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Our 20th Year!


Linda Wolf Photography    

This is Linda in the sixties--beautiful, young, talented, and 
smack-dab in the center of it all! Andee Cohen and Linda were 
the two lead photographers for the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. 
Being young and beautiful and female was tough for a photographer 
in those days. "The guy photographers were the powerful ones, in 
those sexist days; guys got all the jobs, no matter how good I was! Mostly, we women got our kudos if we either slept with the famous ones, or were their old ladies--until Fanny..." 

Linda lived with the girl group, Fanny, and was their photographer. 
They all lived up the street from the Chateau Marmont.
The photo of Linda was taken in 1966 or 67 by Jim McCrary, who 
was then a photographer for A & M. She was 16 or 17.

The following are some of Linda's great photos...

The first shot is one of Joe Cockers original paintings.
"He signed it! He was fooling around, painting and drawing
one night at Denny Cordell's house in Sherman Oaks."

Cocker under the lights
The main Mad Dog

Chris Stainton's feet--"Denny Cordell borrowed my 
camera and took this shot of Chris's feet. "
The beautiful Bobby Jones of the Mad Dogs' choir
My dear friend, Francine Brockey and Sweet Emily
"Miss Em is Leon's cousin. She was pretty much one of the 
hostesses of the whole tour. I was petrified of her. She'd
come into a room and if she wanted to sit down where you were
sitting, she'd just sit and you had to get out of the way! I think
I still have one of those Cocker Power buttons she's wearing."

Carl Radle and Sandy Konikoff in first photo
And "arty" shot of Alice DeBuhr, drummer for Fanny. "Alice
quit drumming, but I think she still has something to do with
the record industry. I hear from her from time to time.
June Millington runs a music school for women,
somewhere in the Berkshires, I think." 

The photo on the right is the Screamers who
were a punk rock band from the 70's.

On left is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Middle photo is Kay Poorboy while the Tour was in NYC.
"Kay, Francine, Carla and her baby, and I were on the roof
of the President Hotel, 1970, probably March."
The last image is one of Linda's contact sheets with some
really great shots. You've got to enlarge this as there's
several familiar faces  along with two shots of Mickey Dolenz
of the Monkeys in the bathtub!

"After the Cocker Tour and doing a few shoots for record
companies, in 1970, I left the US and went back to school in
France for five years, where I studied all kinds of things,
including photography from the masters. By the time I came
back, I was off into my own world, and had, thankfully, gotten
free of the music scene and the hard core world for
women and girls that it offered."

Linda went on to become one of the 100 best photographers
in the world according to the book 'Twenty-four Hours in L.A.'

She has her own photography website along with
other special projects close to her heart. She now
resides in Washington with her two beautiful daughters.

Update from Linda Wolf, May, 2016

What's happening now is I've just completed a new book, the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen Memory Book which is on my merch page along with vintage photos for sale. lindawolf.net/new-products I'm going on the road with the Tedeschi Trucks band for a few of their dates in Canada, Portland and Seattle this summer and preparing a book about the TTB tribute /reunion concert for Joe Cocker (and Mad Dogs & Englishmen) that took place at the Lockn' Festival last year. My vintage JCMD&E images will appear in a documentary film being made currently by producers Jojo Pennebaker and Jesse Lauter about that tribute / reunion concert. I'm the ambassador along with Taj Mahal for a cross cultural trip to Cuba in November. Also found at my website lindawolf.net/events. I've just interviewed Warren Haynes for my nonprofit blog: teentalkingcircles.com (coming out in June). I will be interviewing Taj Mahal, Bettye Lavette, and Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks for the same blog coming up.

Update from Linda Wolf, May, 2020

Linda is working on a new book and here is a link: Cocker Power Book

There is also a live stream video online with alumni speaking about the tour and the tribute concert. Here is a link: Tour and Tribute Concert







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