon to be come a very successful farmer of fine bud . . . I also have a couple pics of backstage at Whiskey - 3 Dog Night debut and shots from the balcony down to floor and band playing - also some misc pix I'll hunt up and scan if you are interested in them.

I remember hitch hiking up and down Sunset hoping to get a ride with someone "holding" - then after hours hanging at Canters and maybe catching Wild Man Fisher singing.

Larry Quintana   larryq@messinagroup.com


The Doors on stage at Steve Paul's Scene in NYC, 1967

Anybody recognize this guy? Wendy, from the Classic Cat 
sent it out to me. It was taken on her 21st birthday.

Morrison September 13, 1967 in Canton, Ohio
four days before the Ed Sullivan Show
Sent in by Ken Huggins khuggins@bdws.com

Just wanted to update you on my book LAUREL CANYON: THE INSIDE 
STORY OF ROCK AND ROLL'S LEGENDARY NEIGHBORHOOD, which will be published May 2 by Farrar Straus & Giroux.

First, the book has received some very nice advance praise...

--Cameron Crowe, the Oscar-winning director of? "Jerry Maguire," 
"Say Anything" and "Almost Famous": "Laurel Canyon is hilarious and 
true and bittersweet.? Michael Walker catches the mood in the air, and 
gets it right... the interviews are wonderful... it's a beautifully written 
document of that time and place when the personalities were as big as 
those stony dreams that fueled some of the greatest masterpieces in rock."

--Stephen Gaines, author of the bestselling "Philistines at the Hedgerow" 
and "Heroes and Villains, The True Story of the Beach Boys":?"Laurel 
Canyon captures all the magic and lyricism of an almost mythological 
eographical spot in the history of pop music.? The book lovingly limns 
the story of a more melodious time in rock and roll where the great 
talents of the 60s and 70s cloistered together in a sort of enchanted valley populated by an all-star cast of characters, including Joni Mitchell, 
Jim Morrison, Mama Cass and Brian Wilson."

--Kevin Starr, Professor of History, University of Southern California and 
author of "Coast of Dreams: California on the Edge": "In Laurel Canyon, 
rock and roll history is urban history, California history, American history, 
global history through the songs and scandals coming from a canyon on 
the coast of dreams running through the labyrinthine center of our times."

LAUREL CANYON was accepted for the 2006 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I'll be appearing on the panel "Fertile Ground: The Creative Spirit" with Carolyn See, Robert Long, John Baxter and Richard Rayner on April 29, at 10:30 a.m. and signing books afterward. 

I'll be on the road promoting LAUREL CANYON throughout the summer 
and fall. Here are some confirmed dates, more to follow:

May 18:? Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA , 7 p.m. 
June 20: San Francisco, Berkeley: TBA 
June 21: The Depot, 87 Trockmorton Ave., Mill Valley CA, 7 p.m.? 
Sept. 2-4: Bumbershoot: The 36th Seattle Arts Festival, Seattle, WA 
Sept. 17: West Hollywood Book Fair, West Hollywood CA

Finally, coming in April, LAURELCANYONTHEBOOK.COM, an interactive Web site with photos, extended interviews, tour updates, 
and a blog about life in the canyon.?

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you at one of the events and hope that you enjoy LAUREL CANYON . . .

Michael Walker  mwalkerca@earthlink.net

ABOUT MICHAEL WALKER Michael Walker has written extensively aboutpopular culture for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and other publications. He lives in 
Laurel Canyon.

Derek & the Dominoes
Performers on Layla:  Eric Clapton, Duane Allman,
Jim Gordon, Bobby Whitlock,  Carl Radle


Recent photos of Sky Saxon
Thank you, Michael

Houdini's Ruins on Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mtn.


Guess who?



i was 'too young' to really get to hang out...but lori matix was my jr hi buddy, the zappas were my neighbors, etc.

i have been telling everybody about your wonderful site here. the elementary school i went to (before i got kicked out for saying' fuck' in class and sent to wonderland avenue in laurel canyon) was st. victor's on holloway drive, just off the strip. i used to love walking up to see the shops like the psychedelic conspiracy, hippocampus...lus, all the bikers in front of turner's liquor store, the flower children, etc.

when i wasn't at school, i was working as a kid actor. i worked with orson 
welles, lana turner, doris day, did 'bonaza', 'bewitched', 'i dream of jeannie',the monkees tv show and a bunch more. main notoriety came from a bayer aspirin commercial where i said 'can suzy come out to play?' and 'mothers are like that, yeah they are.' rumor had it i was dead. i learned of the rumor from cher when interviewing for the sonny & cher movie, 'good times.'

my brother cut paul mccartney's head off the 'abbey road' billboard and i'm hoping he sends you a picture of the head soon.

i'm enclosing some then and now pictures. including one with my son, sage. and one with robert plant from a jam we had in joshua tree a few weeks ago. also, from a movie called 'madame x' and an old 'bonanza'.



love and peace,
ted (teddy) quinn

ps my wesbite is www.tedquinn.com. i put my new album ('dog years') 
up there as a free download for anyone to enjoy.


Love your webpage. My 2 best friends and I hung out in almost all of the 
same places that you did. I love hearing about the 5th Estate, and the 
Seawitch, Brave New World, Bido Lidos, and The Whiskey. We used to 
go hear the Doors, The Seeds, Love and Spirit, alot. Also at Pandora's 
Box we had boyfriends that were in a group called "Us". They played all 
Stones and Beatles and were really cute and good musicians. I used to 
live very close to Vito and Sue and would hang out there. I was also 
saddened when Gadot died. They would go dancing with Groovy and 
Gadot at the Whiskey. Did you know the model Mary Huges who used to 
hang out with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page? I always wanted to look like 
her. Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Teri.   felinesong@hotmail.com

Mott the Hoople 
Early band members were:
Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Mick Ralphs, 
Pete Watts, Dale Griffin
Thank you, Raven!  http://www.ravenslaughter.com

This is one of the koolest things I've ever seen
It was sent in by Bobby Jones of Mad Dogs & Englishmen
JumpSt@earthlink.net  Thanks Bob! Loved it!

1972 Men of Wealth and Taste

Part 8



Back Home

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4!

Part 5