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Part Four--More Fresh Photos!

Time to move on to another new page of Fresh Photos, More Names, 
email addresses, and more stories from the Sixties on the Strip.

Buddy Zoloth writes..."I was the original manager at Thee 
Experience, and then road manager for Blues Image. These 
were the days when the Whisky rotated three opening acts 
alot--Three Dog Night, Chicago, and Blues Image. Mario used 
to call us his 'favorite jag-offs'." I remember when we got 
robbed at gunpoint in the Whisky dressing room while Jimi 
was on stage jamming. I later went to work for Rita Coolidge 
(70-71) then Stephen Stills (with Lala, 71-76.)
I live  happily in Oregon with my wife and three kids. I found 
it very interesting that many of those no longer with us had 
liver failure. Add me to the list, but I ain't dead yet."

Buddy Zoloth in 1990

Buddy died June 10th 2007 from complications of Hep C - liver cancer. Bernard "Buddy" Zoloth March 10th 1948 to June 10th, '07.

Foghat guitarist, Rod Price, died March 22, 2005 in Wilton, 
N.H., after falling in a stairway. He was 57. The London-born 
 artist was known as "the magician of slide" for his work with 
Foghat, which is best known for its 1975 #20 Billboard pop 
singles chart hit "Slow Ride."

Got an email that started out saying "they're rockin on..."
along with the photos below.

Andy Powell--Jan 25, 2005

Clive Bunker with a band called "Twin Dragons"--Sept 24, 2004

Corky Laing and Leslie West--December 11, 2003

Robert Knight wants to know whatever happened to Mary Hughes.
She was in all those funny beach movies and later was rumored to 
have married Lee Michaels. She was also one of Elvis's girls.
Robert Knight.

From Larry Taylor: 
First of all thank you for putting me back in
touch with Mark Rodney, I spent the late sixties
in & around h'wood, laurel canyon, topanga, etc.
We (Larry thats me) & a friend Ken moved down
there from
Victoria BC, Canada in 66 but I was
going there from 65' til 69. We even took Mark for
his probably only visit to
Canada where he was
always cold. I also lived with Darry Deloach for
about a year & knew almost everyone from the
strip. I enjoyed many parties & party favours
"lol" during that time. i also knew the GTO's &
went out with Miss Sandra briefly (very brief one
night but then you know how it was) I remember
Mario telling Darryl "take your best shot" after
we got kicked out of the Whiskey one night because
D was yelling Van Morrison is a M-----F--ker after
each song.  Mario though he was insulting him but
he was just so impressed he could not contain
himself. As we were leaving D said "I will see
your ass in the street (meaning that he would hit
the top again & Mario would try to get him to play
there again)" Of course M thought he meant let's
go fight. Nothing happened thankfully but we still
had a blast that night. Thankfully I reconnected
with D before he died. I live in
Vancouver Canada
now after spending several years in
Europe , Hawaii
and Vegas. I just got off the phone to Mark so
thank you very much. cheers Larry Taylor from Canaday

Steve Rusty Johnson, drummer for The Pacific Ocean at Gazzarri's 
from 1966 to 1970, has recently had his book, "Walk, Don't Run" 
published by Kallista Publishing. It's a book about his days on 
Sunset Strip. The other guys in Pacific Ocean were: Edward James 
Olmos, Tony Carr, and Ron Hensless. Go to walkdontrunthebook.com 
to check out Rusty's book.

John writes: I had to go down to the jail in Hollywood Saturday night to bail some guy out. The one on Wilcox, and Sunset. Just as I was getting on the 101 from the 10 freeway, The Doors song, LA Women comes on the radio. I'll tell you after all these years there is still nothing like hitting the 101 freeway heading into Hollywood listening to that song. It still gives me goose bumps.
  After my business was done I cruised down Sunset for a while just to look around. There were a lot of folks out and about, seemed like mostly tourists. It reminded me of all my young friends, and the young me, and how much fun we had back in the day.
  Anyway just wanted to share that with you. 

PEACE&LOVE  John  thetaximan@verizon.net

Lisa remembers Sandy Konikoff and Riley Wyldflower Cummings...
"I was born in LA, and we lived there until 1973 when we moved to Tulsa. My parents used to have Sunday brunches in our Encino backyard from 1968 to '71 with Riley, Sandy, and hordes of their friends. Jim Morrison even came over to the house once... which you say in your web site, "unless you were there, no one would believe it."
My brother, Riley, who died in a car crash in Hawaii, went to someone's wedding from Fleetwood Mac in '82, or early '83, before he died. Mama Cass once begged my brother to marry her.
I'm sending two photos of Sandy, my brother, Riley, and other unidentified musicians. We think Mike Nesmith is in one photo.

In the group shot with the dog, Sandy is on the 
far left and my brother is far right.
The other photo is Gentle Soul with Pamela Polland.
That group was managed by Terry Melcher.
They all lived in a house across from Chateau Marmont.
Post my name and email in case someone happens to 
know Sandy Konikoff or Riley Wyldflower Cummings.
Lisa's email: 

Debi Pomeroy (Daughters of Eve) sent a photo of her current 
band, the Cadillac Angels, who were playing in Vegas in November.

Bass, Kevin Stewart, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/
songster is Tony Balbinot. Debi is on drums. 

Does anyone remember John Lennon's Rolls Royce parked on the strip September-December 1968? I worked (goofed off is more like it) at the Bank of America branch on the Strip, and, somehow, they were involved with handling John Lennon's Rolls Royce (at least I think so, but who knows?). I remember seeing it parked outside the bank, but, then, I was seeing a lot of colorful things back then.

  Still no bites on the Mission Hotel. I'm beginning to think that the " Mission " was a nickname for a hippie flophouse of another name, so I'll rephrase the question: Does anyone remember a New Year's Eve tear gas attack at ANY hippie hangout in Hollywood or L.A.? The place was a real dive, looked like a Spanish-styled yellow stucco building. I don't think it ever had a heyday. I heard somewhere that, shortly after that night, the place burned down or was torn down. Being geographically challenged, I don't even have an address or street number. When my husband and I were in Hollywood five years ago, I needed a map to find the apartment building on (my old dives). Thanks for any help. Keep the Hollywood memories alive!

  Peace, Jennifer Semple Siegel   o911home@yahoo.com

Keith Knudsen, the longtime Doobie Brothers drummer who was part of the band during a string of hits that included "Taking it to the Streets" and "Black Water," died of pneumonia Tuesday. He was 56. 

 From left are John McFee, Tom Johnston, Keith Knudsen, 
Patrick Simmons and Michael Hossack. 

We have also lost Jim Capaldi, legendary rock drummer for Traffic. 
After a brief fight with stomach cancer, he died in his sleep at the London Clinic in England.

...and ANOTHER legendary drummer, Spencer Dryden, from 
Jefferson Airplane died of colon cancer on January 10 in 
Penngrove, Ca., near San Francisco. He was 66.

Kay Poorboy from Mad Dogs and Englishmen

I actually stumbled across your website by accident, and couldn't stop going through it.... what memories, the good times and the "intended purity" of the entire experience was something that was never again to be... and that's the pity of it...
I ran the Coronet Theater on La Cienega, and made the trip up the hill every night.  I remember the "Mayor Rodney experience", the "real Don Steele" episode that spelled the beginning of the end,  the revival of the Body Shop, (which I staffed for the new owners), Snow Black, Al Green, Richard Pryor and his eclectic hobbies, Richie Brown, Tom Waits, Fatburger, CC Brown's, the opening of the Roxy, the "Bow", and the infamous "Hollywood Vampire's Tables" way up top....cheers Keith, wherever you are..
anyway, just wanted to say that you made my day, and I can't thank you enough for the memories you stirred... they were simpler and better times......

Lee Lanktree

Christine, from Doors.com has done an interview with me.
It can be found at:   http://doors.com/magazine/hangover.html

Sadly, Jimmy Griffin of Bread has passed away. 

Angel Ray was a dancer at The Body Shop,  Her daughter, Lisa 
Collins writes:

Thanks for writing back...not sure of the exact dates she was at the Body Shop but I know she was there 1966-1968...maybe later. She also worked at a couple of other clubs...I can't remember their names...one was in the valley.
Kitten and I have a long history...after my mom died in 1972, she would take me to Disneyland and other places...she was a good friend...I live in Texas now so I don't see her.
Back in the 60's, my mom and I shared a house on Sierra Bonita (Hollywood) with Robert (Bob, Bobby) Gersten...he was a dress designer who made alot of the girls (including Kitten) outfits...I remember he made Kitten a cowgirl outfit including toy guns and hat. Kitten used to hang out at our house all the time. There were tons of other people who hung out with us but I can't remember their names...
I've attached a picture of Angel Ray and Russ Meyer on the set of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Like I mentioned earlier, my mom died in 1972...she is laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery. It would be nice to find people that knew her since she died when I was only 10 and I didn't know her well. 
Thanks again. Lisa  email:  lisaco_98@yahoo.com

Angel Ray

Phil writes:  

Ok, I remember it. And it was very real.
My sister, Olivia, hit the strip in 1967 under the name of "Angel". And she, and her old man Bill, used to take me to the Griffith Park Love-Ins, where Ceasar, the gay dude in leatardes with an olive leaf crown would dance before the bands, lighting up joints, then passing them out to the crowd.
The Aquarius Theatre. Generals Hershey-bar and Wastemoreland. I remember.
The Bank...The rock concerts there.
Topanga Canyon.
It ain't in vain. Those of us who went through all that (and much more) retain it all inside. And this influences what we do today.

And Phil adds more:

Thought I'd bring up Arthur Blessit's "His Place". It was that Jesus Freak place where people went to shoot pool. It was definitely one of the Hollywood scene's hangouts.

   God, when we think back to the counterculture we had: The Strip, Topanga Canyon , The Love-Ins at Griffith Park , Venice , Laguna, that canyon by Palm Springs where everyone went (was it called Tokwitz?) And pockets in Pasadena .

I have been asked many times what the Hangover means--by people 
who weren't there, of course... 
Here's my answer.

Danny Sugerman, Fan and Manager of
Doors, Dies at 50

Published: January 16, 2005

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 15 (AP) - Danny Sugerman, who went from being a Doors fan as a teenager to serving as manager of the rock band, died on Jan. 5 at his home here. He was 50.

The cause was lung cancer, according to a statement posted on the band's Web site.

Mr. Sugerman helped write the biography of the Doors' lead singer, Jim Morrison, "No One Here Gets Out Alive" (Warner Books, 1980).

A confidant of Mr. Morrison and the other musicians, Mr. Sugerman promoted their music years after the band's fame peaked. He consulted on the Oliver Stone film "The Doors" (1991) and put out two compilations of song lyrics, Morrison poetry and articles about the band.

(Morrison, then 27, was found dead in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris on July 3, 1971. The French police said he died of a heart attack, though his use of drugs and alcohol was believed to be a factor.)

Sugerman, who was from the Los Angeles area, became a fan of the Doors after a concert at age 13. He was hired by Morrison a year later to put together a band scrapbook.

He recounted his struggles with heroin addiction in an autobiography, "Wonderland Avenue: Tales of Glamour and Excess" (Morrow, 1989). He also wrote a book about Guns N' Roses titled "Appetite for Destruction" (St. Martin's Press, 1991).

Mr. Sugerman is survived by his wife, the former Fawn Hall, who was secretary to the Iran-Contra figure Lt. Col. Oliver L. North of the Marines; a brother and a sister.

Jesse Winchester today
He played in Nashville recently.
Few major American songwriters have remained as 
consistent in sound and subject as Winchester has 
over the last three-and-a-half decades.

Brad writes:
"I am involved with a group of people doing research on the history of a certain location in the Hollywood Hills, off of Pacific View Drive . This would have been just East of your House in Nichols Canyon , and straight up from Leon 's house on Skyhill. The place was originally a tile swimming pool which was used in the '50's as a location for 'nudie' photo shoots. We have recently found (what is left of) it, but we have no history of it from 1957 - present.

  I have often theorized that as the place began to crumble and fall into disrepair, it would have been a great place to party in the late '60's. Hence this letter. The recognizable features of the place include white painted concrete 'loops' and a nine foot tall mural of a spider in a web. Do you have any recollection of being in a place like this? If it rings a bell, I could forward you some 'then and now' photographs to help jog any memories." Brad



Historian/writer Dolf van Lieshout is looking for people with 
stories to tell about the 1969 Rolling Stones American Tour. 
He wants to get in contact with people who saw the Stones at 
concerts and after-parties, people who traveled with the band, 
people who played as a support act on that tour, etc. He's also 
looking for Claudia Lennear of the Ike & Tina Tuner Revue Band, 
and of course who sang back-up for Leon Russell.
Please contact him at: dolfvanlieshout@yahoo.com

"Jerry" sent me a windfall of photos of The Eastside Kids. 
Mailed them! Original 8X10's, negatives and proofs! Here are 
a few below. I'm not positive who each member is...

...but I know that is Michael Doud on the far left, 
and I think that is his brother, David in the center. 
Danny Belsky is on the right with the jacket over his 
shoulder, and next to him is the organ player who 
replaced Jimmy Greenspoon. 


Michael is in center of this photo, and David is second from left. 
Jimmy Belsky is on far left.
In proof, is David Doud, David Potter, Potter, Michael Doud, 
Michael, and a group shot. Joe Madrid is pictured in in the last shot with a white shirt and tie. Jimmy Greenspoon, from Three Dog Night, was also in the band at one time.
Listed below are the main band members:
Lead singer: Joe Madrid
Drummer: David Potter
Guitar: David Doud
Bass: Michael Doud

Bryce Martin, from Spring Hill, Tn, remembers Stark Naked and 
the Car Thieves and writes, "I was a regular on The Sunset Strip beginning the latter part of 1963, just on weekends when I drove
down there from the Ridgecrest/Trona area not far from
Death Valley. I continued to frequent the Strip on a
lesser basis up until 1966."  havilahus@yahoo.com

From John Mendelsohn in London:
"Here I am at the Whisky in 
September 1971, opening for Pollution, whose co-lead singer I had 
recently disparaged in the Los Angeles Times! I still can't figure out 
what I was thinking in those days."


Jean-Marc Vasseur sent the next three photos.

First is Jean-Marc today, then photos of The Speed
Rhythm Band recording at Valentine's in 72.
Michael Daly, Skip Tull, Jean-Marc, Bobby De Simone, 
Ronnie Blackley, and others.

Stephen, of Shady Lady, sent me the band's new 
"Raving Mad" CD cover.

From Debi Drums: "I am in a real cool rockabilly-surf ( Dick Dale, Link Wray style) band. I have enclosed a photo of us playing in Vegas last month. However, I am planning a trip to Chicago next spring and I hope that you and I can get together if it is possible. My guitarist is from Illinois too. By the way, I am in touch with Ed Cassidy, drummer with Spirit, these days. He is doing well up in Taft, California. He is 83 now!!!!"
Debi Drums 

Debi's photos

"Chuck Wein is alive and kicking here in San Diego, in the Solana Beach
- Cardiff area. I've seen him around at the Pannikin Coffee Shop and up
at Miracles (which has just been torn down). We talked, or rather HE
talked and I listened, telling a million stories about the days with
Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, etc. He also talks to a friend of mine about
his past lives, etc., as a "Medium" and they both discuss traveling in
time to talk to Jimi and the rest.

I recently bought the Ciao Manhattan! DVD to take a look at Edie
Sedgwick and all the rest who appeared in that movie. A good bit of
that footage was shot by Chuck, as everyone probably knows, and then
became edited and spliced into that film. Very cool. I also bought a
copy of Rainbow Bridge which Chuck directed (and appeared in with Jimi Hendrix, etc.) which was great to see, with all the local landmarks
here in San Diego.

I have no idea how to contact Chuck. I just see him around. But if I
see him again soon, I'll try to get some contact information from him.

I'm also trying to remember what I can of Marky McCoy. I have pictures of him as a 16 - 18 year old somewhere around here. He ended up in New York for awhile, with Sylvain Sylvain and the NY Dolls -- but I had lost track of him by then and only saw him once after that, after an AA meeting that my husband also attended. Googling his name returns a story of someone who sounds like him a bit, who became very religious and later died from cancer, but I am not certain that is MY Marky McCoy, so I'd love more info on him if anyone has any.

Thanks for the site. It's fun to remember the days....."  Mona

From Allan Rosen: 

I'm in e-mail contact with Michael Stuart, drummer from LOVE. He seems like a real nice guy and always answers my e-mails. We talk about the LA scene, Laurel Canyon, Bido Lito's and The Whiskey, the Sons of Adam (his original group), Arthur, Bryan, Johnny, Kenny, and Snoopy (all from LOVE). I connect well with him as we have so much in common. Michael has written a book of his days with LOVE called The Pegasus Carousel (Michael Stuart-Ware). It's very well written, and he's honest and frank about the band and the mystique of Arthur. 
Nancy-do you remember a restaurant called 'The 2 famous guys from Italy' or something like that. I used to get full 5 course dinners there for like $5?

Yes, I do, Allan.

Every time I read the website, I recognize more names and places that have been part of my musical life. The last item tonight was the photo of Lothar & The Hand People ( 1965 ) all that short hair was very long by the time my band 3's A Crowd played a double bill with them in 1968 at Steve Paul's SCENE in NYC.

Lothar and the Hand People
(The Midwest Version)

So yes I visited Denny's (Denny Doherty) home several times in 1968. and saw the round bed with the convenient door to the washroom to slide out of bed for a quick whizz!! and the wall full of BB pellet holes across from the bed. I spent one day working the phone for Denny ...sending out for deliveries for Food, Smokes, and Booze, and paying for them upon delivery from the large bowel of cash in the front hallway what a hoot.
Happy Holidays to you, and once again your website is a never ending joy to read.

Richard Patterson
My Hollywood Daze.

PS: do any of these names mean anything to you ( People and  Bands )

Cori Bishop
David Jove
Tommy Harrigan
Steve Barri
Bob Segarini
Stan Endersby

This is tough a Lady who was famous for the Tie dyed clothes worn by
John Sebastian of the Spoonful and the Rolling Stones. She lived in LA
first name was Maureen ( I knew her last names Patterson, Then Titcomb, and in LA is was something like Marueen Mabumn..?

Lotus Weinstock aka Maurey Haydn,
singer-songwriter -comedy writer standup. 

The Soul Crusade of the MANDALA
BUSH ( band name 1969-70  )
The Family Tree ( house band @ The Whiskey )

*  Ric Patterson Canada * 
               Email  ibrep@yahoo.com

My name is Debbi and I have been trying to get a hold of Tony Valentino, I know he owns a restaurant in Woodland Hills and maybe I could write him there but need address.  I knew him and other Standells in 60's and 70's. Had heard about Dicks car accident and I was in one about the same, so wanted to find out about him.  Tony and the others stayed at my house in Tucson Arizona in early 70's when they played at the Dunes.  Any way any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
 Thanks Debbi

Someone signed "G" to their email, which turned out to be his/her
take on the movie The Last Waltz" which ironically, my father just 
gave to me for my birthday. I found this very interesting.

I celebrated my 60th birthday party in Illinois on December 18.

My precious cousin, Sharon, Me, and my dear friend, Dru.

From Mark Rodney in L. Vegas: I love your new updates,
it was worth the wait!  I always recognize new faces when
you post new things. And I especially remember your face in
your latest pic you posted. You look great!
A few tidbits:
  TERI BOLO, (who wrote a letter you posted), is a girl. I
think you referred to her as a he.
  Also, I totally remember TRULLIE!!  I can't believe those
pictures of the pie fight at the NEWPORT POP FESTIVAL. I was
backstage roadie-ing for the S.F bands, and was there!!  And
that picture of the guy to the right of GOLDIE, who you asked
who it is, is the legendary S.F. founder of the FAMILY DOG,
CHET HELMS. He and JANIS JOPLIN both hitchhiked from their
hometown of TEXAS, to SAN FRANCISCO. CHET introduced JANIS to BIG BROTHER. Getting back to that pie fight, I remember JERRY
GARCIA got it the worst. It was so much fun.
And last, but certainly not least, NICOLE TACOT (Nicky), the
original SUNSET STRIP groupie, who went out with all the
BYRDS when she was 13 in 1964, died in Feb. 2004 in her home
in LONDON. Even though she grew up in WEST HOLLYWOOD, (and
was my first girl friend-we were the same age), she married
STEVIE WINWOOD for about 10 years and never left ENGLAND.
She met STEVIE at PETER TORKS house in BEACHWOOD CNYN., where CROSBY, STILLS, and also JIMI HENDRIX hung out and jammed, in '68. She moved to ENGLAND with STEVIE and also sang on some demos for APPLE RECORDS, produced by GEORGE HARRISON.  But they never came out.  R.I.P. NICKY....
Well, thanks for the updates N., and have a great New Year!
                                           GOD BLESS,
                                          MARK RODNEY

Allan Rosen wrote in and gave me a review of a recent Love 
concert he attended. His review is right here.
Allan also visited Hollywood again in October of this year. It 
was his first time back since 1970. Here's his take on the place now.

Does anyone remember the tear gas attack by the LAPD on 
New Year's Eve, 1968, at the Mission Hotel, a notorious hippie f
flop house? Or is this a figment of my swiss cheese imagination?
Jennifer Semple Siegel 
Here's Jennifer's account of that night.

Fulfilling requests for Pink Floyd.

Band members are: David Gilmour, Nicholas Mason,
Richard Wright, Roger Waters, and Syd Barrett.

Richard Patterson sent the photo below of the Tom Rush Band.
This is from 1972. The band played the Troubadour that year.

Left to Right: Trevor Veitch, guitar & vocals
Richard Patterson, drums
James Rolliston, bass guitar & vocals
Tom Rush, lead vocal & guitar

Richard said the The Five Man Electrical Band came to 
L.A. as the "Staccatos" so the two photos he sent on the 
right were labeled Staccatos1 and 2. Then the first photos 
is at a recording session at Western Recorders with his 
band at the time "Three's A Crowd" produced by 
Steve Barri and Mama Cass.

Charlie Smith is looking for any connections to 
Rosma Apodoca, a dancer from the Classic Cat.
He sent along this photo hoping someone would 
recognize her.

Rosma Apodoca
Charlie's email: lawyer_charlie@yahoo.com


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