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Last updated 02/2015

I worked at the Whiskey from 1968 to 1971. I know most of the people you mentioned and have hundreds of stories from those great years.

Worked at the top of the stairs for 4 years.

Hope to hear from you


It's great to be talking about the good old days in Hollyweird.

The top of the stairs refers to the upstairs area that had a bar, tables, lighting equipment, peanut gallery (rows for the youngerkids) and the dressing rooms and offices on the 3rd level of the building. I stood at the top of the stairs and guided musicians, groupies, and patrons accordingly. I also kept people off the stairs. Once when Chuck Berry played the Whiskey, Mick Jagger set on the stairs beside me, and I had to keep the groupies who kept flashing their boobs at Mick, to get going. He could see tits anytime, but not Chuck Berry. Bianca was in the building that nite along with Led Zep members.

I moved to Hollywood on 3-3-1968 from North Carolina where I had run a disco called the Coach & 4. Go Go Girls, live drummer and films. Pretty hip for NC in 1965 when we opened. I first worked for Mother Johns( located 4 doors up on the block) which was owned by the Whiskey (Johnny Rivers offices were upstairs. MJ's was originally owned by Timi Yuro (song I'm So Hurt), but sold to the Whiskey. I was manager in a couple of months. Vic Morrow used to shoot pool with Sugarbear(the dwarf) who worked at Mother Johns with me and George Reynolds.George & I were waiters and Sugarbear was the cashier. Sugarbear was in THX 1138, George was in Uptown Sat Nite with Bill Cosby, and I was in Black Belt Jones(Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon was the star) I had fight scenes. Got part because I was taking karate from Chuck Norris in Van Nuys. Priscilla Pressly was in my class for a year. The point is that 3 of us from Mother Johns all got in the movies. Wow. Enough about me.

Just trying to give you the setup for the rest of the stories to follow.

One nite the Blues Image (from Florida) were playing and Jim Morrison and Eric Burden wandered up on stage as the group was winding down the last set. Morrison sticks a microphone down the front of his pants, and Eric starts egging him on to drop his pants. The band walked off and Jimbo came around upstairs on the railing near me over looking the club and started shouting vulgarites and at the crowd and the N word was used.Girl shouted about Jims mother. I confronted Morrison who was shit faced to shut his mouth or I was going to throw him out the back door. I would not have hit him, because he was so drunk. Out of nowhere, Elmer Valentine comes running up the stairs just in the nick of time to rescue Jim. As you know in those days the Doors were gods in Hollywood and I loved their music and still do.
This episode occurred about 2 weeks after Morrison was arrested in Miami for simulating oral copulation on stage to give you a time frame.

Cindy Williams of Laverne & Shirley was a waitress upstairs where I worked and Kenny Bracci( a good friend was bartender). His brother David worked downstairs. Cindy lived in WC Fields old house on Franklin Ave. I was at Cindy's house in the Valley when the astronauts took the first walk on the moon 7-21-1969. We dated a few times. Kenny and all of the bartenders kept us with all the booze we needed in those days.Kenny B & Sugarbear were roomates for years.

On 9-18-1968 the Buddy Miles Express debuted with Jimi Hendrix who played guitar for about 30 minutes on the dance floor in front of the stage. Buddy had the american flag drum set, and all of the band members including horn players had white tucks. The bars were hosted, and boy was the booze flowing. On the final nite of their 5 nites, I was walking by the front bar where Mario Jr was bartending and stumbled over one of Buddy Miles horn players who was past out on the floor in his white tucks. Quite a 5 day run.

One nite Jimi Hendrix came to the top of the stairs and we were talking and he told me he thought he had totaled his mustang the nite before, but went out to find it parked on the curb. He told me the LSD was pretty heavy that nite.

In working for the Whiskey for four years, Elmer Valentine and I had a few situations. When I first started working at Mother Johns owned by the Whiskey, Elmer had me go with him to his house off Laurel Canyon(I lived on Laurel Canyon near Frank Zappas old log cabin with Houndinis house was across the street) Am I name dropping enough for You?

I helped Elmer move some of his stereo equipment around and he told me the story about Steve Mcqueen who from time to time would use Elmers house for a little romp now and then. This one evening, Mcqueen forgot to turn the alarm off and was greeted by a bull horn with a cop screaming to come out with hands up. Mcqueen went out on deck with sheet around him hollaring I'm Steve Mcqueen.

The funny part about this story was, that less than a week later, someone broke into Elmers house and stole only his pants. Yes, not the stereo or jewelry or Ming china, but his custom made trousers. Elmers comes to Mother Johns and pulls me aside and says to me (I had only been in Hollywood 6 weeks), that he knew that I had a lot of street contacts and wanted to me to see if he could just pay a ransom and wanted me to make the deal. I was sort of taken back. I didn't think I looked like redneckgang leader, but more like a preppie linebacker from NC.

To me Elmer was on top of the world. He as you probably know, ran with some beautiful women. I ended up with a few of his castoffs. A friend of mine went on one of Elmer"s notorious Palm Spring trips. This trip was pretty typical according to my friend. Seven or eight women, a large pool to sunbath nude around, and every thing need to alter ones mind, in liquid, herb or pill form. He would come out to the pool and point at a couple of girls and would party down.

Well enough of my ramblings. If you have contact with Kenny Bracci , would love it if you gave him my email address or phone no 704 880 1421. Haven't heard from him in years, but we had a lot of great times together. Were you around Hollywood in those days?


Joe (Burt) Kuykendall

And in another email:

I was sad to hear about Kenny's death. I am 64 and I can't remember how much older he was (about 5 years). Kenny and I had so many good times working together at the Whiskey. It was like going to a party. Burn one on the way to work and then drink all nite and then get paid for it. I would go get my money from Mario so shit faced, that if I went down to his office straight, he would have thought something was wrong. As I mentioned, Kenny and Sugarbear were roomates for years. Kenny had a girlfriend named Brandi who was in Penthouse one month. I think I have a copy somewhere. Brandi's girlfriend was dating Don Stroud. As I mentioned, I took karate for 3 years at Chuck Norris's and I only became a green belt. But the only time ever, I took over a beginners class and Don Stroud was in it. It was so funny, in that I had the students hittting the big bag, and Don punched it and wore himself out in about 30 seconds and fell to the mat. I used to hang out out at Kennys on Coldwater Canyon near Ventura Blvd in Studio City. Kenny and I would go to Dupars at Laurel Canyon & Ventura a lot. Did you know Sugarbear?

The incident with Morrison & Eric Burden on stage & Jim confronting me, never went downstairs. I tried to pull up your article, but something about my adobe reader will not let me pull a lot from Hollywoodhangover.

I talked to Mario about a year ago, but have not seen him for many years. My brother saw him at the Rainbow last year and that is the last place I had seen Mario.

One nite Eric Burden and War were playing and a guy came pushing through the crowd and I had to confront him. He went up to the dressing rooms and about ten minutes later he came running down with security after him. He had attacked Eric for some reason. I had just started taking karate at Chucks about 6 months prior and had been working on take down that day, and used it on him. Mario came up and the guy had brokern loose from some other security people and Mario hit him in the head. It broke Mario's hand and didn't faze the guy. He was on angel dust I think. Well I took the guy down with an arm bar. Just like I had been shown early that day. Mario's hand was in a cast for 6 weeks. I was never a real bad ass, but ok.Trying not to toot my horn to hard.

As I mentioned before, Vic Morrow & Sugarbear used to shoot pool at Mother John's. At closing one nite, Vic was playing a biker for money, and Vic missed an easy shot and lost. He threw the pool stick down and went to Sneaky Petes(High roller bar next to Whiskey-Johnny Carson crowd) to get his keys from valet. They had closed and wouldn't open door and Vic kicked the door in and got his keys. These little stories start rolling out as I rehash other events.

The nite Joe Cocker played the Whiskey, employees went in early for free dinner every nite. Just as I had walked in the back door, I heard a band just finishing up rehearsal. I walked in to main room and there was a guy with long hair standing to my left. I asked him if the band was any good, and he replied, I hope so, there backing me upl tonight. I thought that Joe Cocker was black by the sound of his voice. Well later that nite as he was performing, a girl who was extremely well endowed, starting reaching up and touching Joe's legs. She ended up on stage and I had to come to Joe's rescue. I reached around her from the back and carried her off with the handy knobs on her front. There was a shot of her with him in a magazine(Filmore East?) a couple of weeks later. Probably set up by Joe's PR machine. Dionne Warwick and Pete Townsend were there among a ton of celebs that nite.

How old are you, and were you around for those years?

Joe (Burt)

And in another email:

Good to hear that Sugarbear is still alive. You probably didn't know that Sugarbear was in Easy Rider, but his scenes were cut.

Regarding the Jim Morrison tantrum or rage, I figured out that in was about May 1-4 th. I know because I got a list of groups playing at the Whiskey that year .Morrison got arrested in Miami on 3-1-1969 for exposing himself. I thought it was a couple of weeks after his arrest, that I had my confrontation with him at the Whiskey. The Blues Image were playing that nite between May 1 and May 4. So it was 2 months later and not 2 weeks.

To go into more detail about that evening, the Blues Image were finishing there last set and the Whiskey was about ready to close. That is when Eric Burden( who was orginally scheduled to play the Blues Image May 1 to 4th gig) canceled. Eric and Morrison got up on stage and Morrison grabbed a mic and stuck it down the front of his pants. Eric kept telling Morrison to pull his unit out. They were both yelling vulgarites and the sound booth upstairs with me, cut the mics. Morrison proceded to go off stage behind the curtain heading toward the dressing rooms. He came out and started walking along the railing(in front of the peanut gallery bench seats) and started cursing at everyone in the club. Calling out assholes and fuckers, one woman hollared out "what about your mother", which at that point incensed Morrison. I was standing at my normal spot at the top ot the stairs, which was about 15' from Morrison. I was worried about a riot in the club because people were really getting pissed off at the drunken Morrison and his rants. I then walked within about 5' of him and told him loudly to shut his mouth or I was going to throw him bodily out the back door. He halted his vile mouth because I was so agressive with him in my stance, that even he knew in his drunken state that he was about to get the shit kicked out of him. He turned like he might challenge me, but again he was so drunk he would have problably fallen flat on his face if he tried to throw a punch at me. As I told you before, I would have just grabbed him and not punched him. Not because he was Jim Morrison, but that was the way I handled people in my 15 years of club work. Never vicious.

As I was face to face with Morrison, Elmer comes bolting up the stairs and grabs Jim. A few days later Elmer told me that I had done a good job in helping contain the situation(meaning not kicking the shit out of Morrison).

You mentioned an altercation down staris by the bathrooms. I was never involved in anything downstairs with Morrison. I can't imagine a conflict down by the bathrooms being more disruptive than Morrison standing upstairs on the railing where almost everyone in the club could see and hear him ranting. But maybe it could have happen. Try to figure out your dates. The May 1st to May 4th day is for sure given Eric B and Blues Image presence.

I mentioned my getting in touch with David Bracci, or your giving him my email. Would like to contact Sugarbear. I will send you a photo of me from those days. You might remember me because I worked about 5 nites a week for 4 years.

Joe (Burt)

If you talk to David Bracci, use Burt for me. I was never called by my first name in Cali. Would love to communicate with David.

Elmer V
Elmer Valentine

I'm sorry to report that one of our dearest icons of the sixties, Elmer Valentine, has died in his sleep this week. Elmer co-founded the Whisky a Go Go in 1963. I learned of his death through an email sent to me. I am currently trying to find more information on the details of his passing.

He was an extraordinary man, who was a big brother to some, and a father to many of us.

We will miss you, Elmer!


There was a major fire at the Body shop on Sunset.

Click this link for more details:

Special thanks to Patrick Hickey for answering my request for a 
photograph of Genie the Tailor.

Genie the Tailor (Jeannie Franklin) and Jack Bruce

Patrick also sent this photo of the Cheetah.
The marquee is advertising Smokestack Lightnin'

Click to enlarge
Delaney Bramlett is up for a Grammy nomination this year. 

Steve Fischler Promotions

Nancy, Your site is just so much information, I learn more each time I go there.

I am surprised, unless I missed it, that no one remembers "Newport '69" at Devonshire Downs. 
After doing some work for the promoters of this concert, we were given all access backstage 
passes for the weekend, I was20.

I found myself in Hendrix's trailer with Mo Ostin's kids, Mike Maitland's son, Mark, and other Warner Bros. executive's sons smoking. Just walking around there and seeing everyone walking backstage was an experience in itself. I looked one way and there was David Crosby walking around, cape and all.

Newport '69

Thanks so much for your support with Delaney. Wouldn't it just be miraculous if he was able to really walk across that stage and get an award. This was only a dream for us the beginning of the year..

With your help maybe we can see this thru to fruition and Delaney get that Grammy. I think we already are a winner just to be recognized by NARAS and put on the ballot... and lucky number 007 can't hurt.

Best, Steve fischler@fischlerwarner.com

Rick Schultze's book

When 'Movie' Was A Band-- Local writer Rick Schultze pens memoir recounting a musical heyday

YACHATS, OR - "Like romance, making music is sometimes a real heartbreaker," notes Rick Schultze, a local writer and musician who has turned his brush with musical glory into a behind-the-scenes book.

Schultze, an Oregon Coast writer who has worked as an agent, promoter and performer across the western U.S., shares his rock-n-roll trials and triumphs in, "When Movie Was a Band: The True Story of My Short Life as a Rhythm Guitar Player." The book was published in October and is available at many local bookstores, amazon.com, and rickschultze.com. For easy downloads, it's also available in Kindle and Mobipocket formats.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Schultze worked in many aspects of the music business and enjoyed a decade long stint with Tower Records in Sacramento, California. In Oregon he was a rhythm guitarist for the Mitchell-Schultze Band and Good Dog. Currently, he lives in Yachats, Oregon and is a writer and columnist for the South Lincoln County News and the Siuslaw News.

In his debut book, Schultze takes readers through the rapid rise and unfortunate descent of his 1970s-era California rock band. Chance connections turn into band bookings, packed bars, concert stages and musical malfunctions in an engaging slice-of-life story that hails the pursuit of passions.

Rick Schultze

"Here we were," writes Schultze, "a bunch of long-haired guys in t-shirts and Levis stumbling around the stage, attempting to plug electrical equipment into the wall sockets and saying 'testing' over and over. But the drinks were cheap and the audience didn't seem to care. The party was just getting started."

There's a romanticism to the rock-n-roll lifestyle, Schultze acknowledges in his 68-page memoir.

"I've played in a band and I'm a writer. I've lived a life, got married, divorced, went on adventures, had lots of experiences, but the question I get asked most often is, 'What was it like playing in a band?' The question comes from young kids and old geezers, with or without musical experience. They have a curiosity about bands, and no doubt they've heard a few stories, but each band's story is different and each one is interesting . . . Don't get me wrong, I'm no history professor or music scholar, I'm just a guy who gave the band world a shot."

Rick Schultze is available for readings and other appearances. Contact him at yarick@pioneer.net or through his web site at Rick Schultze.com

Were you at this show?????


Arthur lee and jimi sessions in london.


here's two more..... Eric burdon and Jimmy Witherspoon at the whiskey 
                  and Eric and Jimi in london.




Hi Nancy, I ran across this picture on the internet, though you might like it.

PEACE&LOVE John       


My name is Gary Walker (Walker Bros.) and I was in the Standells 1960's ( Gary Leeds then) I'm trying to locate Tom Funk but can't find E-Mail on him,I live in England and would love to contact him.Tom sent you a E-Mail not to long ago on your site. Any help ? 
Thank you Gary  gary@gary-walker.net

Hello Nancy,

Don't know if you remember, but I'm Ed from TheFreedomMan website. I just read the Jimi Hendrix stories on your site.Great ones.

About 2 years ago, Johnny Echols, co-founder of LOVE with Arthur Lee as you know, wrote some stories for my website.There's also two he wrote about Jimi Hendrix so I thought maybe it could be something for your site at the Hendrix stories page from Rick.

Here's a link to Johnny's stories on my site: www.thefreedomman.com/love/johnnymain.htm

Keep up your amazing work!       Best Wishes, Ed Toussaint

Do u have any idea or would you perhaps know of anyone who knows what happened to mike port from the sons of adam ... i heard that he was no longer with us and im trying to confirm if that is true or not ..

thanks for u being our link to it all ... billy from the lost souls .. composerx@verizon.net

Re: Tommy Kelly:

Hi; I don't remember if I sent Tom's obituary to you; He also was manager at the Psychedelic Supermarket on Hollywood Blvd. and also at the Omnibus

Vicki Kelly

Just a note. Phil Guy passed away yesterday. wiz

I had seen a story about the comeback of Steve Winwood and became curious about one of my 5th grade girlfriends at West Hollywood elementary, Nicole Tacot. The last time I saw her, she told me she was getting married to Steve Winwood. My heart is full of sadness to hear she died in 2004-2005, some say in London, some say in Spain, I would love to hear what actually happened, if anyone knows.

My Family owned the store called the "Pleasure Dome Boutique" on Sunset and Kings Rd. I grew up on Fairfax above Sunset (does anyone remember when it was a small 2 lane street?). I find it amusing how people interpret events and what they remember about people from back then. Here are pictures of my Mom's store and one of me hanging out in Topanga Canyon back then. If anyone remembers me and wants to say Hello, feel free to drop me a line--    losangelesprince@gmail.com    Mark

L-R Sunset Strip Riots
Pleasure Dome Store

Hi...Are you still working on this website. You might be interested to know I'm working with Barry McGuire and John York now.....If you click the link below, you'll see what I'm up to.

Terry Roland    www.trippinthesixties.com

Hi. One of A2 Productions bands in the 60's was The Thyme. My friend, Eddie Linenthal was the drummer for The Thyme and he would like to contact his old friend Steve Correll from the Rationals. Can you help make this happen? 
Thanks so much, Greg Russell grussell29@tds.net


I just saw your website for the first time & wanted to say thanks for the info regarding the all-girl band "Birtha." I saw Birtha play live in August 1972 (my first rock concert) at Rockingham Speedway in North Carolina. The event was called the "Peachtree Festival" and it had an impressive number of A-list acts, including Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Three Dog Night, the James Gang, & Poco. I recall that for most of the day there were only about 60,000 people in the crowd, which did NOT fill up the speedway. But late in the afternoon & early evening a huge wave of 40,000 more people came flooding in -- and it was soon apparent where this new crowd came from. They were soldiers & family members from nearby Fort Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne Division, who joined the festival in a massive rush-hour crunch after work let out at 4:30 that Saturday afternoon. Ultimately there were about 100,000 people present by nightfall, which remains to this day the largest crowd ever to attend a rock concert in North Carolina.

I have always wondered whatever became of "Birtha", and so it was when I googled a few search terms that I found your website (and its link to Rosemary Butler's website). I was very impressed with how well Birtha played that day, despite the incredibly oppressive heat. It's a shame there is no recording memorializing their performance.

Coincidentally, I think I recall that Richie Havens was present and played to a small crowd of early-arrivals on Friday night, which just seems oddly funny since he had played at Woodstock and since so many people were describing Peachtree as the "Southern Woodstock."

Cheers, BKS


 Its been awhile since i wrote to you folks!!! but i felt it was time to set the record straight!!! its so hard to believe all this time has elapsed since those daze were happenig in hollywood..... the name of the shop that was on fairfax avenue was the INFINITE MIND...that was where holly would dance in the back room and assist with the liquid light shows....i had a conversation w/her which made my day and confirmed those memories... the MIND was the second head shop on fairfax south of melrose... the other one was the free press bookstore and kazoo across from canters adjacent to norty's records where pf sloan worked. we would stop by at the kazoo and the MIND after school every day.....i would actually try to do my homework while listening to the doors...whew!!!! that led me to hooking up w/cleo knight and the green power focalizing the love-ins. the rose palace i felt was a scene that startd after the lapd busted up the concerts at the shrine. tom nieto and scenic sounds along w/concert associates were the game in town, i recall when it came to music....of course there was the ash grove on melrose for the folkies and there was the whisky for the clobgoers.... anyway i miss those days, hitching up ad down hollywood , etc. but it all lives in our hearts

aron pieman kay www.pieman.org    pieman420@gmail.com

Hello Nancy,

It's been quite a while since we last exchanged emails, so I hope all is well. I still check out the Hollywood Hangover Web site regularly, and I noted that you were recently contacted by Randy Carlisle of The Yellow Payges.

I've been in contact with several of The Yellow Payges for my own Web site, www.60sgaragebands.com. If you're interested, you can read our tribute to the band here: www.60sgaragebands.com/bandbios.html.

I'd really like to get Randy's recollections in order to try to expand the article. Could you please provide me with his email address, or forward this request directly to him?

Thank you in advance for your help.   Regards, Mike Dugo  mike@60sgaragebands.com

Hi, the band i'm looking for isb[Heaven] They played the 1969 IOW festival, Nobby glover on drums, Brian Kemp on bass and Ray King on Saxophone. Any info appreciated.
Regards, Lionel Tricker.  lionel.tricker@ntlworld.com


I saw your website and thought you might have some ideas on the following project. Whatever happened to the Gazzarri's from back in the 60's? These girls were fantastic dancers and in many ways were bigger stars on shows like Hollywood A Go-Go than some of the music acts. There are some really cool performances by them on some of the YouTube videos. My idea was to get a website going for Gazzarri alumni to see what they are doing now and give them the opportunity to tell their stories from back then. Any comments or input appreciated. Jim Freyler (Florida)    freyler@prodigy.net

Sad news. I received word from LA (Colin Cameron) that Joey Cooper passed away last week. No details. (July 15, 08)

Don Duca Moissac, France

LONDON (Reuters) - One of Jimi Hendrix's favorite guitars, set alight on a London stage more than 40 years ago and thought to have been lost forever, is to be auctioned later this year.

The guitar, a 1965 Fender Stratocaster, was famously doused with lighter fuel and set alight by the rock legend during a one-off performance at London's Finsbury Astoria in March 1967.

Hendrix had to be rushed to hospital with minor burns to his hands after the stunt, and the guitar, slightly damaged along the neck and pickboard, was recovered by his staff.

It eventually ended up in the hands of his press officer, Tony Garland, who stored it in his parents' garage, where it remained until it was unearthed last year by Garland's nephew.

Hendrix performing at the Filmore East

The guitar is among a range of rock memorabilia to be auctioned by the Fame Bureau in London on September 4th. It has an estimate of 500,000 pounds ($999,000). Other lots include The Doors frontman Jim Morrison's last notebook of poems.

"When Hendrix set this guitar alight it marked a watershed in live performance," said Ted Owen, director of acquisitions at the auction house.

"He raised the bar of what could be expected and paved the way for a series of imitations and pastiche that exist to this day."

Hendrix, who died in 1970, burnt two guitars on stage -- he repeated the stunt at a festival later in 1967 -- but the one to be auctioned is the only example that survives intact.

A previous auction of a Hendrix guitar, known as the Woodstock Stratocaster, fetched $1.8 million.


You forgot a few people. Ted Rooney and myself Randy Carlisle both played with The Yellow Payges, and I then left to play drums with the Sons of Adam, and Ted went on to play with the Palace Guard. There are even pics available. Would love to hear back from you. Randy

Hope this message finds you well and prospering. My new address is therealartguy@yahoo.com, just in case you wanted to get a hold of me (no pun intended). This should also serve to prove once and forever that I am indeed THE REAL ART GUY!!! 
All my best to you and yours, Art Guy, Smokestack Lightnin'

The Hollywood Hangover website is quite amazing. My compliments to you on what you've put together. The Internet is quite amazing in itself and how it can lead you to so many other discoveries within your own journey.

My "journey" is actually a personal project regarding the Pasadena Rose Palace. I'm trying to piece together a history of the Rose Palace during the period of 1969 and early 1970 when this place was used as a venue for rock concerts. I was wondering if you might have any recollections, memorabilia, or photos, from the Rose Palace. Perhaps anyone you may be able to contact to get in touch with me? I see how your website focuses primarily on the Hollywood scene in the late 60's but thought that maybe you and your friends may have ventured out to Pasadena during this time as well.

Your website has some content from Jeff Joy whom I've had several great email conversations with regarding the Rose Palace. He knew Tom Nieto from Scenic Sounds, a concert promoter at the time for the Rose Palace shows amongst others. It was searching for Tom Nieto which led me to your site.

Kindest Regards, Richard Amadori 

Howdy, my name is Robert Bryant Hawkins, a.k.a. Lance. From the summer of 1969 until the doors closed early of 1970. I was the doorman for Thee Experience. This was one of the best jobs that I've ever had in my life, I have many fond memories and great stories from that time. Thee Experience was the only club in LA ever to draw the Rolling Stones two nights in a row. I was also the last owner of The Eating Affair. I am in the process of writing a book about my life, and both The Eating Affair and Thee Experience will get a few chapters. I am looking to connect with as many people as I can from that time period. Any help, you could give me in making connections, or in getting more information, would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Bryant Hawkins

From Danny Weil: You saw all this right? www.davesweb.cnchost.com:80/nwsltr95.html
Carl Franzoni and I are trying to stop the revisionism. Hope the screenplay is going well.   WeilUnion@aol.com

Great stuff on your site, and great memories of when I used to steal my mom's car after she went to sleep and drive down to the strip from Pasadena with a girlfriend, meet up with musician friends and have a ball...

I am working on a project about Dave Davies and trying to pick up any odds and ends fragments that are out there... I would appreciate any ideas or hook ups...

Keep up the great work!

Margaret in Northwest Nowhere rockessence@hotmail.com

More from Margaret:

Thanx for this hook up, which may prove to be a vein of gold! In Dave's autobiography KINK, he speaks several times of the insane experiences he and the other Kinks had on the strip and at the Whisky in particular, girls he hooked up with...in the 60s and 70s, and then later he lived in LA for quite a time with his second family.. a more sober time, but knowing Dave, still had some amazing times out there.

One nice afternoon on the strip (would have been in 65)... I drove down and picked up my friend Christie Thompson, who was living at the venerable old Hollywood Studio Club, which ever since the 20s or 30s was a safe place for women to live who were trying to work in the various fields that Hollywood offered. Christie was a kick-ass musician from SF, played keyboards, and sounded so much like Aretha that later on after she had moved to NY, the first time I heard A. on the radio, I almost rear-ended a truck on Fairfax...I thought it was Christie. Well Christie had lots of musician friends from SF that were hitting LA from time to time, and this time she says that her friends were supposed to play a gig but their drummer had broken his foot, so let's go hang out with them. We found them in a motel room on Sunset and we got high and sat around drawing pictures of each other... and a nicer group of guys you wouldn't find.... turns out they were the Jefferson Airplane, pre-Slick...Skip Spence with the broken foot... and I just read on WIKI that he later was with New Riders of the Purple Sage.... which rang another big bell..

Funny, but John Dawson, who started that band, I and Christie knew during that time too, when he was going to Occidental College. Then John went back up to his home area in northern California, and played in coffee houses with Jerry Garcia! I remember I once called up John and convinced him to come pick me up just to get out of my house, by saying I would make out with him, I was underage but ripe! Kinda like an R.Crumb type girl... And he came and got me and took me home, but we never made out, he was a great good sport, and just hung out and played guitar for me for hours!

Best to you!  Margaret

What a great site. I was there, Pandora's Box, The Pink Pussy Cat, The Whisky, Shelly's Manhole, Worked as a bartender @ The Haunted House, hung at Ace's Hole in the wall. (early 60's)saw Troy Walker and Dino play at the Palomino Club, hung at the Point After, was at Mike Ravens Omnibus Club the night a kid name Wally was shot and held him as he died.. Played pool with him and his brother Jim who was a bodyguard for Sonny & Cher. Troy had a drummer named Spider Webb, a guitar player name Bill who was really good. Spider did drums with the Hollywood Argyles. I don't know enough about the music people at the time to contribute, all I can say is that those were the best times of my life. I also worked for ABC holding cue cards in that period for a while...worked as a parking lot attendant @ the Sunset Towers...was madly in love with Sandy, a go go dancer @ the Haunted House.. Dated a Donna White from Eagle Rock for a while...Thanks for the site.. those were really good times for all who were lucky enough to have lived and loved then and especially there in Hollywood...My name is Michael.... .

Steve Fischler writes:
Currently and for the last six months I have been working for Delaney Bramlett and his label Magnolia Gold Records doing Promotion. We have a new blues CD out, you can hear six tracks on my .com site,  www.fischlerwarner.com

Bramlett has been busy lately.
Even snagged the cover of April's Cashbox.

Fischler also sent photos below of the band, SOD.


Cal Arnold, Jojo Molina, Mike Greene, Larry Devers, Rick Kellis , 
Don Phillips and Jay York, and  SOD at the Whisky.

After nine years on the internet,
Paul Schlapper finally locates Michael Weakley, of the Electric Prunes. Below is a recent photo of
L ro R: Mark Tullen (bass Electric Prunes) ;Schlapper and drummer, 
Michael Weakley - now Michael B Fortune.

Paul sent us this email in February of 2015: After Mike and I played together, he played with a very popular band in the KC area called the Fabulous Silvertones. A few years ago they were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. I took an old guitar of mine to his home and had him sign it then mailed it around to everyone and now they have a signed guitar for the group. Im also attaching a photo of him signing that guitar (probably 3 years ago and another of (L to R) Mark, myself and Michael taken about 4 or 5 years ago in LA.

Mark Tulin and Michael Fortune are at work on a foundation dealing with the influences of our era of rock.  Sorta like Actor's Workshop only more of a 60s Rockers workshop. The A440 Foundation (Keeping The Music Alive) is a non-profit org. 

Michael's e-address is electricprunesdrummer@yahoo.com
Paul's e-address is: mailto:paulschlapper@roadrunner.com

Holly McKimson writes:

I have a few I shot of Mark Lindsay with Paul Revere and the Raiders that I took. . .I wish I had all the pictures I took as a photographer back then. I'd be rich today...lol They were either stolen or lost through the years sadly to say. My memory got jogged when I was at your site, and that is a good sign for me. I was in a bad car accident back in 1990 and a lot of my memory was stolen from me...

Do you remember Dick Clark's "Where the Action Is?" I was attending Pierce College at the time. That's how I met Dick, Mark, and many other performers. I worked for a short time for Mark doing some photography for him. I was selected to do a commercial with a few others in my group of friends to do a commercial for Dick.

In the Hollywood days, I mostly hung out at Canters, the Epicurean (spelling?), Tiny Naylors, Ben Franks, and there were other places too. I was one of the Hullabaloo (can't remember the spelling) dancers, and also danced at the Whiskey Ago-go a few times...There was a psychedelic shop on Fairfax Blvd. where we created liquid light shows...I enjoyed creating the shows, and performing not only as a dancer, but as a creator of them. Mostly I enjoyed my photography and art though, for that is where my heart was.

There were places in the valley we hung out at too...Mr. Benjamins was a good spot, and was owned by Johnny Desco who had a home in Topanga Canyon (we used to sleep on his floor after the club closed at night if we didn't want to go home). A funny thing happened there one night. One of the groups I photographed called, "The Portable People," were going to perform...Louie aka Pig Pen was always very outspoken, and quite the character. He was wearing a toga type outfit this one night. Walking down the steps of the stage, the microphone was in just the right position to catch onto his togo. As he walked down the steps, his togo hooked onto the microphone, and it was lifted up to reveal a "naked" Louie. Not only did the audience get an eye full, but a great laugh. Mr. Benjamin's brings back some wonderful memories for me...My friends, The Iron Butterfly...Allen ( think that was his name) was their roadie...We were good friends. I have often wondered what happened to the groups who played there, and all the people I knew. Where did Charlie of The Portable People go? Where are all the other guys? What happened to all the groupies that worshiped these guys?

There were three other spots in the valley, the Red Lion, Mirrors Image, and then there was a place on Ventura Blvd. near Reseda, but it's name evades me...My memories are so fuzzy anymore.

One of the other funny memories with the group, "The Portable People," was the time we were to meet Raul Abeta (again spelling?). I can't remember exactly, but I think we met him to have lunch and discuss business at the restaurant at the top of the Vine tower...is my memory failing or is that right? Anyway, I remember vaguely getting into the elevator to go to the top of the building with everyone. I don't remember how many of us actually went to the meeting. I was a bit nervous, and was worried that I would drop food in my lap or something while eating...lol We all sat down, and had ordered. Everything was going great. Salad soon arrived, and we began eating and continued talking. It wasn't me whose salad dropped off the fork into their lap, but Johnny. We just laughed, and had a great time talking about other little embarrassing incidents. So whenever I drop food or spill something on myself by accident, I think of that day.

One time my friend Jeanie and I were hitch hiking for the fun of it, and we were picked up by someone who was an entertainer, but I can't remember who it was. He new Sal Mineo really well, and wanted to fix me up with him. I really was not interested in being fixed up with anyone...

I kept a low profile as to who my family was in those days. My father owned a company that produced movie titles, commercials, and special effects for movies, and my family was a big part in creating, directing, and animating the Looney Tunes Cartoons. I never told anyone my family background--odd...I never used my full name for my signature on my artwork either...It probably would have helped me back then--oh well...

Also there was Laurel Canyon where we hung out with friends. Remember Frank Zappa's house with the tree in the middle of it? I never knew him, but my friends all did...

Then of course, were the days of the Love Ins...I used to do a lot of photography and body painting for people. I think I was one of the first body painters in the country. I created my own paints to be worn on the body out of makeup and watercolor or tempura paints...I also met a man who had created a special paint for body painting, and he allowed me to use it. I often wonder if he made his fortune with it? I can't even remember his name...

I remember how Gary Busey started out. He was a good friend in those days. He was a fantastic drummer, and I knew he would be big in the industry. I'm glad to see he made his dreams come true. I was sad to hear of his motorcycle accident when it happened.

The Topanga Corral...what a great place for everyone to meet, and have fun. I miss Topanga to this day. It's a shame the Topanga Corral was burnt down by a fire...This may sound funny, but I think the spirit from those days will live on forever. I often wonder what happened to all the people I knew there? We used to have jam sessions on Sunday. The crowd was a good size, and we always had a great time.

In August of 1969, I met Brian Moffatt at the Topanga Corral who was a jazz/rock drummer for a band at the time called, "Red Beans and Rice." He also played with a group called, Contraband. He was a very talented man, and I hope he has continued with his music. We were married in 1970, but it didn't last. However, we remained good friends, but around 1978 or 79, we lost contact. Brian played with a lot of big names in the jazz world. My father got him a job with Shelly Manne, and if I remember correctly, they produced an album with them both in it. I would love to know what happened to him

It was 1970 when I worked for the Moonfire Inn located in Topanga. I was one of the cooks. I really was not a very good cook to be honest, and it really was not where my heart was. However, I had an interesting time there. There was a room downstairs where some people would go to get away from everything, and often times, clothing would be left behind. One evening, a friend came in needing to do laundry. He needed something to wear while he did his laundry, and I suggested he go downstairs to see what he could find. About 10 or 15 minutes passed, and he came back up in a dress! That was all he could find.

Then there was the time, that I made a potato soup, and it was burnt on the bottom of the pot. I didn't want to serve it, but was told to. So needless to say, it was served. Sure enough, someone asked to see me about the soup. But his comment was not what I expected. He asked me what my special ingredient was. I could not bring myself to tell him it was burnt, so I just said it was a special ingredient...yes, special ingredient--burnt bottom of pot...I was thrilled though, that people liked the soup. Then there was the time when I fell into the food that had temporarily been place on the floor, and ended up with spaghetti sauce all over my bottom...

I could go into other stories about Hollywood, the valley, and Topanga, but they are fairly private, and don't want to embarrass anyone who might still be around.

I also wish I could find my old friends from those days, and hopeful I would recognize them...I never knew anyone's last names, so that puts a damper on finding them...At least I have some memories...I wish I had kept a journal of my life...who would have guessed the 60's were to be so important in the time line?

Anyway, that is only some of my life in the 60's...I hope to be able to remember more as time goes on. A lot of things I experienced though is private because I don't want to hurt anyone...

Keep up the good work on the site. Keep me posted as to how things go. Also would you post my name and website on your site so if someone finds it, and knew me back then, they can reach me? I would be willing to do a link exchange if you like.

Have a great day! Holly   dreamweaverthere@gmail.com

I've been trying to find out whatever happened to Troy Walker. Troy played many small clubs in the L.A. area in the seventies and early eighties. I'm sure he's retired now, but my friends and I would really like to know if he's alive and well. Any information would be appreciated.

Thank You

Donna McIntosh   donnaduck13@hotmail.com

I was really BLESSED to be born in 1951, and be a part of the phenomenal era known as the 60's, especially the " Summer of Love ". I lived in the mid-west ( St.Louis metroplex). My father was the director of student activities @ a fledging new Univeristy, Southern IL. Univeristy in Edwardsville IL. During the late 60's and early 70's there was a out door concert hall, created in a wooded area west of the new campus. Now what was created was a unique concept, the St. Louis Symphony played Sunday thru Thursday nights ( I did get to see Van Cliburn preform), and on Friday and Saturday nights they would host bands from that era. I did get to see Bob Dylan, he hadn't preformed since his motorcycle accident, we were one of the first venues to witness this great event.  
Thank-you. Peace. Daniel R.Reed
P.S. I did get to serve Janis Joplin, and Joan Baez. In fact Joan Baez was with child and I took tea and crackers to her trailer. What an experience. The venue was known as the: Mississippi River Festival.Again thank-you for your time, help and support in this matter.

I started out on Clark Street after I moved back to LA from Sun Valley, Idaho after two seasons of being a ski bum on the money I made when I sold my house in Topanga Canyon in 73. My partner was David Weaver, the tour manager for Canned Heat. Then I met Linda Malloy who was the waitress at On the Rox, the private club owed by Elmer and partners upstairs from the Roxy. We move in together in one of those apartments on Doheny behind Gil Turner's Liquor Store. I hung out mostly at the Rainbow, and I still go visit Tony and Mario whenever I am back there. Today, I live in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan which was also the hometown of Blackie Dammett, formerly John Kiedis, who lived in West Hollywood that whole time of the 70s and into the 80s where he raised his son Anthony of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A lot of this is in Anthony's book, Scar Tissue. Here is a picture of me and Connie Foreman, both of us good friends of Elmer, upstairs at the Whiskey in about 73. My name is Alan Bashara. If you see Mario say hi. Elmer should remember me. We smoke a little pot back then. I could write a book my damn self. I started one with the pictures to prove it. If I finish it and can get it published, it will be a trip, because it was a trip.

I am sorry to report that Chuck Wein has passed away. He died March 17, 2008 in Del Mar, CA. Mike Hyson, Jr. and family are searching for relatives so the state of CA won't take his possessions, as he apparently either didn't leave a will or it haasn't been found.

Hi there!

I have been really loving reading the great stuff on your "Hollywood Hangover" website! I have had a keen interest in that whole scene for a while now, but being born in 1970 meant that I never lived in that era, certainly lived through similar attitudes and life so I relate to the whole thing so much I almost feel as if I was there!

I am fully aware of the uniqueness of LA in the 60s and how awesome it all must of been. I actually had the pleasure of finally making over to LA last year and all I could do is walk around, thinking to myself - "this is where it all happened!!". It seemed strange to see other people walking through the streets totally unaware of how ultra fun, cool and hip the area was.

Your website really puts me back there... it's better than a book because its about REAL people's lives, not just the rock star stuff. I like to hear about what other people were doing in the area at the time, and allow my imagination to transport me back. Of course I love the music as well!

Anyway, just thought I would say HI and thanks again for a great read! I will definitely keep coming back for more.

Regards, Bags. (Melbourne Australia)

My husband is now 66, and I showed him your website. He lived on the Strip 1966-1971 then we moved to Maui, Hawaii. I am attaching a photo of us when we first went to Maui. Maybe people will remember us from those days you describe so well in Hollywood. His name is John "Moon." People knew him as "Moon." 

These are my husband's memories: 

He was friends with Gordon Halsey, Elmer Valentine, (no relation) Hoyt Axton, Buddy Miles, the owners of Head East Store, and Felix Papalardi. He knew Jimi Hendrix, and lot's of other rockers. He remembers several people on your site. Sugar Bear and many others. He wants to know if you remember Royal Car Hire since you drove exotic cars? He owned a business on Sunset close by and just east of Ben Frank's. It was called, "On The Natural" named after Hoyt Axton's song. It was a natural sandwich delivery business. He got tired of the street scene and moved to Hawaii. My name was Vicky Valentine. I am 57 and was a regular at It's Boss and Hullabaloo teen nightclubs, during my Hollywood High School years. I also went to Gazzarri's a few times. I knew Elmer Valentine ( no relation) and Hoyt Axton. After high school in the fall of 1969 I went to Hollywood College of Beauty on Hollywood Blvd. met my husband at a club, 1969. I grew up in L.A. and lived in Hollywood from age 11-20 on Bronson and also Van Ness near Franklin. Our email address: mtdrjohn@yahoo.com John and Vicky Moon

The Moon Family Today

I am working on a DOCUMENTARY on The Modern Folk Quartet . I'm looking for anyone who saw and Photographed the group in the early to mid. sixties. thanks again, Harold Sherrick   Lenzkap@aol.com 

Loved your site! I have very fond memories of hanging out at Ben Franks and watching all the others going in and out of Pandora's Box. I was jealous because I was too young to go in most of the clubs and because I looked even younger than I was I could not even convince anyone to go in!!! I was so jealous of Cher being able to go into one of the clubs, I want to say it was "the haunted house" but I think I may have that part wrong. Because of her celebrity status she of course could get in! My cousin danced I believe at the Whiskey but then went topless at I think the Pink Pussy Cat (she is 5 years older than I) I was a bit less risque as I was one of Diane Webbers creations. I went into belly Dancing, hanging out later at the 7th Veil which ironically now is a strip club. I also hung out at the Fez in LA. Thanks again for a trip down memory lane. By the way did you ever go to the "folk clubs" like The Garrett? I am a Valley Girl still at heart although I have since moved north as most of us Wild Things!!!! Peace Out and keep up that site. Trudy

Fantastic site ! I was wondering whatever happened to Kam Nelson
She was on Sam Riddle's show on Ch.9 KHJ , The show use to be called 
NINTH STREET WEST. Can you post this on your site. 
Thanks, Harold Sherrick   HaroldSherrick@gmail.com 

Harold sent us this update in February of 2015: My Name is Harold Sherrick, native of L.A., have been a Music Photographer and Doc. filmmaker for about 35 years now. Current activities , I am the Assoc. Producer on the New Doc. film 'Pushin to Hard' The Seeds. Also just finishing a Trailer for new Doc. Film about Singer-Songwriter John Stewart. If you need anything else or Have Questions , Please ask. thank you.
Harold Sherrick   HaroldSherrick@gmail.com 

Hi, my name Tony, and I lived in Hollywood during the late 60's to early 70's, during that time I lived with a girl who turned to be the love of my life, her name was Coralyn and I called her Corky she was beautiful, tall, and built like a statue, she worked as a topless dancer, we loved each other very much, but duty called, and I had to leave.

Since that day I look for her in every face of every women I meet, I am getting old, and sick, and can't for the love of God remember her last name, I need to find her in order to make sure she is not alone and that she has everything she needs in her old age.

You have a great site and I thought that maybe you could ask your friends, if they knew her, all I need is her maiden last name, or post it in your site, maybe God is with me and she reads it, and knows that I am looking for her.

Please help me, I beg of you, Tony    oldmanhollywood@gmail.com

FYI: Pam Parmalee, mother of Kiki Bennett, grandmother of Cory Bennett, and a southern California artist passed away Sunday March 9th. 
Among her works are many of Los Angeles' paintings of Rock artists that are displayed at Guitar Center, Toi On Wilshire restaurant and elsewhere.

A cool & beautiful spirit. And a vegetarian hippie as well.

Does anyone know if these photographs are genuine? They don't look like the the log cabin I remember at 2401 Laurel Canyon. They look more like the house next door on Lookout Mountain. Is there anyone out there who can throw light on these photographs. Who took them? When were they taken? 
Pauline Bird. paulinebird@msn.com

Frank Zappa's house?

With sadness I have been told that my good friend, Buddy Miles, has died. I believe the date was Feb. 28th. I am sure u know about it, however I hope u will put it on our site. Buddy and I were friends when he played with Mike Bloomfield in the Mill Nalley days. He and Elliot Ingber wrote a song for my daughter when she was born called Nadia. I had many wonderful times with my friend. He went through my crush on Bloomfield with me, and held my hand through many others. I will miss him a lot. love, Pandora

Buddy Miles and Miles with Hendrix
We will ALL miss you, Buddy!

Howdy, First I like to compliment you all that are involved in the site Hollywood Hangover because it was very much a part of my life, meaning I was there. I parked cars at The Whisky along with Bobby, the oriental Dude that was there all the time. I also parked cars at the Classic Cat, later to become Tower Video and at the 9000 Building, then the Restaurant called Steffaninos, later renamed Nicky Blairs. I also parked cars in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Dr, like The Luau and The Candy Store that was Jay Sebrings Beauty Salon during the day, and a club at night. There I parked Sharon Tate's red Ferrari and Jerry Dunphy's Blue Cadillac with a black convertible top. I knew from the strip people like Sugar Bear, and I remember when Mario was the Mgr. of the whiskey and he had a an assistant. I think his name was Arthur and he won the New York Lottery and quit the Whisky since Caching big bucks no whammy; and I use to know the guys at the 2 head shops at Sunset and Holloway and the little bar called the Corner Pocket. I use to hang out at the indoor/outdoor Restaurant now called Mari belles next door to the Old World. I use to go to the Fig Parties put on by Attorney Paul Fegan (excuse I probably spelled Pauls last name wrong) above the Whisky at Paul's house and his Excalibur that he drove. I remember seeing Arthur Lee from the band LOVE get thrown out of the whisky by Mario. I remember Chuck Landis "Largo" later called and now known as the Roxy; and check this out. I was then working for Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon. Band when Rick opened the Roxy with an unknown comic at the time named Steve Martin who came out on stage with an arrow prop going through his head and carrying a Banjo. He was our opening act and that was the 1st show at the Roxy.  Anyway I can go on and on but that is just a small bit of my life during as you call now Hollywood Hangover; and your site brings back a lot of good times and memories for me, especially the teenage fair on Hollywood Blvd. at the old Pantages theatre.  There I saw bands like the Seeds and Doug Sahm aka Sir Douglas Quintet. Wow that was a very cool flashback of me growing up in the middle of the Hippy era. My name is Bob Schroeder and if you like to hear more just email me back and leave me a number or whatever if you like to hear from someone who was a part of Hollywood Hangover before it was a hangover, but a very awesome time period of Hollywood and West Hollywood. Did you know that before West Hollywood was named West Hollywood it was called the city of "Sherman"? Anyway I would love to go back to the good old days anytime, when a drive-by was what my mom did as she drove me to my friends house to see if he was home, heehee.   

PEACE!!!!      Bob    labob100@hotmail.com

I am trying to get in contact with Larry Tamblyn and Tony Valentino in The Standells. Can you help?

Best wishes Nick 
Check out Nick's awesome 60's site!

I stumbled on your site and it brought back many memories of those wild and wonderful days. I played drums at the Largo (Spencer Dryden (God rest his soul) got me the gig). I also played at the Bedroom at Ciro opposite Ike and Tina. Clifford Solomon (Ike's Sax player) told me that the musicians in his band said I had more soul that the other guys I was playing with even though I was the only white guy in the band. I also played with Gelsa at Sherri's and I played with Dexter Gordon and Bob Dorough at a club called The Rennaisance. I used to go to the Satori book store next to the Whiskey. Lenny Bruce's step dad Tony Viscara used to cut my wife's hair. I loved a little coffee shop called Googies where James Dean used to hang out and I had a bunch of friends who lived up in the Canyon. The biggest drag in those days were the heat who would bust you for a joint. I did four years (three in San Quentin) for pot. It was a great time to be young and alive in L.A and I lived in so many places that I can't remember them. I am now 73 with Cancer and Hep C but I remember what Joseph Conrad wrote at the end of a story called " Youth" (Read it and you will agree)

Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories.

Pete Peterson

Jumbo--I played drums for them '69-'70. 
Me and Jim Pitman, our guitar player (formally Strawberry Alarm Clock) are looking for the other three guys... Mike Baxter, Rich Pisula and Vic Sabino. If you hear of anything let me know thanks again. 
Neil Olsovze1pyn9@verizon.net

Jumbo 1970
Rich Pisula-- Bass vocals, Neil Olson-- Drums,
Mike Baxter-- Hammond Organ, vocals, Jimmy Pitman--
 Lead Guitar, vocals, Vic Sabino-- Lead Vocals, Harmonica

Neil Olson, 1964 w/Jim Gordon  (Clapton, Cocker)
When he was with the Everyly Brothers in 1964

Neil Olson, 1971

Neil Olson w/The Everly Brothers, 1964
Olson was in the opening act in the band, Treasures.

Jumbo 1969         Jumbo, 1970

Jimmy Pitman & Neil Olson, 1997

I'm writing an article about Little Richard's show (April 9/10, 1965) at Ciro's Le Disc. He opened for The Byrds. Would you know anyone that saw the show or could contribute details to the article?

With gratitude,  Steven Roby  lostarchives@iqmail.net

Dick Sims playing keyboard for Eric Clapton
More info and photos to come soon on Sims

I came across your site while looking for info on Troy Walker. I played in a Decca Records band called SOD in Las Vegas and L.A. from 1970-75. My name is California Arnold and I was the bass player. We had a large house in Van Nuys on Weddington St. in '71 where lots of friends came to party and jam. Mickey Rooney Jr., Soupy Sales Jr., Delaney Bramlett, R.G. Armstrong, Batdorf and Rodney, Hot Cha, Lenny Goldsmith and Sweathog, Joe Hicks, Bobby Womack, some of the Rare Earth guys, Joe Shermie from 3 Dog Nite and so many others. We played PJ's, The Whiskey, The Chronicle (S.F. Valley), The Brass Ring (The Valley), The Topanga Corral, The Palomino, The Ice House (Pasadena) and many others. We backed strippers in Vegas and L.A. including at the Classic Cat. Bob Crane used to come in a lot and film everybody. Jay "The Alaskan" York was our conga player and a good friend of mine. He eventually introduced me to my wife and we are still married and living in Louisiana. Jay died, after knee replacement surgery, of hospital-contracted pneumonia, about 10 years ago. SOD backed Troy Walker for a while in '73-74. Redd Foxx and Lou Rawls were managing us at the time. I have lost touch with Troy. I noticed Dee Lux writes to you. I met her when we played the Whiskey with JoJo Gunn. Noel Redding sat in with us there. Delaney and Bonnie used to come sit in with us when we played in The Valley. Jay had introduced us to them, too. I left L.A. in '76 to play with Edgar Winter's White Trash. I have lived in Louisiana since then but still visit my wife's folks in Palos Verdes regularly. I'll get some pics together from "the days" and get them to you.

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