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Doug LaTour passed away on Christmas Day 2007 in Rome, Italy where he lived, due to a heart attack.

Doug had worked in Rome as a chiropractor for many years, and was an active and very well-loved member of the American International Club of Rome.

Doug in Center

We lost Dan Fogelberg to prostrate cancer on Sunday Dec. 16.

Leader of the Band..........Dan Fogelberg

Stephen Stills battles prostate cancer

Graham Nash tells Larry King that singer was diagnosed early

Nash told TV talk show host Larry King in a telephone interview late on Monday that Stills is set to undergo an operation on January 3, which happens to be his 63rd birthday.

The news came a day after Dan Fogelberg died at the age of 56, three years after the '70s folk singer was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Upon learning that he had the disease, Fogelberg urged men over age 50 to get tested.

Nash said an early diagnosis of the disease had potentially saved Stills' life. "Unlike Danny (Fogelberg), who left it too long to be seriously checked, Stephen found his at an early stage," he told CNN's "Larry King Live" show.

No one was immediately available from Stills' management team to comment.

The third member of the band, David Crosby, has also been ill, forcing the postponement of a U.S. tour earlier this year. Details of Crosby's illness were not disclosed, but he was back on stage by mid-year.


I'm the one who wrote the Jim Morrison piece that you posted on your site.

I have finally finished my book, now titled I, Driven: memoir of a teen's involuntary commitment, title changed from Cherokee, Iowa: Flight (a memoir), and am now actively looking for a literary agent; I have posted details and excerpts on my blog:


I was wondering if you could post this link on your site; it's a crap shoot, but it can't hurt...

I'm also dabbling in the domain biz, quite a leap from my hippie days. My domaining blog: www.MsDomainer.com, where I mention my hippie days in the header--can't seem to shake the past ;=)

I hope life is treating you well these days--I check your site often and LOVE the new updates. It sad to read about all the deaths, though. Egads!

Best wishes,

Jennifer Semple Siegel

I have noticed your respect for Jimi Hendrix. I too have a lot of respect for him though he was not perfect as none of us are. I have a sort of "second cousin's second cousin" connection to the guy. I play in an act here in CT, "Tommy and the Rivieras" that have been around since 1964. In fact this is the very same band that opened up for The Doors here in New Haven the night Jim Morrison was arrested. There is not a lot on the web because no one in the current line-up has made a web page yet and the original line-up has long since left the band over 20 years ago (some of the current guys were in the band with the originals who gave the rights of the name to them.). The fact that this band, Tommy and the Rivieras is the band that opened up for The Doors in New Haven the night Morrison was arrested is beyond argument as the New Haven Register recently did a story on it and interviewed the son of the officer that arrested Morrison and interviewed Tommy who founded the band about that fateful night.

Anyway, what is my connection to Hendrix? Well our bass player, Dana Place, is a guy who toured the US with "The Animals". It was actually called "The Animals II" because that act featured 3 of the original Animals (Hilton Valintine.guitar, and the original drummer, John Steele I think and the keyboard player Dave Rowberry (RIP) that was in the band too.) Eric Burden was touring with his own act and was not part of that show. Well our bass player who toured with that act, "The Animals II", who is now in Tommy and the Rivieras actually took Noel Redding's place in the band (Noel did the Euro dates with The Animals II). And even beyond that, before Noel Redding it was Chas Chandler who discovered Jimi Hendrix in the first place. So I play with the guy who took Noel Redding's place who was in The Jimi Hendrix Experience who took Chas Chandler's place who discovered and produced Hendrix. Plus, I know a LOT about the guy as a guitarist.

With that being said....I think I know one of the very, very best places I have EVER heard a song by Jimi Hendrix being used. The song is Little Wing and it is part of a YouTube video. The song is Little Wing that refers to Freedom....I truly think that Jimi Hendrix, the man who played the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock would be very proud to know that his song was used with this very, very special, important, informative and heart wrenching video. The topic of the video is something my band, NoManZero holds close to our heart.

View the video and listen to the Hendrix composed song by clicking on the link that takes you to the YouTube page.....this is what the spirit of Christmas Eve (the night I sent this to you) and the true spirit of Love of the 60's was about in my opinion.

Webmaster note: Unfortunately, this video has been removed from Youtube so is no longer available.

Merry Christmas Nancy!

Tim Britt, guitarist in the band, NoManZero

Check out my new book--
 Rock and Roll Rush, My Life As a Music Fanatic 
ordering info on www.amazon.com/Rock-roll-rush-music-fanatic/dp/1604581476 

Steve Love -- We are putting together a reunion and have been looking for him , He was with the Stone Canyon Band , The New Riders of the Purple Sage and The Roger McGuinn & Band. Any help would be great. 

thanks, MRJACK4@aol.com 

Alive and well!

Bobby Jameson

Bobby send this photo of Johnny Rivers on left and himself.

Hi, my name is Ken Jencks and I really want to thank you for making such a great website. I noticed a mention of Ken Roland. I understand he has passed on. I found this out in a email from Danny Horter of the Yellow Payges. He also told me that John Knox has passed on as well. John was one of the earlier guitarists in the Yellow Payges. John got my brother Charlie Jencks involved in the music scene. Charlies first band was called the Penetrations, they did some top 40 and the like. That band included Charlie Jencks on lead guitar, Dave McCormick on rhyrhm guitar, Ronnie Sanderson on drums, and Bill Dresher on Bass.. They then evolved into the U.S. Males. Ronnie Sanderson took over vocals, Charlie on lead guitar, I think Dave was still involded on rhythm guitar, John Brown on drums, and Bill Dresher on Bass. I can't remember when Ken Roland came on, but I know when they were called Burnside, Kenny Roland was on board. So Burnside was Charlie on lead guitar, Kenny Roland on Rhythm. Bill Dresher on Bass, I think it was Bob Knappy on drums with Rick Bagby on vocals. Burnside played a lot at Gazarris. They had a small record deal. I will have my brother Charlie send along some additional information as well as some pictures.

Aloha and keep it going. Ken Jencks

Nancy, Jimmy Greenspoon from 3 Dog (and East Side Kids, Sound of The Seventh Son) here. I have been living in the Maryland countryside about a half hour from D.C. with my wife Susie. Three Dog is still on the road. We do about 80 shows a year. 38 years later, and won't slow down. I just finnished my new instrumental solo CD. I sent a copy to my old friend Chris Hillman (i did all the keyboards on his LIKE A HURRICANE Cd) he loved it and told me I should be doing movie soundtracks. I'm working on that in between TDN gigs. I've been in touch with so many old friends and made new ones all from your site. Thanks for keeping the flame burning. 

Three Dog Night

Neat site! Any pics of Linda and us at the Troubadour 70, 71? Kristofferson at the Troub 71? Love your site.. John Beland, Flying Burrito Bros www.burritobrother.com/fbb.htm 

Myself, Glen Frey, JD Souther..LA 69

You may have mentioned it somewhere on your site and I just missed it, but: Jim Gordon (of Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Derek & the Dominos, etc.) is incarcerated in California for killing his mother in 1983. See www.iem.ac.ru/clapton/articles/gordon.washpost.html

Bobby Jameson is alive and well.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Jameson:

Bobby at the Whiskey in 1965

For the Baby Boomers, this is a great piece abt the meaning of "AMERICAN PIE" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycgegp0KdE4%20

I love your site--jus' getting into it--I played w/ Velvert Turner, Tim McGovern, Scottie Niles in LA , The N Y Dolls in Japan and New York---check out my website chrisrobison.net hope U find it interesting and maybe U could link me up. Chris

Valvert Turner
Christ Robison is the blonde second from left.

I was Very pleased to "re-discover" your excellent website.... I once wrote you about my experience hanging with Bob Dylan when he was searching his Jewish "roots" and we both ended up at a small Bible Class called "The Vineyard School of Discipleship" in RESEDA of all places You may find some interesting facts about someone that neither you nor I was interested at the time in, but he was Very influential and Very local in Hollywood at the same time WE were getting stoned in Hollywood.... his music and passion changed MANY of our mutual friend's lives I am willing to bet... His name: Larry Norman  Larry's influence really changed another musician's life... Randy Stonehill... Download ANY of his songs, especially "Barbie Nation" Larry, if you aren't already aware, was in the rock group "People!", a mid-sixties band that had TWO drums... Their biggest hit was entitled "I Love You" Finally, I wanted to tell you about one of my very favorite guitar players in this universe... 

Phil Keaggy.... Apparently Jimi thought Phil was awesome as well, when Jimi himself wasn't popular or well-known yet... Hendricks heard the nine-fingered Keaggy somewhere on the East Coast, probably New York, and was influenced as well as impressed by Phillip's awesome guitar Genius. So, once adain "Thank You", for keeping Hollywood "alive" as we watch our mutual friends and acquaintances pass on and slip into eternity. YOU'RE Awesome ! Sincerely, Denny Kepler    dennykep@gmail.com

Larry Jandro sent in this photo of The Classic Cat on the Strip. Nearby is Filthy McNasty's and Turner's Drugstore.

Oh----this has opened up a huge memory box of my daze in Hollywood from 1972 to 1980!! AND--I came there from a great scene in Detroit at the Grande Ballroom and Plum Street (Detroit's equivalent to Haight/Ashbury)

I will have to sit down and "tell some tales" of my friends and I and our lives at the Whiskey, Rainbow, Roxy and Starwood. But for now will add to your latest information concerning Leigh Stephens----Leigh is my best buddy and I will be joining him at the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco Sept 2, 2007. He was recently recognized by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of 100 greatest rock guitarest of all time---that for his work with Blue Cheer, but he also had a band called "Foxtrot" back in the mid 70's in LA. He played the Chet Helms Memorial concert in SF a few years back with his old Blue Cheer bandmate Dickie Petersen and Prairie Prince from The Tubes on drums and, let me tell you-----they sounded as fresh and hot as a brand new band! I have been a friend of Leigh's for over 30 years now and he even surprised me with his capabilities at that show! So, for now, I will promise future tales of Hollywood nights.............

And a request for information on my old friends from those days------Misty Fallz, Kim (waitress from the Whiskey in mid 70's), the "Dagger Sisters" or also called the "Dragon Twins"--twin sisters from Detroit that hung out at the Rainbow and were "Goth" before anyone knew what it was, and, of course, Sable and Coral Starr (Sable was Jimmy Page's girl when he was in town and Coral was with Iggy Pop----(who's Father was my Social Studies teacher in Detroit..............whew.........like I said....I have tales to tell.

Blue Cheer with Leigh Stephens--center

and in another email from Tom:

Leigh is a great guy and was the one that told me to write to you------we shared some great times in Hollywood.(and are amazed that we both survived!!) Though he is very humble about it, he was an integral part of the English rock scene after breaking up with Blue Cheer and was very highly regarded and respected by the likes of Ronnie Wood (an old roommate from London), Bill Wyman (from the Stones) and Rod Stewart (for a few weeks a potential band mate along with Woodie on bass and Mickey Waller on drums (from Jeff Beck's band). (Speaking of Jeff Beck----there was the time we were having a party of assorted card games at our Spanish courtyard apartment complex in Hollywood, when Jeff floored us all by coming walking out of the bathroom! He had climbed in through the bathroom window as a surprise to meet up with his buddy Kim Gardner (bass player from Ashton, Gardner & Dike (London band) and later owner with his wife of the Hollywood pub "The Cat & the Fiddle"--------and off they went into the night in one of Jeff's hotrod Chevy's!! )

We are having a reunion of sorts in SF for the 40th Anniv. deal with friends from Hollywood, London, Detroit and beyond. Many of which were part of our "crowd" from the Rainbow, etc. I will write soon with a story or two concerning our LA days-----till then, Aloha Tom Sauve   MauiKokua@aol.com

David and Kenny Bracci

It's been a great week for me as I heard from David Bracci--Left in above photo.
David and Kenny were the two best bartenders in town. They served me  many drinks in the sixties at the Classic Cat and at the Whisky.
Sadly I have to report the death of Kenny in 2005, who died of 
Parkinson's. David is living in southern Florida with his wife, Donna, and informed me that David and Kenny's little Hollywood sidekick, 
Sugar Bear, is alive and well in Arizona.

Lee Michaels and  Sugar Bear

 Greetings from a ol' boy as opposed to home boy, well that too. Fell across your site looking on the net for info about the Mamas and Papas concert at the Hollywood bowl in 1967, yes I was there and at Monterey a couple of months earlier as a guest of Jimi H.

And yes I used to hang out on the strip in those days and have meet most of the peeps you mention although as a hanger-on and not part of the in-crowd.Lived for a while at the yellow house in Topanga with Spirit and Doctor Demento (Berry Hansen) went to the Corral and so on.

Anyway there was a picture taken of me getting in a limo with Jimi H after the Hollywood bowl concert in 67 as we drove off to the party at John Philips house. The picture a color slide was shown on the wall of the Whiskey for years after as part of the light show (I am wearing a t-shirt with large black and white horizontal strips). This picture got me into the Whiskey for free for years.

I met Elmer and a couple of girls here in Copenhagen years ago and had dinner when Arthur Lee (RIP) was in town for a concert. I moved to Copenhagen in the mid seventy's with Doctor Hook and have been here since although I plan to retire in Ireland with my Irish wife soon, well in a year or so I hope.

If you have any idea how I can get a copy of the picture I mentioned please let me know, it would be nice if I could get my daughter to believe some of my old stories.

All the best and thanks for the memories,

Troy Garrison         

What wonderful place we are in the same channel I'm a lover of 60's and 70's decades I'm going to put an link yours in my website please I invite you to visit me in www.monrockcollection.com


Mike Fennelly from Crabby Appleton writes:

I stumbled onto your site and had a great time recalling my days in Hollywood. Thanks for the jasmine/pot breeze from the past. The Strip and the Hills were home to me from the mid 60's thru the mid 80's, as I sang and played with bands and saw the most incredible shows and met the most amazing people. In the late 60's I was working in a band The Millennium, and in the early 70's fronted the group Crabby Appleton. Crabby actually first met at the Whiskey, when I was a singer/songwriter, and the other members were in a group called Stonehenge. We subsequently spent so much time at the Whiskey, we had to perform periodically just to pay off our bar tab. We opened Thee Experience sandwiched between Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa. What a night that was. I knew Zappa's humor and was fairly familiar with his recordings - but I had NO IDEA what an incredible guitarist he was until that night. That band was probably more like Prince's New Power Generation than any I've seen before or since. They switched time signatures at Frank's whim and hand signals... The list of great artists I saw in the intimate settings of the Whiskey and the Troubadour read like a history of rock. Humble Pie, Robin Trower, Ike and Tina, YES, a young songwriter singer at the Troub who was stunning - Jackson Browne, with Ned Doheney adding guitar support. I still remember hearing some of Jackson's songs for the first time there and being awestruck. I won't name all the waitresses at the Whiskey with whom I was infatuated - but suffice it to say there were many. I live in Oregon now, with my wife and daughter and I love it here. But Hollywood will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for your devoted site.

Michael Fennelly    lakrmike@aol.com

Left to right --- Back row - Me, Curt Boettcher, Joey Stec 
 Front row - Sandy Salisbury, Doug Rhodes, Lee Mallory, Ron Edgar

Email from Mickey Jones:

You might want to know that the original drummer with The Band was me, Mickey Jones. The first electric tour with Dylan was a group called The Hawks. That group consisted of:

Robbie Robertson - guitar Rick Danko - bass Richard Manuel - piano Garth Hudson - organ Mickey Jones - drums

If you check out Bob Dylan, 1966 Live, you will see the original group listed.

We started out as The Hawks but after weeks of "The Band is too loud", "Bob Dylan should send The Band back to America" and "The Band SUCKS!", we changed our name to The Band.

Just thought you might like to know.

Mickey Jones

Very very cool...thanks for a website that has taken me back to dare I say it the good old days. I was working at Dave Hull's Hullabaloo night club on Sunset near Vine in the 60's for Gary B. and I have misplaced in my mind or I had too much to dream last night etc etc etc. but whatever the case I cannot remember the name of a nightclub on the Sunset Strip that was I believe next door to Dino's restaurant. I'm nearing 60 years of age so maybe it's the age thing but please oh please if anyone remembers let me know. I thank one and all in advance. (It was the Sea Witch.)

I'm curious about a few guys I worked with at The Hullabaloo night club that came to mind-- Paul Diamond, Skip Erlich and Bob Pitzly (spelling may be off)...Would love to find those guys as well as any of the waitresses from the Hullabaloo...Anybody out there know any of these folks let me know and thanks.

Peace & Love ( & Arthur Lee),

Richard Rifkin Budapest, Hungary (a long way off Sunset Blvd.) rifkinhollypest@yahoo.com

Guess Who?
Another gem from Trullee! Check out her section.

Rolling Stone is celebrating their 40th anniversary right now with several
great issues dedicated to the sixties. I read some killer articles and saw
photos I'd never seen before. Pretty Kool.

...And From Leigh Stevens: 

Here is the link to the Summer of Love concert to be held in Golden Gate Park on September 2 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love and the Human Be-In. Leigh


Leigh Stephens     www.leighstephens.net 


Domenic Priore's book, "Riot on Sunset Strip: Rock 'n' Roll's Last Stand in Hollywood" is out this week, nine years in the making. Here is a review of the book.


Hi, Your site is wonderful! You are absolutely right it was an indescribable time! It was FABULOUS!!! I was on the strip everyday working, and out occasionally in 66 & early 67.I was basically an 19 year old single mom .My husband got busted as soon as we moved out there, from Philadelphia. I was a Make-Up artist at Peter Young's Beauty Salon on Sunset near Doheny. I I had long red hair and all the guys knew me as the girl with the hair, and the kid .I looked a lot like Cher ,and I was always mistaken for a girl named, Ronnie. Did you know her? She had to have been very popular! I remember going to Omnibus, it was behind the Whiskey. Am I right? Anyway ,you made my day! Thanks again...Rose P.S. I remember at The Mothers Of Invention Concert at the Fillmore in LA.....Frank Zappa my fellow Sicilian!!! chopping up a sofa and EATING it!  rose2bead@hotmail.com

Re: Darryl DeLoach

If anyone has pictures of Darryl, could you please send them? I would love to see them now that my mind is currently being flooded with memories from those days so incredible and so long ago. Here's why:

I accidentally stumbled across this "mind-boggling" website three days ago, and I'm not even sure how it happened. I was captivated and enthralled to read about the people and events in the 60's because I too am from that very same time warp, and was there too.

I was taken aback and saddened to read in a related link that Darryl DeLoach died four years ago, which prompts me to post this story because suddenly, memories that have been lying dormant for decades have been flooding back all at once. For reasons that I am unable to explain, I feel both curious and sad about Darryl. Maybe it is because he was my very first boyfriend. Every girl remembers her very first boyfriend.

The actual timelines are hazy but the chronology should be about right.

My name is Sandie and I was Darryl's girlfriend in 1969 (very tall, skinny, short blonde hair). I met him at Tiny Naylor's at 1:00am. He was sitting there with a friend and I walked in with my friend. In two seconds they were over at our table and that started our very tumultuous relationship. Janet Planet recently remembers that Darryl had a "delicious wit, was so sweet and good looking." I remember Darryl as being outrageous, sexy and very witty, with a pretty good temper too. I remember his dark eyes and a little dimple in his chin. One time after drinking together at Bronson and pissing him off, he went into the bedroom, came back with a "loaded" rifle, pointed it at me and told me to "shut up and sit," which I did. I waited until he fell asleep in the chair and snuck out in the middle of night. Another time, also on Bronson, when he was mad at me, he pitched his rifle though the glass window. One evening, I drank way too much wine mixed with sweet liquor and threw up in the toilet (for the most part), thus spending the night on his bathroom floor. Darryl had to clean up after me and then deal with my hangover. Later on, behind my back for a while, Darryl was also screwing my very best friend, the drop dead gorgeous Jan Adams (who lived on Ogden, close by to Jerry's). How did I find out? He told me! I confronted Jan about it, and let's just say that the whole 3-way incident was forgotten. Well, it was 1969 and Darryl did hang out with both of us. Darryl and I continued to see each other. We continued to ignore each other's bad behavior. I also remember that, besides the white Bronson place (by Arby's?), he also for a time lived (or maybe just stayed there alot) with his friend Jerry and his wife (girlfriend?) on a small street in Hollywood. This could have been the same Jerry who was in Iron Butterfly, but I'm hazy on this. Anyway, I visited there quite a bit. I think it was Jerry who took the only picture of us ever taken together, in front of his Hollywood house. Darryl had his arm around me and I'm pretty sure I was wearing that huge dark brown leather choker with studs..... He totally loved that, always wanted me to wear it and even wore it himself at times. He called it the "dog collar." I also posed for Playboy magazine at Eric Braun's beautiful Encino house in 1969 (it was Neil Diamond's old house). Darryl absolutely pushed this along and insisted that I do it. He was convinced that I could make some money doing this kind of stuff. But alas, I was just one of many playboy rejects and those photos are in the archives somewhere. Darryl and I were, as I will call it here, "engaged." He did, in fact, give me a diamond ring which I wore and took me to meet his parents in San Diego. His parents made us sleep in separate bedrooms, but Darryl snuck into my room when they went to bed. I believe Darryl did this because I had just found out I was pregnant and was freaking out and scared. He never proposed, but just said simply and without elaboration that he would marry me. Well, I lost a baby boy and was in a hospital in Hollywood for two days. I remember a nurse coming into the room and getting mad. I was sitting on the floor and Jan and Darryl were sitting cross-legged in the hospital bed. We were watching TV and the nurse shooed them off the bed. Jan brought me a carton of cigarettes.

Later on behind Darryl's back I had "an encounter" with.....was it Len Fagen? I'm not sure, this is hazy, but I think so. Well, the paint wasn't even dry yet.... Len couldn't wait to tell Darryl about it, and anyone else who would listen. Darryl was beyond disgusted with me. He said "I put you on a pedestal and you have just fallen off." (Boy, did I ever, but does anyone see a double standard here?). Darryl promptly dumped me for another girl named (I think) Della. I never saw him again after that fiasco***. I returned the ring in a cracker jack box.

My girlfriends and I also hung out a little with Lee Michaels (going to Griffith Park love-ins comes to mind) and I remember a nice guy named Marcel. Marcel lived in the Hollywood Hills (Lookout Mountain maybe?) and had a beautiful Afghan Hound. We used to go up there and get high. Gene Clark picked us up hitch hiking in 1967 or 68 and we partied at his house on Stanley all day. We also hung out at the Whiskey and Hullabaloo.

I am now 56 years old and living a clean, quiet life on a small ranch outside Helena, MT, surrounded by the things that I love -- horses, dogs, mountains, seasons and wildlife galore!

*** I did see Darryl just once after that "final dump." For many years I worked as an exercise rider/pony girl for a successful horse trainer at Santa Anita racetrack, but lived in Del Mar every summer for the race meet. In 1979, 80 or maybe 81, we passed each other quickly in the jam-packed clubhouse on my way to the barn area at Del Mar.

On a very sad note our dear friend Buddy Zoloth who worked for many years w/ Blues Image, Crosby Stills and Nash and on and on, passed away this week. He'd been waiting for a liver transplant but had been deemed "not important enough for one" since he chose to use pot for the pain. His wonderful wife Nancy is planning a memorial in Miami. Peggi

Please add to his statement that Buddy died June 10th 2007 from complications of Hep C - liver cancer. Bernard "Buddy" Zoloth March 10th 1948 to June 10th , 2007.

Regards, Nancy Zoloth (Wife)

Some comments about our good friend Buddy Zoloth......I met him when he came out to LA from Florida with Blues Image. I think it was 1970 and after playing around town, they quickly became the house band for Marshall Brevitz's club, Thee Experience, on Sunset. Buddy earned Marshall's trust, managed the bar, then the entire club. By that time, BI had a big hit on their hands with "Ride Captain Ride". I played with various bands at Thee Experience when I met Buddy. His intelligence was one of the first things I noticed about him. His mind worked at a higher "clockrate" than folks around him....he was always three steps ahead in those days. He loved people, he was a great communicator, and boy, did he had fun doing it! So, in the days of English roadies (being the cream of the crop), Buddy was one of the handful of American roadies, that were also experts at their craft. He went on to manage Marshall's new club, Thee Club, but by that time the call of the road was summoning Buddy. After a short stint with Rita Coolidge & Graham Nash's fine band (sorry, I couldn't resist), he joined Stephen Stills with his best friend, Joe Lala. Along with the great keyboardist, Jerry Aiello.......Joe, Buddy, and Jerry became an inseparable trio for years in Hollywood. Buddy and Joe went on to work with Stephen and then Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in their various forms. Years later he was captain of a sloop, based out of Amsterdam, and worked and lived in the Virgin Islands for a while. One year ago, Buddy came to see me and take a little trip on our boat in the Seattle area. We hadn't seen each other for over 20 years, so we had a lot of catching up to do. It was great fun to reminisce although he was greatly weakened by the growing tumor in his kidney. His spirit, curiosity, humor, and intelligence was still evident. A month before he passed away on June 10th, I sent him a mail about some opportunity and he responded with "what have I not done in my life? I've done it all." It's true, Buddy lived the life folks dream about! Those of us lucky enough to have shared the "dream life" with him, will remember him fondly. 

Kind Regards, Travis Fullerton

Nancy, I was a bartender at the Melody Room and at the Classic Cat and I know all those people and I remember most of them. I worked for Allan Wells when he went with Wendy ( He was still Married then ) I worked with the bar manager Frank, that use to drink beer all day long and I worked with the Bracci brothers also. My girlfriend at the time was Arlene, and she worked at Big Al's Body shop and we knew all those girls, Angel was a terrific gal. I live in Beverly Hills and I am a Real Estate Broker in B H too... I worked for Tony who also owned the Red Velvet up on Sunset and the Melody room right across from the Cat I have an old Classic Cat book with all the girls pictures in it and partied with all the gals that worked at the Body Shop. I remember Raul; I saw him a couple of years ago at a birthday for Shelley Winters; he went wild when he saw me. Most of the big stars were there... I still have pictures of Kathy from the Cat ... More to come Tommy Flanagan   thomasfrancis2000@yahoo.com
(Tommy sent photos from the old Classic Cat magazine which I posted
on the Classic Cat page.)

Tommy back then and today.

Hi, hope all is good. I thought I sent this to ya months ago? Well, here we go again:..lol...

MC5 Band members included:

MICHAEL DAVIS - Bass FRED "SONIC SMITH - Guitar & Vocals DENNIS THOMPSON - Drums [WRONG: 'BOB'] ROBIN TYNER - Lead Vocals Wayne Kramer - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Rave-On! Raven Slaughter

Hi, what a cool website! I was there, and I may have known you. I definitely was friends with Kim Fowley (I hope he's still with us, seems to be the only one who hasn't died), Brian McClean (I knew him since he was the Byrd's roadie), Arthur Lee, Van Dyke Parks, Danny Hutton. I danced with Barry McGuire (he had a funny kinda stomping style and we won't talk about what I did with Jim Morrison. Our best friends were the Byrds, whom we met and made friends with at their second night at Ciro's, "we" being me and my ex-husband, Paul Jay Robbins. I'm Trina Robbins, and I'm the Trina in Joni Mitchell's "Ladies of the Canyon." I made clothes for Mama Cass, Donovan, David Crosby, Jim Morrison's girlfriend Pamela, etc. Did you know Genie the Tailor? I don't suppose you knew Emerald Thomas, who we first met when she was dating Chris Hillman? I would love to see her again! You're right of course, the 60s was amazing, but it all went bad when hard drugs came in and naive teenagers ran away from home to be hippies and met terrible ends. - Trina

Hi Nancy, I will send a couple of paragraphs and photos for your website, but I just wanted to reply quickly now. My email is   mswuff@juno.com
I found my old friend from the 60s, Pamela Polland, on your fab website and emailed her, but haven't received a reply yet. Yours could be the website that gets old friends together! RE: Genie the Tailor, she made clothes for various rock groups, died sadly in an auto accident around '68, and the song "Tiny Dancer" is about her. More soon, with photos, Trina

(Anybody have a photo of Genie the Tailor?)

Trina sent us a response in spring of 2015 when I sent out an email to verify her email address. Here it is:

Yup, this is still my email address, Nancy. Is Hollywood Hangover the website about the Sunset Strip in the 60s? Just so happens that I've been writing my memoir (yes, I have a publisher) and of course there's a whole section about me and the Strip. Maybe you'd like to print an excerpt. Best, Trina

Here is a link to her web site http://www.trinarobbins.com/Trina_Robbins/Welcome.html

Here is a link to an article about her http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/women-who-conquered-the-comics-world/?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email

Here is a link to Youtube where Dave Perry interviews Trina Dave Perry interviews Trina

And, finally, here is a link to an excerpt from her book, Last Girl Standing which will be published in 2016 by Dark Horse Press.

The picture with the English roadie: He looks a lot like Spike, The Stones roadie (one of) during the sixties. Love your page! I still miss the sixties ... Did you mention P.J.s?

English roadie-far left

Mott the Hoople

I can identify the people in the Mott picture. It had to have been taken in 1974 after Mick Ralphs left the band to start Bad Company. Standing, from left- Morgan Fisher, keyboardist, Pete 'Overend' Watts, bass, Ian Hunter. Sitting are guitarist Luther Grosvenor, who performed under the name of Ariel Bender, and drummer Dale 'Buffin' Griffin.

-- Dean Amrhein


Bobby Grahm sent me this awesome article from the English
Star Magazine. Bobby's email:  bgrahm@gmail.com
Click it to enlarge.

After "Guitar Glenn" Schwartz left, he joined the All Saved Freak Band and recorded 4 LPs with them.

I did an extensive interview with band co-founder Joe Markko that you may find interesting; it's very much of "that era!"

allsavedfreakband.com     Click in "interview".

Best, Jeff Stevenson   jcsnyc@hotmail.com

We heard from Jeff in March of 2015. Here is his email:

Hi Nancy-- Yes, this address is correct. And since my post about Glenn Schwartz of PG&E, my book has a publisher and is coming out in June! I was interviewed last week and this article came out: www.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2015/03/12/new-book-aims-to-set-the-story-straight-about-local-guitar-hero-glenn-schwartz. And we're starting to get some great blurbs in: www.freethoughthouse.com/fortney-road.html

All the best,


I came across your site while attempting to find something on Head East to show someone who was is so straight, he was oblivious to the 60's and has never been to LA.

I worked for 2 of the most significant "Frank"s of the era. Zappa & Rowena. I did album art for FZ working under John Williams (Art Director/Bizarre-Straight Records) and Rowena (Head east). If you remember the great murals that covered the walls of the Head East building (corner of Sunset & La Cienega) you were admiring some of my work. The best stuff was in the offices and the hallway-stairs up to the 2nd floor.

Anyway... your site was a nice stroll down memory lane!

Thanks!!       Otis Owens

Five Man Electrical Band
...will soon be on tour again.
 Current band members are:
Les Emerson, Ross McRae, Rick Smithers,
Ted Gerow, Mike Balanger, Steve Hollingworth

Barry McGuire
Barry's website: Barrymcguire.com
Barry's letter below:

Hi Nancy,

Wow, I was just perusing your website. So many people I don't even remember. Those years are all a bit hazy in my memory banks. I do remember Denny's hammock and the endless stream of folks that came through the Appian Way Manor.

With Denny's death, I couldn't help but think I'm the only one left from that particular time period. Denny's gone, Linda's gone, Alana's gone, Owen's gone. I don't know where Robert Simone is, I think Denny told me he's living somewhere in Boston.

Cass Elliott

I just figured out that if you live long enough, everybody you know is going to die. I did Cassie's documentary, then I did John's documentary, and now I guess I'll do Denny's documentary. So it's just up to me and Michelle as to who's going to have the last word.....LOL. It'll probably be her. Last time I saw her was at John's memorial at the Roxy. She came walking into the room. I couldn't believe my eyes. I said, "Michelle, what's going on, everybody in this room looks like a hundred miles of bad road, but you look like Barbie out of the box?" She just laughed and said, "I told you guys to stop doing all those drugs, but would you listen, Nooo..." But thankfully I did get away from the madness in '71.

Michelle Phillips

I just signed a contract to go singing once again with the New Christy Minstrels. 90 concerts in the US and 30 overseas with a Pacific Rim tour courting us at the same time. We've done about a half a dozen show so far - just getting up to speed. A ton of fun, singing with old friends.

You mentioned our conversations, I'm still having them. I've found some great authors that write about stuff I love to think about. ie. Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Jean Pierre de-Caussade, Madame Guyon, just really wonderful liberating information that keeps me focused on this very moment I'm living in all the time.

Thank you so much for saying Hi. And thanks for the trip through your website. So many people I don't remember, but didn't I just say that....LOL!

Blessings on you sis, have a wonderful life,

Barry  Barrymcguire@earthlink.net

Flying Burrito Brothers
"Sneaky Pete" Kleinow, a steel guitar virtuoso who helped create 
the genre of country rock by introducing rock audiences to one of 
country music's cornerstone instruments while performing with the 
Flying Burrito Brothers, has died of complications brought on by Alzheimer's disease. He was 72. 

Sneaky Pete

We have all seen Mickey Jones recently in movies, TV shows,
and even the Breathsavers commercials, but did you know that he 
was around us in the old days in Hollywood? 
He writes:
I started working at P.J.s in 1961 as the drummer with Trini Lopez. I knew Elmer, Mario and Shelly Davis very well. In '64 I started playing with Johnny Rivers at the Whisky. Again it was Elmer who we worked for. In '66 I became the drummer with Bob Dylan. 

While rehearsing for the, now legendary '66 first electric world tour, I brought Bob into the Whisky to see and meet Otis Redding. It was Elmer who arranged the back booth for us. In the fall of '67 I started with a group called The First Edition with Kenny Rogers on bass. That group was together for 10 years. So, you can see Hollywood, 
the 60s and my life are all rolled into one.

Both Dylan photos were taken on the '66 electric world tour. The train stations was in Belfast, Ireland and the guitar was taken in England.

Kenny Rogers and the First Edition

Beatles was taken in their dressing room at the 
Olympia Theatre in Paris in January '64

The drum photo was in Anaheim Stadium in '72
Visit Mickey's website:  www.Mickeyjones.com

Say Goodbye to Denny...

Denny Doherty, a founding member of the Mamas and the Papas, 
died yesterday at his home in Mississauga, Ontario. He was 66.
Doherty had recently suffered kidney failure after 
surgery for a stomach aneurysm.

"Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you - 
Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you. 
But in your dreams, whatever they be, 
Dream a little dream of me."

Rolling Stone's Artist of the Year - 2006

Goodstock, 2007!
"60's and 70's bands-- a general feeling of peace and 
brotherhood." July 19-21, 2007 in Summersville, W. Virginia

Re: Noel Redding
I am auctioning a lot of his possessions at the request of his estate which was Deborah McNaughton who subsequently passed away and now I represent her estate, having represented Noel for the last four years of his life.

Her sisters had two choices re: Noel's possessions that have not already been distributed. Give or thrown them away or sell them.

They have asked me to sell them via Ebay. (usual kjfrasercat code). Books, letters, photo’s. Diaries, stage clothes and more personal possessions.

I opened the first box of about 36 and it was full of JHE books that were Noel's. The first one we have put on EBAY is "I'm With The Band - Confessions Of A Groupie" by Pamela Des Barres. She writes in the front of it in her own handwriting "To My Darling Noel - My 2nd Lover. I remember the toothpaste very very well. Its so lovely to be re-united with you – Fondest Love Pamela".

In the book she wrote about her flings with Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page and Noel. And many other rock stars. Noel obviously made an impression on her over and above these gents.

My goal is to raise enough money to make a bust of Noel that will sit outside The Barras pub in Clonakilty (the town in Ireland he made his own) with this income and/or a charity concert at The Roundhouse sometime soon.

Ebay item=150081652056

Topanga Corral
"Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors is about the Corral.
(Does anyone have any good photos of the Corral?)

Topanga Corral was just a little roadhouse type joint up in the mountains off a bend in the road. Topanga Canyon is very rural and mountainous forest type country. It was just a little bar with a stage but every now and then you would hear that Neil Young, John Mayall, Canned Heat, Joni Mitchell or somebody else would be playing and you could drive right up and walk right in. Of course this was back in the late sixties, early 70's.  
The place eventually closed as all the old classic joints do because times change. Eventually it burned to the ground in the late 80's or early 90's.

Vacant lot were the Corral
was once located.

Does anyone remember this box car...
...which stretched across the Topanga River, leading to a house, 
which was located about a mile North of Buff's 'luxurious cabin?' 
(towards the Valley) Still there. This shot is from 2005.

Poster promoting Spirit and The Taj Mahal Blues Band
at the Whisky Nov 3-10, 1968 and a photo of Taj.

The original lineup of the group was Randy California (guitars, vocals), Jay Ferguson (vocals, percussion), Mark Andes (bass), California's stepfather Ed Cassidy on drums, and keyboard player John Locke.

Aerial view of Hollywood sign 

The Plush Bunny in North Hollywood

Anybody remember the Hello Doll?
I think I do. I believe I danced there.

For those looking for Ruben DeFuentes of the Hollywood Stars: http://www.firefly-1.com/


Beverly Hills Hotel

I have to compliment you on your great job putting together the web site. I was born in 1951 in Detroit, MI and feel like the Hollywood/Strip you describe was just next door. As you may know, Detroit and Ann Arbor (University of Michigan campus) was moving along similarly to what was happening in Hollywood, from a cultural/musical perspective anyway. I made my first trip out to the Hollywood Area in 1984 and got instant vibes of the era I grew up as a teenager. Although I did see many of the bands listed as your favorites of the times, I saw them here in Michigan. I brought my son out there (we went to the X-Games in LA 3 years in a row now, staying at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel) for the first time in 2004 (when he was 18)........it was kinda funny his reaction to my vibes just being there......he has been discovering the music of the period the last few years (He plays lead guitar).

One of my very good friends was a key member of the Amboy Dukes (Ted Nugent was the lead member) during the 1966-70 period (most popular song they produced during that period was Journey to the Center of Your Mind) and he was a ghost writer for quite a few of the bands of the period, including Bob Seger, SRC and others. He ended up ghost writing the story and music for the Eddie and the Cruisers Movies. I am not sure if the Amboy Dukes played any Hollywood area gigs during this time (I have sent the link to your web site to him and already warned him we will be having beers and re-visiting the period), but I have heard some interesting stories about Morrison. In Hollywood there was the Whiskey, and in Detroit there was the Grande Ballroom. I was all set to attend The Doors concert in Ann Arbor, but came down with Strep throat and gave my ticket to one of my friends. As it turns out, the Doors Ann Arbor gig was pretty awful because of Morrison antics, but too much alcohol has a tendency to do that. I also was all set to go to Woodstock, but my car threw a rod and it was too late to hitch a ride.

Now that the internet has afforded people to put out their personal archives, as well as, provide access to so much media material in general, I have found myself searching for more and more material from my teen and early 20's years.

I am in total agreement that Stone butchered the portrayal of the period, as well as, the individual people. It was obvious he did not "live" in the period in California, nor anywhere in the States. Its also too bad that the Morrison assessments have mostly centered on his persona whilst drunk or strung out on chemicals. The stories I have heard directly from people who were there with him or around him have told more of the story behind the man. Most of my friends, including myself, were in awe of the mans genius and rather jealous of his persona, although at the time I was no slouch myself.

Nancy, I hope you are getting along well......Best Wishes for 2007, and it would be great sometime while I am in Nashville if you would allow me to buy some coffee, lunch or dinner and chat about one of the grandest of periods......certainly so far in my 55 years.

......and I would certainly consider a donation toward the maintenance of the web site......the personal recollections are absolutely precious.

Warmest Regards,  Stan    spbowl@wowway.com

 The Amboy Dukes

Stan added in another email:

I had a nice discussion with MVGF today and the Amboy Dukes were signed up to be the opening act for Jimi Hendrix. Actually went to New York and opened the few gigs there for Hendrix, then Ted Nugent must have got cross-wise with Henrix and the Dukes were kicked off the card. Right after that the Dukes did head to California, but played gigs in San Francisco........not LA. I have not cross-referenced any dates to see what other bands (including The Doors) were in the vicinity. I seem to recall that Morrison had a jam session with Hendrix at one time when their paths crossed, with an improvised song titled _ _ _ k her in the _ _ s getting taped by someone. Just some fun from a couple of guys stoned on their asses.

I must say, this all gets the motor runnin'.

Flying Burrito Brothers and the GTO's

Manson girls

Hi, I was a musician, bass player, in the 60's and played Vegas. I wasn' t in LA until later. I knew Nooney Rickett and Stark Naked and the Car Thieves which were bands that came to Vegas from LA. I always wondered what happened to them. It is a treat to see a web page dedicated to the real rock & roll beginnings and Hollywood.

In Vegas, I played with a band called "The Triplites" We played the Thunderbird, The CarouCeller, (basement to the Carousel Casino downtown) and another big club just off the strip The Pussy Cat; near the Stardust. I was the Bass Player.

Do you know Birtha? I hope I spelled it right. I always thought they were way ahead of their time. Please add them and any info about them if possible.

I moved to LA in Dec 69 and tried to start a band with Tonni Kalash, Herb Alpert’s other trumpet player. We were going after the Ides of March sound. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Stretch    Capthead@earthlink.net


Band members were:
Rosemary Butler, Liver Favela, Sherry Hagler, Shele Pinizzotto
Rosemary's website is: Rosemarybutler.com

"I'm so tired
and I know it shows
but I got my rock
and that's the way I'll roll"

R.D. Simone

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